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½ December 16, 2017
For the most part this film is as entertaining as the first and it certainly provides drama as Zorro must make choices between living in glory as a hero and settling down to be more present as a father and a husband. However the plot outside of the family affair is more outlandish and in ways resembles the plot to the ridiculous Wild Wild West. Where an ancient European order influence southern state politicians and militias to start a civil war by causing a large nitro glycerin explosion during the ceremony for California statehood. Of course the ultimate goal of this order guessed it WORLD DOMINATION. That said however the plans of villainy are just comic-book style excuses for Zorro to swing into action. As well it allows Zeta-Jones in on the action as she has in secret been blackmailed to become a spy by U.S. pinker-tons. Despite the zaniness the film remains largely grounded and the light hearted adventurous spirit of the first film remains completely in tact.
August 21, 2017
Decent follow-up to the fun original Zoro adventure with Banderas & Jones.
½ January 23, 2017
The Legend of Zorro unevenly blends fun action with drama to create a hybrid of a film that is bland more than it is exciting.
½ January 18, 2017
The Legend of Zorro can be funny because of his talented cast, but it has a lot of cliches, and a lot of flaws at his plot, like Zorro is everywhere. Predictable and with a weak screenplay.
January 13, 2017
It's good movie to watch
September 17, 2016
'The Legend of Zorro' is how legends die.
September 15, 2016
A great re-imagining. Some great action and comedy found here.
May 27, 2016
Not that great, you're better off watching another movie.
May 14, 2016
Lousy, unnecessary, and very silly sequel.
March 19, 2016
Una de las más terribles secuelas a una muy entretenida peli de aventuras.
November 18, 2015
while the movie has an interesting story some good action scenes, and some dramatic elements to it, it has bad writing in many spots and terrible slapstick. The Movie by all means can focus on Zorro, It's "The Legend" Part I'm Questioning.
Super Reviewer
½ November 16, 2015
A family friendly fun fest of circus acrobatics style swashbuckling given the heave-ho by the pundits at Rotten Tomatoes. Why? For being family friendly. Is the film little cheesy? Maybe, but its all in the name of family fun, at which its ideal.
November 1, 2015
October 9, 2015
Average sequel. I think its overly long for the story. 1850, people vote for California to become the 31st state of the union. Local baddie Nick Chinlund rob the votes chest and Zorro (Antonio Banderas) got it back safely. 2 men saw Antonio identity while he is fighting. Catherine Zeta-Jones is at odds with Antonio because of the identity. Their son Adrian Alonso idolize Zorro. 2 men threaten Catherine about the identity and she divorce Antonio. 3 months passed and Antonio is still in a mess. During a party by a wealthy man Rufus Sewell, he saw Catherine been his girlfriend. Nick keep threatening a friend of Antonio to sell his land. Rufus open a vineyard and say the people working for him are also working for themselves. The son is sad Antonio is not fighter like Zorro. Nick want to rob the land deed and Zorro came to help but the friend got killed. Catherine snoop around Rufus home to find suspicious things and found a telegram machine and copied the message. Antonio also hide and overheard Rufus telling Nick to build the train tracks within 2 days. In a school trip, the son followed Nick carriage to the site. The baddies bully him and Zorro rescue him. The crates are full of soap which puzzled him. He get best pal Julio Oscar Mechoso to check a symbol and turns out its a shadow organization that is said to be ruler of the kings originated from Europe. Rufus propose to Catherine and she have to agree. The 2 men that threaten Catherine lock Antonio in jail. They are secret agents and they intercepted a message the organization is creating a weapon so powerful to rule America. They need Catherine to be secret agent to get near Rufus and in order to hide Zorro identity. The son goes out to find them both and end up in the bar. He help Antonio escape from jail and ask him to hide in the church. Nick came to ask Julio who is Zorro and kill him and abduct the boy. Catherine go to the vineyard and with Antonio they overheard the secret meeting of the organization. Rufus make soap and have a formula to abstract a compound from it which is many times more powerful than gun powder. He intend to supply the weapon to the Civil War and cause chaos and they shall rule America. Catherine identity is blown as the 2 agents are killed. Antonio wanted to blow up the train which carry the supplies but Rufus bring Catherine and their son. He quickly stop the bomb but caught. Julio didn't die and he help Antonio. They killed Nick. He chase after the train and fight Rufus. Catherine let go the carriage and help her husband fight Rufus. The whole train blows up. The governor successfully sign the agreement and California officially become 31st state. Zorro the identity continue to be the family legacy.
½ June 22, 2015
The Legend of Zorro can be funny because of his talented cast, but it has a lot of cliches, and a lot of flaws at his plot, like Zorro is everywhere. Predictable and with a weak argument
½ June 17, 2015
Number 5 on my top ten worst movies ever list at minimum if I ever get around to making one. Why? I'll sum it up in two sentences. One, it's a live action movie that tries to be as comical as a cartoon like Batman and Robin (1997). If that's not bad enough, the kill shot is Two; it's historically inaccurate on an epic scale it doesn't care it's misleading people who know little about history for whatever reason. If your going to do Alternative History, go all out with origin characters and fair warning, don't rip off existing ones that have a background that doesn't play a major role in deceiving the viewer in a major way (showing slavery is one thing as that happened pre 1850, but California was a state in 1850 10 years BEFORE the confederacy, big difference and big mistake that's one the tip of the iceberg that sinks this movie). There is more where that came from but I'll stop now except to say it gets half a star cuz the guy that plays the chice villain did a good enough job that he made it a lit easier to watch. But in sum, this movie hurts me and makes me feel more unclean than late Ebert did after he saw North (1994). I HATE THIS MOVIE! HATE IT! x10 MAY IT GO TO HELL AND BURN!!!
May 21, 2015
A l'image de son aîné, La Légende de Zorro est un film affreusement ennuyeux car trop long, à l'humour lamentablement plat et à l'intrigue inintéressante au possible. Antonio Banderas et Catherine Zeta-Jones essaient donc de faire vivre le film mais en font constamment trop, avec des cascades répétitives et des dialogues assommants. Rufus Sewell est un méchant bien fade et seuls Julio Oscar Mechoso et Nick Chinlund sont sympathiques. Entre eux et la musique de James Horner, ce n'est pas assez pour sauver La Légende de Zorro de la médiocrité ambiante.
May 20, 2015
Full of action, but not much of a story.
½ April 24, 2015
This film is the reason sequels are often a bad idea. Enjoyable to some extent, however the plot was littered with so many cliches it was more groan-worthy than captivating for most part.

Cinematography had it's better moments, unfortunately the overdone CG effects were obvious.

Performances were mediocre. Sure, we have eye candy in Banderas and Zeta-Jones, but unlike the first film, this time around I felt no connection with the characters. Towards the closing credits I was genuinely losing interest.
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