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March 3, 2017
A fictionalized historical narrative of the real Balian of Ibelin, this film follows the son of Godfrey from his humble beginnings in medieval Europe into the desert wastes of the Holy Land. It bears witness to the political corruption and intrigues which ultimately destroyed the Latin Kingdom, and provides an account of the loss of Jerusalem to Saladin and Islam in 1185.
½ January 23, 2017
epic, silly sentiments but who cares. Ed Norton is Oscar class
½ January 22, 2017
7/10 - A great movie although not historically correct but as a movie it was a good watch.
January 19, 2017
I think many critics missed the thrust of this movie, so to speak. Especially in our time, the pull and demands of religious zealotry, the art of statesmanship (or lack thereof), the value and meaning of a piece of land soaked in blood. It's like most film critics were just too busy that day to take a closer look.
January 5, 2017
When I saw the title and the poster, I must admit that I wasn't intrigued. But... Brendan Gleeson? Jeremy Irons? EDWARD NORTON?! Must see list.
December 30, 2016
Its like Gladiator, but more than it needs to be.
½ December 27, 2016
In 1184 France, Balian (Orlando Bloom), a blacksmith, is haunted by his wife's recent suicide. A Crusader passing through the village introduces himself as Balian's father, Baron Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson), and asks him to return with him to the Holy Land, but Balian declines. The town priest, Balian's half-brother, reveals that he ordered Balian's wife beheaded before burial, and Balian kills him in a fit of rage and flees the village. Balian joins his father, hoping to gain forgiveness and redemption for himself and his wife in Jerusalem. Soldiers sent by the bishop arrive to arrest Balian, but Godfrey refuses to surrender him, and in the ensuing attack, Godfrey is struck by an arrow that breaks off in his body, fatally wounding him. In Messina, Godfrey knights Balian and orders him to serve the King of Jerusalem and protect the helpless, then succumbs to his injuries. During Balian's journey to Jerusalem his ship runs aground in a storm, leaving Balian the only survivor. Balian is confronted by a Muslim cavalier, who attacks him over his horse. Balian reluctantly slays the cavalier but spares the man's servant, and the man tells Balian that his deed will gain him fame and respect among the Saracens. Balian becomes acquainted with Jerusalem's political arena: the leper King Baldwin IV (Edward Norton); Tiberias (Jeremy Irons), the Marshal of Jerusalem; the King's sister, Princess Sibylla (Eva Green); and her husband Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas), who supports the anti-Muslim activities of brutal factions like the Knights Templar. After Baldwin's death, Guy intends to break the fragile truce with the sultan Saladin and make war on the Muslims...

Upon its release, "Kingdom of Heaven" was met with a mixed reception, with many critics being divided on the film. Critics such as Roger Ebert, found the film's message to be deeper than that of Scott's Gladiator. The cast was widely praised. Jack Moore described Edward Norton's performance as the leper-king Baldwin as "phenomenal", and "so far removed from anything that he has ever done that we see the true complexities of his talent". The Syrian actor Ghassan Massoud was praised for his portrayal of Saladin, described in The New York Times as "cool as a tall glass of water". Also commended were Eva Green, who plays Princess Sibylla "with a measure of cool that defies her surroundings", and Jeremy Irons. Lead actor Bloom's performance generally elicited a lukewarm reception from American critics, with the Boston Globe stating Bloom was "not actively bad as Balian of Ibelin", but nevertheless "seems like a man holding the fort for a genuine star who never arrives". One critic conceded that Balian was more of a "brave and principled thinker-warrior" rather than a strong commander, and Balian used brains rather than brawn to gain advantage in battle.

"Kingdom of Heaven" couldīve been an epic historical drama with a touch of "Spartacus" or "Ben-Hur" to it, but Scott manages to strangle anything that could go in that direction. First of all, putting Orlando Bloom in the lead role as Balian is a miscasting of big proportions as he simply donīt have the charisma, acting skills nor prescence to handle that sort of role. Second of all the acting is wishy washy and overacting is the main pillar from most involved. Third of all, the storyline is not fully logic nor interesting. Does it make sense that a blacksmith becomes a war leader, warrior extraordinaire and strategic wonder from out of nowhere? Itīs a wonder how everything went pearshaped in this film with such an ensemble including names like Jeremy Irons, David Thewlis, Brendan Gleeson, Michael Sheen, Liam Neeson etc. The problem here is also that everything in "Kingdom of Heaven" becomes almost comical compared to the fantastic "Gladiator" which keeps itself on the right track to be convincing, entertaining and magic. I disliked "Kingdom of Heaven" when it came out and I still dislike "Kingdom of Heaven" when re-seeing it some week ago.
December 20, 2016
The Director cut of the film is extraordinary filmmaking. Beautiful cinematography, dialogue with a gripping and all to relevant storyline
December 18, 2016
Loved this movie, awesome Orlando Bloom!
½ December 3, 2016
12/3/2016: It was an ok movie. I was hoping for more out of this type of movie though, especially at almost 2.5 hours of run time.
December 1, 2016
Great story and consistent with the actual history of the Crusades. Enjoyed it immensely and thought thag the message was a great way to tie it up. On the contrary, you really would've had to study the Crusades recently to understand most of the movie.
October 10, 2016
It really wants to be Gladiator but it is not. Orlando Bloom sucks but every other actor in the movie makes it watchable.
½ October 9, 2016
Scott's best "Legend? What's that?" swords-and-more-swords, repentant film.
October 3, 2016
The DIrector's Cut is much much better. I loved the soundtrack and the action scenes.
September 23, 2016
Kingdom of Heaven is a beautifully designed tale of a blacksmith who takes on the crusade in hopes of finding forgiveness from God. Despite what others have said I believe the plot had much depth and gives the viewer plenty of time to see the reality of what the crusades were all about.
September 4, 2016
Rated with the caveat that the Director's Cut is excellent and well worth watching.
September 4, 2016
One of the best films of 2005! Orlando Blooms best performance! Ridley Scott's best movie since Gladiator!
September 2, 2016
Just watch a Director's Cut. It's different movie, and it's beautiful.
Super Reviewer
July 18, 2016
A little slow in places, Overlong but Orlando Blooms performance is brilliant and with some good battle scenes it makes it worth the watch.
July 2, 2016
May writing this review take away some of the sting that comes with knowing I just wasted 3 hours of my life on a film thats it's unoriginality was only outshone by its budget.
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