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½ July 25, 2016
Roger Moores first Bond doesn't do well to try win over hardcore fans in this very boring and silly film, Moore seems too up tight to play Bond he has what Bond should have like looks, Charm, Arrogance but when it's time for action he appears toothless, Speaking of the action apart from a good speed boat chase which was ruind by adding stereotypical redneck cops that made it just feel silly the rest what little there was isn't very good at all, The plot would of been good if had the right writers, It's over long, Had a silly ending and a silly watch gadget that made us feel like the 007 franchise is going in the wrong direction with its tongue in cheek humour that never works, God knows how Roger Moore was allowed to make more Bond films, The only thing that people will remember will be the soundtrack.
½ July 24, 2016
Unlike the previous film "Diamonds Are Forever" that was dull and cheesy, this film seems like everyone was having a great time. Also the soundtrack is the best Bond soundtrack I have ever heard. George Martin and Paul McCartney do an amazing job. Roger Moore does very well in his first outing as James Bond.
July 24, 2016
7.5 out of 10:

Kind of an underrated Bond flick. Sure the story feels like it's been repeated several times but it has some good action, intriguing plot points, and a great start from Sean Connery's replacement, Roger Moore.
July 23, 2016
The first entry featuring the best Bond actor is thoroughly rewarding.
½ July 18, 2016
Being the first instalment in Roger Moore's series of James Bond films, Live and Let Die sounded like an interesting step into a new direction for the iconic series.

The 007 formula is one that has been already established by the preceding seven films in the series. As the series goes on, so does time and we are given new technological innovations that serve to benefit the film from an action perspective. However, it does not appear that Live and Let Die fully grasps this or compensates for it with the best narrative value. Live and Let Die is the first film to feature Roger Moore which is the key thing that audiences will be looking out for. There is no denying just how much strength is given to the film by this, but it also seems like Guy Hamilton hopes for this to be enough of a distraction for the film's shortcomings in other areas.
For one thing, Live and Let Die is not a guilty pleasure. It is not a film which relies strictly on stylish elements to carry it to the end. In actual fact, it is a two-hour long spy thriller which takes itself very seriously and insists on consistently maintaining that. It has moments to step aside and display James Bond using his humourous charms to entice audiences, but the majority of the time proves to be dominated by a lot of talking. The characters in Live and Let Die talk the big game but spend little time actually doing anything about it. Of course, there is nothing all that interesting to say since the dialogue is repetitive and generic.
Live and Let Die takes place in a world full of racial overtones. While intelligent writing could have made use of these concepts and made commentary on contemporary issues, Live and Let Die instead resorts to the simplistic tactic of essentially making every African-American in the film into a villain. Racial stereotypes aside, this is just lazy writing. Live and Let Die was released during the height of the Blaxploitation film era and is clearly making a thinly-veiled attempt to cash in on the trend. Unfortunately, it is executed completely wrong because it has a white saviour narrative and the black characters are essentially all criminals. There are more stereotypes than actual characters in the film because character development is hardly a strong point of the narrative. In actual fact, the film feels less like a legitimate spy thriller and more like James Bond replacing the titular character in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) even though it predates the film by 11 years. Amid attempting to bring Indiana Jones and Blaxploitation elements into its story, Live and Let Die forgets what it actually takes to make a 007 film and leaves the audience to suffer as a result.
With the dull script, characters droll on with nothing interesting to say and no interesting reason to be saying it, while the entire time I spent asking "Where the hell is the action?". That was what frustrated me above all in Live and Let Die; there is a ridiculously low quantity of action scenes. The formula that Live and Let Die adheres to certifies that it is always easy to tell what will come next and effectively prevents a thrilling atmosphere from being established, yet it still has the potential to gain some intense power from the use of action sequence. For some senseless reason, Live and Let Die has next to none. The first major action scene happens approximately three quarters of the way into the 121-minute film. And even then, it's just a prolonged boat chase which shows more innovation in cinematography than actual stunt practicality. Up until then there are extremely few; just some minor ones which would be missed if you blinked. There is fight choreography, vehicles and cool gadgets hinted at during these scenes, but it just makes it all the more unsatisfying when they are pointlessly wasted in lieu of a story with no intelligent thought or firm originality to it. In short, Live and Let Die lets almost all of its characters live and doesn't offer sufficient shootouts or car chases to live up to the generic contract of the feature as an action film, so all in all it has a misleading title.
Nevertheless, Live and Let Die has strong production values even though it doesn't know what to actually do with them. The variety of scenery to the film is very nice, and the cinematography manages to capture it with a mix of both medium and long shots to ensure that the full extent of the beauty in it all is grasped. Of course the one thing worth calling out for its consistent value is the film's Academy Award nominated title song. Written by Paul and Linda McCartney and performed by Wings, Live and Let Die is a well composed track with terrific performance charisma to its credibility.
And like I said before, character development is no strong point for Live and Let Die, so there are few cast members who make any kind of a serious impact. The only one worth pointing out is Roger Moore in his first turn as the iconic spy. One of the earliest things that audiences can pick upon on from Roger Moore's performance is that he is a different kind of charmer to Sean Connery. His face is one that beams with spirit and evokes a feeling of being genuine. Sean Connery was slick, but Roger Moore is more suave and charming with a sense of being less manipulative. He is far more lighthearted than his predecessor, and though he takes the role just as seriously with his own sense of sophistication there is still a friendlier feeling that comes from him. He doesn't seem as badass as Sean Connery, but the two are completely different interpretations of the character who both deserve their own praise. Roger Moore puts his own spin on the character and manages to make a convincing lead as both an action hero and a charming gentleman, making enough of a compelling case to bring audiences back the next time.

Roger Moore's charming spirit proves to make him a worthy successor to Sean Connery, but Live and Let Die's blatantly lazy writing and shortage of action fails to live up to his standard of contribution.
½ July 17, 2016
I liked this one a lot. Very entertaining. Didn't know WWE's Papa Shango was a time traveler.
½ July 10, 2016
A great start for the Moore era of Bond
½ June 23, 2016
Some predicaments have predictable outcomes, and some fistfights are awkward. However the other action scenes are exciting, the villains scary, and Roger Moore cool and collective.
Super Reviewer
June 23, 2016
June 22, 2016
6/22/2016: Meh. Not that great! Seymour looked amazing.
June 12, 2016
One of my favorite Bond films, and the first to feature Roger Moore. This movie may feature a little more lighter touches to the films, but it still delivers a wonderful story, with a great villain, who uses his daughter to see the future for him.
This film is ten times better than one of the worst entries in the Bond films Diamonds Are Forever.
Sheriff J.W Pepper is in this movie, and Man With the Golden Gun. He is probably the one thing that was bad about this movie.
And Paul McCartney did the title song which is one of the best songs from the Bond films.
½ April 23, 2016
Live and Let Die still has a weaker plot and not that memorable characters, but Roger Moore is solid in the role and the movie is such a big improvement over its last couple of predecessors thanks to a good use of great locations, some very memorable sequences, well executed action scenes and it is overall an entertaining and engaging flick.
April 9, 2016
WHAT I LIKED: To bring in a new Bond, they shook up everything. As a result we get something much more light-hearted and fun. Because it's silly yet charming in classic kind of way, it'll make you smile - both at the great action, and at the comic moments. The beauty of it is that it doesn't take itself too seriously, which is something the (albeit more refined) previous Bonds couldn't manage, even though they were still a bit ridiculous if we're honest. What's more, the plot's pretty well fleshed-out here too.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Roger Moore definitely takes away some of the grittiness of Sean Connery's more developed Bonds. And some of the humour is borderline goofy.
VERDICT: An altogether lighter Bond film that's just a bit of fun. How nice it was before Moore got over the top.
½ March 25, 2016
Aside from an awesome theme song and intermittently entertaining sequences, Live and Let Die doesn't hold a candle to most other installments due to its silly plot and overall lack of energy. But this is no fault of Roger Moore who was great in his first Bond outing.
March 23, 2016
Good boat chase through the bayou.
½ February 22, 2016
Live and Let Die seth the stage for Roger Moores Bond in a satisfying and down-to-earth way, with a fresh style, a solid story and some great action scenes.
½ December 31, 2015
I absolutely love the baron. Pepper nit so much.
December 27, 2015
Personally my least favorite of Roger Moore's brilliantly campy and gloriously ludicrous run as Bond, but still great fun. Live and let die is first and foremost possibly the weirdest film in the 007 pantheon, delving into voodoo and hints of black magic and featuring scenes that dont feel like a bond flick at all (like the sacrificial graveyard ritual) it also feels like it's heavily riffing on the whole blacksplotitation gener boom of the seventies, albeit in a cringy ass way, it's like Superfly crossed with james bond, making for a dodgy, cliched look at black culture. It also has the distinction of having the worst female characters in the series, they are all either morons or useless (even a female secret agent at one point doesnt remember to take the safety off her gun) theres a real, rampant, annoying misogyny here that's heavy even for these films. But the plot is nuts (heroin, black magic, creepy animatronic scarecrows and... im not sure) the stunts and action are awesome (the speedboat chase is especially well orchestrated) and it has one of the great henchmen villains, the hilariously named Tee Hee.
December 26, 2015
Beyond terrible. I'd give it below zero if possible.
December 21, 2015
I love Roger Moore as Bond but damn this film is bad.
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