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January 12, 2018
A piss poor retread.
May 26, 2017
What it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in blandness. The performances are great, but they spend so much time uncomfortably staring directly through the screen and into my soul that I can't ignore the overtly broad and ridiculously conspiratorial dialogue. I really should've watched the original first.
April 23, 2017
Intriguing, thrilling and brilliantly acted. Suspense from the first to the last minute.
½ February 20, 2017
170220: Conspiracy theorists will love this film. It made me a bit uncomfortable but a satisfying watch nonetheless. Kudos to Meryl Streep for being the perfect mother we all fear.
February 8, 2017
Three things; Scary, appealing and Denzel Washington
½ January 18, 2017
Whereas the original was a McCarthy-esque caution on the influence of the Chinese, this modern version is a political criticism [very loud with its subtext in some parts] of the Republican Party. Although the party isn't named, note that campaign headquarters is entirely red, the movies central theme of corporatism, and especially the speech that Meryl Streep gives about "real men" and what the country needs. A reviewer wrote that it seemed as though she was channeling Ann Coulter.
January 14, 2017
This modernization of the Cold War-era political thriller resembles the original, while managing to be even more tense and shocking.
September 17, 2016
Not bad but could do with half an hour chopped off and less of Denzel Washington running around in a tizzy. Best when Streep and Voight are on the screen
August 20, 2016
Perhaps the plot isn't totally airtight, but the ideas that it implicates are still as chilling years later.
½ July 23, 2016
The combination of a gripping story and strong lead performances makes "The Manchurian Candidate" a fine - if unremarkable - political thriller.
½ May 5, 2016
Career soldier becomes suspicious of his orders in this taunt suspense thriller.
Super Reviewer
April 29, 2016
It's an enjoyable, thrilling-enough watch, but it's not entirely memorable and suffers from an intriguing but convoluted premise.
February 9, 2016
The Manchurian Candidate is a terrific remake that I know it was going to be good with Jonathan Demme directing it. The A cast has brought their A game here which definitely made the film more interesting. The plot is really good, and here are some twists that really got me. It's well written and the mystery of it is very investing that it made me want to know as much as the characters wanted to know. Characters are good, and when it goes to the disturbing parts, it made the film more interesting. It's thought-provoking, and it's unpredictable consider that I've never seen the original which after watching, actually makes me want to want to see what the original accomplish as well.
½ December 12, 2015
A chilling, tense and brilliantly crafted political thriller about mind control and two men's search for the truth.
November 20, 2015
Despite its full moments and dragging sequences, the Manchurian Candidate is a properly executed story brought to life through its solid cast and the compelling performance of Denzel Washington.
November 8, 2015
Mostly entertaining though some parts just seem to go on forever
September 14, 2015
This movie is such a mind-job! It's excellent though, even if seemingly far-fetched on the surface. Meryll Streep's character is so diabolical yet does not seem to a stretch from potential reality. I mean if one digs only a little into the scandals Hillary Clinton is implicated in, it's easy to see how deep people will go for power and to push an agenda. One thing that seemed missing from this conspirators fantasy-flick was the Masonic, Luciferian connection (which is no doubt real in some circles). Nevertheless, money and power are those peoples' gods and they were the gods of the people in the film too. A few questions seemed to go unanswered though: was Raymond Shaw supposed to be a democrat? And his mother was a republican? They tried hard not to give any of that away, although the diagram of the polling of the states seemed to indicate my guess was correct. Also, why was Capt. Marco so quick to shoot down Huey's with what looked to be special forces assaulters in them? Nevertheless, no real complaints. Oh, ladies... don't sleep with a new boyfriend unless he marries you... but if you do and he starts doing the things Marco was doing, coax him out of your bed and home and lock the door... Sheesh.
August 26, 2015
Plodding and pointless waste of acting talent
July 18, 2015
A well acted thriller with twists and turns. Meryl Streep really stood out to me as cold and calculated villain along with Liev Schreiber.
June 29, 2015
It was OK, but no where near as good as the original.
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