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A young couple purchases a 19th Century plantation home for a steal, only to discover that the previous owners are willing to kill in order to keep it in the family. They thought they had gotten the deal of a lifetime. And maybe they did, since they're about to die. When the couple invites a group of close friends to come celebrate their sprawling windfall, the fun is spoiled by the sudden appearance of an ax-wielding maniac with direct ties to the home's tragic past. Featuring Treat Williams, Michael Berryman, and Jonathan Breck. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
R (for bloody horror violence, sexual content, nudity and language)
Directed By:
Written By:
XXX Filmproduktion GmBH & Co. KG


Nikki Deloach
as Jennifer
Terry Kiser
as Mr. Peck
Jonathan Breck
as Leonard
Mariah Bonner
as Hillary
Treat Williams
as Mr. Tucker
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Cute young women, old family secrets, masked killers. We've seen it all before, nothing new here. The best thing Mask offers is Michael Berryman - a horribly underutilized Berryman, but nonetheless...

John Wagner
John Wagner

Average obnoxious teens getting killed off by a masked madman. Some great cameos from earlier horror films, but nothing special here.

Kyle Forrest
Kyle Forrest

Mask Maker (Griff Furst, 2010) Poor Stephen Colletti. The guy should fire his agent. First, he shows up in a Griff Furst movie. Then, the next year, he lands a part in Kill Katie Malone (q.v.). That he still has a career at all is down to his role in the TV series One Tree Hill. And to be fair, Mask Maker, while silly and derivative, is not as bad a movie as Kill Katie Malone; Griff Furst tends to be a director who gets attached to scripts without a single original idea in their collective head, but he does competent work with what he gets (and he's improved tremendously since the last feature of his I saw, the ridiculous Asylum mockbuster I Am Omega). Plot: mirroring at least a dozen other stupid slasher movies you've seen over the course of your life (or maybe a dozen you've seen in the last month), Mask Maker gives us the tale of a couple of college students, Evan (Colletti) and Jennifer (Love and Other Drugs' Nikki Deloach). Both are adrift, but have found each other; their relationship is long-standing, we are to gather from the opening scenes, but has never been stable. Evan, in an attempt to stabilize things, buys them a house-a mansion, really, an old plantation house he got an incredible deal on (in the way of college students, he never stopped to think about the ridiculous property taxes he will be responsible for come next April). A bunch of their friends appear in order to party, and unfortunately they all discover that the house was so cheap because it houses an undead, and seemingly unkillable, serial killer with horrible facial deformities who gets his moniker from his penchant for skinning the skulls of his victims and using their faces as masks. On the other hand, the fact that it is a dead-generic supernatural slasher film that is relatively predictable means that if you're in the mood for this kind of thing and you've exhausted your personal library, you could do worse (a lot worse, actually) than Mask Maker. Don't go in expecting anything but a generic slasher film and you'll have a good enough time with it. The problem is, most people will go in at least expecting some sort of original content. So let this review serve as a kind of gateway: this is a turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy-the-ride movie. I'm impressed with Furst's progress as a director, and if he keeps going at this rate we may get something really good out of him in a few years. **

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

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