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May 5, 2020
All the good stuff can be guffawed at in the opening half-hour. After that, you're on your own.
December 26, 2010
Indistinguishable dumb action comedy.
August 7, 2008
December 6, 2005
July 5, 2005
January 4, 2004
If... Martin Lawrence and Adam Sandler [were] in the same movie, it might... create an anti-comedy field so strong that both their careers would be sucked into the vortex...
September 6, 2003
A patently offensive, racist and repulsive waste of celluloid, an affront to blacks, whites and human beings in general.
August 29, 2003
Put your hands up and back away from this rent-a-flop.
June 26, 2003
If rampant misogyny and racism sound like a laugh riot, by all means see National Security, a 'comedy' so aggressively unpleasant that it's worthy of squirms.
June 19, 2003
This is lowest common dominator filmmaking in every sense of the word, which shouldn't come as any surprise to anyone familiar with the oeuvre of director Dennis Dugan.
June 19, 2003
May 10, 2003
As disposable as they come, National Security is a modestly entertaining re-hash of cop-buddy films of the 80s.
April 21, 2003
This is a two-star movie dragged down a star because of its unrepentant racism.
March 22, 2003
March 4, 2003
Dugan's predictable, thin-plotted lark reads as little more than a black guy-white guy Three's Company.
February 27, 2003
February 18, 2003
Is it a thoroughly offensive attempt to disguise a reactionary view of African-Americans as manipulative, self-serving, serial complainers as 'comedy'? Definitely.
February 9, 2003
A truly inane and flat action comedy.
January 31, 2003
It's too bad Martin already made What's the Worst That Could Happen? The title really fits this one.
January 30, 2003
'Overall, what more can you say about this two-bit meandering and empty-headed carousing crime comedy? Bottom line: everyone connected with this project ought to be handcuffed to the door handle of a speedy out-of-control police cruiser.'
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