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Jason goes to the future, but the story is still stuck in the past.



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Popular bogeymen Jason Voorhees terrorizes a group of nubile astronauts five centuries into the future in this sci-fi update of the Friday the 13th franchise. Early in the 21st century, Jason (actor/stunt man Kane Hoddar, filling the role for a fourth time) is experimented upon by army technocrats who hope to turn his supernatural invulnerability into a military application. Most of them meet a swift and bloody end -- except Rowan (Lexa Doig), a beautiful functionary, who traps the killer in a cryogenic stasis chamber. Unfortunately, she takes a machete blow in the process, gets frozen herself, and wakes up on a spaceship in the year 2455. The earth has long since been rendered uninhabitable, but the survivors include a group of archaeological students headed by Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts), who hopes to make a quick buck by selling the corpse of the historical serial killer. The kids re-animate Rowan with the help of nanotechnology. Little do they know that a mere thaw job is enough to resuscitate Jason and reawaken his bloodthirst. Soon, the comely students and their space-marine protectors are being dispatched one by one. Help arrives in the form of a holographic chamber and an android named Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder). Soon, though, Jason himself gets an upgrade -- just as the spaceship is getting ready to self-destruct. The tenth installment in the long-running horror series, Jason X was the first new entry to appear in almost a decade. In fact, the previous film, 1993's Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, was one of two installments whose titles erroneously contained the word "final." ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Kane Hodder
as Jason Voorhees
Lexa Doig
as Rowan
Lisa Ryder
as KAY-EM 14
Jonathan Potts
as Professor Lowe
Peter Mensah
as Sgt. Brodski
Melyssa Ade
as Janessa
Derwin Jordan
as Waylander
Kristi Angus
as Adrienne
David Cronenberg
as Dr. Wimmer
Jeff Geddis
as Johnson -- Soldier No. 1
Marcus Parilo
as Sgt. Marcus
Boyd Banks
as Fat Lou
Robert A. Silverman
as Dieter Perez
Roman Podhora
as Rescue Pilot
Kaye Penaflor
as VR Teen Girl No. 1
Tania Maro
as VR Teen Girl No. 2
Mika Ward
as Campfire Teen No. 1
David Cook (XXII)
as Campfire No. 2
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  • Jun 22, 2016
    So for the 10th (yes, X means 10 in this case) Jason film, they take the story to the future where a team uncovers Jason's body and go figure, he wakes up and starts killing people. The script isn't that great and a few of the gags are so full of camp you almost choke on it (android girl scene). Where other Jason films have been suspenseful and kept to their successful roots of chopping up kids in a camp, this one is pretty far reaching...... and bad.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • May 09, 2016
    Jason X has no reason to exist as the whole idea is ludicrous, Remember when Jason was sent to hell in part 9? Well obviously filmmakers don't as he's yet again resurrected without any explanation on how, The film itself has no right to be as entertaining as it is, Silly tongue in cheek humour, Jason kills are a little better and he dies again but this time gets a upgrade and becomes Uber Jason but the idea doesn't last long and the film comes to a predictable end, It's the most entertaining Friday 13th but the story just is too silly to call it a good movie.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Mar 12, 2015
    Jason X holds the lofty title of maybe being the cheesiest movie in the incredibly cheesy Friday the 13th franchise, and while that's not exactly a compliment, it still, somehow, works. Jason X is about as feelgood as a slasher movie can get, the catharsis is real, and so are the laughs.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 13, 2013
    "This sucks on so many levels." Jason X is a cheesy horror comedy that goes where no Friday the 13th film has ever gone before. With a story that's so stupid that it has to be seen to be believed, the film satirizes the sci-fi and horror genres. In the year 2455 Jason Voorhees is found in cryostasis by an archaeology team and taken aboard their spaceship bound for Earth 2, but when Jason awakens the killing spree begins. The acting is awful and the special effects are atrocious. But it all adds up to that special kind of bad that's entertaining to watch. A campy B-movie, Jason X is so absurd and over-the-top that it's actually a bit of fun.
    Dann M Super Reviewer

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