Ludwig Reviews

June 22, 2018
Built mostly around medium close-ups and dark interiors, the film creates a sense of isolation that matches the lead character's own state of mind.
June 11, 2018
Grand and melancholy...
May 9, 2005
Visconti has been such an intelligent film maker in the past that it's difficult to believe that Ludwig could be quite as bereft of ideas as it is.
October 23, 2004
Perhaps only Visconti, who seems obsessed with the gloomy side of decadence, could have made Ludwig II of Bavaria seem boring.
August 22, 2019
Ludwig continues to be an admirable spectacle. [Full Review in Spanish]
June 28, 2018
It can feel cumbersome, frustratingly disjointed, at times certainly a heavy watch. And yet this full-length Ludwig... feels today like a painting whose images and forms can be at least freshly recognized.
March 22, 2018
An unconscious parody of Visconti's own embattled romanticism, a diatribe against "privileged liberty," an old morality play in which the free soul is the damned soul-a dyspeptic Visconti, as it were, lecturing himself.
April 17, 2017
Luchino Visconti's magisterial character study receives a stunning 2K restoration and a brace of excellent supplements.
October 9, 2008
Though stylish, it remains hollow.
August 28, 2006
Ultimately hollow and historically inaccurate.
November 20, 2003
Ludwig is one big lavish yawn.