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½ March 3, 2019
Movie night with Iris.

Monsters And Men tackles racism and police brutality, but not as the trailer would have you believe. It's a reflective drama in which three different protagonists' lives overlap. It is well acted and a subtle, sensitive film.

Plot wise, this is standard fare. But it doesn't lessen the impact of the story. With all three, you get continual close-up's of their anguish and torment. Some may feel the film should be angrier. This isn't Spike Lee, and we have a purposely low-key ending. It's an angry, shouty world, but insightful and delicate can be just as powerful.
½ February 1, 2019
"Monsters and Men" is about the lives of different people and how they are affected by a local act of violence. While they don't always feel like part of the same narrative, they certainly feel part of the same dilemma.
January 18, 2019
Reasonably balanced film on this difficult subject, which unfortunately appears far too often in today's headlines. Strong performance here by John David Washington as a conflicted NYPD police officer. Solid feature debut by writer and director Reinaldo Marcus Green.
½ January 16, 2019
I really have to frown on this movie. The movie attempted to show a perspective from both sides of the spectrum on this issue but it hugged and held to the anti-cop agenda way too much. I just have to say way to go to the director! There is so much more that could have been explained and shown in this movie to show the pro-police side of the current issues. Let's not joke about this issue to anyone, yes, there are bad cops out there but let's also be honest about their side of the issue as well. The bad cops are very few and when discovered they usually go to prison. The police do risk their lives every single day they go out on their jobs. When someone refuses an officer's orders the officer has no idea if that person is armed or not, the person they are giving orders might be a foot or two taller than they are, the individual might be able to knock them out with one punch etc. etc. etc. Statistics prove that above 97 percent of cases where situations of this nature, meaning crowd control and or arresting unarmed subjects that are breaking the law and even refusing arrest and commands they are being given by law enforcement following correct or lawful procedures to handle the situation. The fact is that if you are given a command by an officer of the law you should obey it. No one likes getting pulled over, no one likes getting padded down or put in handcuffs but if a cop is giving you a command OBEY THEM! Here's the funny thing, every time I've done what an officer of the law is telling me to do I lived. I didn't like the results because usually I was breaking some kind of law and I received a ticket or a court summons and then had to pay a fine after everything was said and done but I simply did as the officer told me and I lived. This movie partially showed this argument but it sure felt as if it sided much more with the Antifa or BLM Matters perspective on how to handle these issues which from what they have proven from everything they do is to fight the law and complain when the law tries to exact justice from people who are behaving lawlessly, which is totally and utterly an incorrect and ridiculous message!!! Look at countries out in the world right now that have constant riots in the streets and people being killed by their own militaries, is that where we want to be? If yes, then, by all means, keep teaching people to be lawless and riotous, we'll be living in a martial law state in no time. Or maybe we should recognize stupidity for what it is, the enemy is not the enforcers of the laws, the enemy is the law breakers! Right and Wrong folks, don't buy into these ridiculous messages that all law enforcers are somehow corrupt because the opposite is true! Very few law enforcers are bad and you can rest assured the bad ones will be caught eventually. Antifa and BLM Matters have not proven to be a good influence on any society and this movie hugs very hard on their messages.
January 14, 2019
Hollywood hating on police...what else is new. Just saw a movie trailer that portrays criminal activity as heroic. Yet no one sees the promotion of these thoughts through the media and Hollywood as fueling the crime rates in major cities. They just don't care. Will check the movie out using boxxy software.
January 13, 2019
Great, provocative deeply felt movie.
January 12, 2019
The consequences on a neighborhood from an unjust shooting, with no obvious answers or simplicity. Three men are affected, each with a choice which could knock them out of their complacency and into action, or activism. The movie is told in three acts, and they are only really connected by the shooting. Anthony Ramos, for instance, disappears just as you're wondering what will happen to him. The opening scene, with John David Washington getting pulled over for no reason, is absolutely perfect tension, as is the scene when Kelvin Harrison is searched on his way home from practice.
½ January 3, 2019
Will be amazing movie. Recommend to enjoy this movie using boxxy software with any audio or subtitles language available you want.
October 31, 2018
Fantastic, emotionally packed and moving film. The Director, Reinaldo Marcus Green, captured varying viewpoints on a very controversial subject leaving the audiance wanting more. The actors totally embraced their characters and made you really feel their emotions. So glad that I was able to participate in the Q&A session with the director and one of the actors which was very informative. This film is a must see.
October 16, 2018
Great film! Powerful message!
Super Reviewer
October 15, 2018
Outstanding debut feature. Solid performances all-around lend to a script that is grounded - film feels real and present as it addresses topical issues and embodies and explores and exudes the Black Lives Matter spirit. Triptych structure is refreshing and is handled both smoothly and powerfully - the fact that we don't get to bid a fond farewell to these three main characters makes the film that much more resonant because it avoids that typical Hollywood gift-wrapped ending. John David Washington is especially impressive in the second act of the film (the scene at the table is my favorite - what restrained yet impactful delivery!).
October 12, 2018
Fantastic movie about life in age of stop and frisk and eric garner. not brutal, beautiful.
October 12, 2018
This movie is the best film of the year!!!!! A must see. It will keep you talking about it for a while.
October 11, 2018
Monsters and Men does an incredible job of allowing the audience to see through the eyes of its characters both the beauty and darkness within their communities and the world. It overflows with humanity, and I could not help but to face my own biases about how I navigate the world as a woman, and the ways in which I am conditioned to protect myself, sometimes at the expense of seeing the humanity in the less privileged communities around me. Reinaldo Marcus Green did an incredible job of showing the complexities of these issues, the loud voices we sometimes hear spreading hate in every community, and allowing us to process them along with the main characters. Seeing this film impacted me in a way few precious films have.
½ October 11, 2018
Provides a multifaceted view of the aftermath of a shooting of a civilian by a police officer and weaves the many perspectives into a loose narrative displaying the myriad emotions and consequences that arise as a result.
*AMC A-List Movie #22
October 11, 2018
In a creative panorama where cinema is often just sensationalistic entertainment, it is refreshing to watch a movie that tackles a tough, but very real subject without trying to impose a "vision". With elements that remind me of Haneke (Cache'), director Reinaldo Marcus Green captures the realities of the people surrounding the killing of an unarmed black man by a white police officer with depth and sensitivity. The only difference between the events narrated in the movie and what happens disturbingly often in real life are the fact that in "Monsters and Men" Green does not think for you, he does not instrumentalize tragedy, like the media do, all too often. This is done through subtle, effective performances, intimate camera work, seamless editing, and an intelligent, well written script. I think that if you are feeling like you would have loved to see "more" of the story, or "how it ends", then you may need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Questions that go beyond political views, regarding sheer human empathy in the way we have become used to "taking in" the news we hear. I know I do.
October 11, 2018
While the content & subject of the film was nice to see and moving, the plot, if you could figure it out was greatly unstructured, although I believe it was intentionally left unended as the headlines that this movie is based on is still open ended.

The movie needed a little more closure within the different storylines, could've done with cutting a lot of the fat as it kind of dragged in some parts and was hard to watch all in one sitting. I think critics are afraid to comment because of the subject matter bu this movie is a 2 1/2, 3 at most. A little more time invested into closing some of the stories & giving a clear path for the audience to follow would have made this movie a 3.5 or 4.
October 11, 2018
Urgent and relevant film, handled with grace and an even keel - a must see.
October 10, 2018
Although this film is quite suitable for the climate we're in, it definitely lacked structure.

It drug on and on and jumped into at least 4 different storylines but with no discernible plot for either. We were left without a denouement.

I'm still curious as to what happened to the characters. Film needs closure.

-The Media
October 10, 2018
Don't miss this film that will have Oscar buzz in the coming months!
It captures real issues and is done by a writer/director dynamo Reinaldo Green.
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