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½ March 26, 2018
"The Nativity Story" offers a nice rendition of a timeless story. But it lacks depth and the acting is ok at best.
December 26, 2017
A wonderful story, beautifully told with good direction, photography and acting.
December 23, 2016
It is very gorgeous, but feels more like a Hallmark movie
November 13, 2016
The movie starts off with the "Massacre of the Innocents". Teenage Mary is married to Joseph. She is visited by god and is told that she will be giving birth to a baby who she should name Jesus. Later, Mary moves on to stay with her cousin. Mary is scared to return home, but her cousin Elizabeth confronts her and asks her to trust God. Mary returns back home noticeably pregnant to the dismay of Joseph and her parents. At first Joseph does not believe Mary even though she explains that she was visited by an angel, and that she has not broken her vow of chastity.

Joseph thinks about divorcing Mary but, that same night, the same angel that visited Mary visits Joseph and asks him to trust Mary. He then believes Mary and decides to stay by her side. On the other hand, King Herod hers about the prediction of a new king who would soon become the Messiah for his people. He orders everyone to move to their birthplace for the census. Since Joseph is a direct descendant of King David, he travels from Nazareth to Bethlehem covering a distance of 110 kilometers. Mary reaches goes into labor while reaching Bethlehem. Joseph searches for a room for both of them to stay, but cannot find anything. He is offered a stable by an innkeeper.

The nativity story tells us about the birth of Jesus, and how he was sent from God to virgin Mary and her husband Joseph. This is the beginning of the great story of Jesus the son of God who was sent to save humanity from all their sins and to live the rightful way following his examples as he lived. From his birth until his death, Jesus had a magnificent and unique life, the movie focuses on his birth, and also on the doubt and obstacles he was facing from before he was born. The Nativity Story relates to Christianity in World Religions.
November 13, 2016
This story did nothing for what is actually in the bible. The only question Mary asked Gabriel the angel that stands in the presence of the Lord told her she had found favor in his sight.Mary's reply was how can this be seeing be since I know not a man? There was the scene where Mary and her friends were walking she was supposedly flirting with Joseph and their was no mention of that in the bible. The movie showed three wise men and the bible only spoke of wise men and never gave the number of them. Then the matter of Mary being married to Joseph but unable to live with him for one year and she spoke of being forced to marry a man she didn't love. The Nativity story was enjoyable however it had a lot of added things that I hadn't read in the bible. Angelic beings are powerful and large in stature in the movie the angel was in the for of a good looking man. Mary pondered in her heart that no one would believe her what the angel spoke and that isn't mentioned in the bible. Good relic but not what I expected.
½ November 13, 2016
The Nativity Story is about Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus Christ. In the beginning the film, Zacharias heard a message from God, saying that his wife would bear a child, even though she is too old to have children. The angel renders his ability to speak until the child is born because he is so doubtful of this miracle. Meanwhile, Mary learns that she is to be married to Joseph. While in the woods, an angel comes to Mary and tells her that she will be giving birth to the son of God, and the messiah. Mary is in disbelief and decides to go visit her cousin, Elizabeth, to see if her pregnancy was true. Joseph is skeptical and afraid that Mary will not return to him. When Mary arrives and sees that her cousin is pregnant, Elizabeth immediately knows that Mary has been blessed to carry the song of God. She stays with Elizabeth and Zacharias for many months, until the harvest comes for her village. When she returns, the villagers are surprised to see her protruding belly. Her parents do not believe her and fear for her life, afraid that she will be stoned to death for being pregnant out of wedlock. She explains that an angel came to her and told her that God wanted her to carry this baby and that he will save humanity from their sins. Joseph is hurt and is skeptical of her story, but decides not to have a trial against Mary so she will not be harmed. One night, Joseph has a dream that he is walking in the village and everyone has stones, crowding around Mary. They intend on stoning her for being pregnant out of wedlock. A man hands Joseph a stone and right before Joseph casts it, the angel appears right in front of him and stops him. The angel tells Joseph not to worry or be afraid. He tells him that Mary is telling the truth, and that he appeared to her as well. The angel told Joseph that Mary truly is carrying the son of God. When Joseph wakes up, he goes to Mary and tells her that he believes her and that he will raise the child of his own. Mary is thrilled when he tells her this. One day, soldiers come to the town, demanding that everyone complete a census so the King could raise taxes. Joseph decides to leave and travel to his home town of Bethlehem and Mary decides to go with him. They travel for many months and through many cities. Right before they reach Bethlehem, Mary starts going into labor. Joseph runs through the town, banging on doors for help and for a place to stay. A man allows them to stay in his stable, where Mary gives birth to Jesus Christ. The angel came to a shepherd, who told him that the son of Christ has been born. A light shined over them, and many people came to see their messiah. Three wise men came and gave an offering of gold, myrrh, and frankincense. The king, who fears that Jesus will someday overthrow him, orders his soldiers to go out and murder any boy who was under the age of two. The angel tells Joseph the king's plan in a dream. When he awakens, they leave so they avoid the wrath of the king.

The Nativity Story relates to World Religion because the story of Mary and Joseph is the beginning of Christianity and its' sects. Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and was born as a "sacrifice" for human sin. Without the story of how Jesus being born, a different sect of religion wouldn't have been created. Jesus was raised Jewish and his followers were Jewish as well. In Judaism, its' followers believe that Jesus is the son of God, but not the messiah. After the death of Jesus, Christians believed that Jesus did die for our sins.
November 10, 2016
The Nativity Story (2006), portrays the biblical story of Mary and Joseph just prior to the birth of Jesus. Mary of Nazareth (Keisha Castle-Hughes) is forced into marriage to Joseph (Oscar Isaac), a carpenter, in order to have her family avoid losing Mary to possible slavery due to overwhelming tax debts owed to King Herod. As one would expect, Mary is not thrilled by the idea of a forced marriage, as she does not even know Joseph in the least. Soon, however, the well-known annunciation occurs, as an Angel comes to Mary, and reveals to her that she has been chosen by God to bear his own Son, who will be the Messiah. This causes a problem, as Joseph and Mary were not supposed to consummate for another year's time after their wedding. As Mary becomes visibly pregnant, this becomes a scandal, as Joseph is deeply saddened, and gossip spreads from the rape of Mary by one of Herod's soldiers, to adultery by Mary. Joseph then sees the Angel that appeared to Mary, and it is revealed to Joseph that Mary is innocent in the matter, and that she is bearing the Child of God. The scenery changes, and the film moves toward King Herod, who is warned, or rather, told of a new messiah and king to be born, which Herod views as both a warning and a threat. Herod puts in place the census rule from Caesar, forcing everyone to return to their ancestral homeland. Thus, Joseph must go to Bethlehem, and the very pregnant Mary joins him. Herod is told by three magi that the new king will be a new-born baby, not a man of age. Because of this, Herod puts in place a law for all infants to be murdered, in order to eliminate any kings that threaten him. Biblically speaking, this law was for all babies 2 years of age and under. The well-known story of Mary giving birth to Jesus in the stable occurs, and an Angel sent from God saves Mary, Joseph, and Jesus from incoming soldiers of Herod, and the movie ends as they all 3 make their way towards Egypt, having escaped Herod. The film seems to be a bit of a mashup of both the Gospel of John, and the Gospel of Luke, as details of the film's plot do not match 100% to either one of these Gospels.
November 3, 2016
This movie is such an great biblical saga that thoroughly prescripts a clear visual perception of the events through out the bible! Compared to many other biblical movies. The nativity story was "on point" with the biblical stories and very clear transitions that made it very easy to follow! With the movie starting off about Joseph and Mary and the birth of Jesus Christ! Regarding movies in general. Taking someone's whole life and correctly compressing it in a 2 hour movie; isn't a easy thing to do. The nativity story did just that. The fact that they could do that and still gave a detailed perception of the events is what truly made this movie even greater. Not all movies can successfully do that; but the director of this movie did. Because of the detailed events throughout the movie. The audience really got to capture the greatness of Jesus Christ. I feel like sense the beginning of the movie did such a wonderful job focusing on the birth of Jesus Christ, that really set up the conclusion of what was to happen throughout the movie. This movie also did a great job developing the characters in a visual manor that correctly perceived them in the Christian New Testament! The characters described in the Christian New Testament were very identical when compared to the movie. There was very little things about the movie that was "UN-biblical". I didn't see any inconsistencies with this movie. The Nativity Story actually holds up as one of the best Biblical movies in recent memory along side with "The Passion of the Christ". I most definitely recommend this movie to Christians and anybody interested about Christianity. This is one of those movies that you can show to a young following; even if they have not finished reading the Christian New Testament entirely. The Nativity Story is one of those movies where you can follow easily and get a sense on what's going on; especially for children.
November 3, 2016
Nativity Story Review

The movie starts in a small Jewish village where a young girl named Mary lives. An angel comes to her and tells her she will birth the son of God, Jesus. This is a problem because she has a husband and has never been intimate with a man. She goes to visit her cousin, who is much older, to find that what the angel told her is true and she is also pregnant. A bit of time passes and she decides to go home, but she is very pregnant. The people of the village treat her poorly and her husband decides not to accuse her of adultery after hearing her story. Joseph, the husband, has a dream and is visited by the same angel and is told not to be afraid as it is all Gods will. Caesar orders that all men return to their native land with their families to be counted. Mary and Joseph have to make the long journey to Bethlehem. Three wise men are on a journey as well, looking for the child who will be the son of God to worship him. The king, Herod, is also looking for the boy so that he can kill him because he thinks he will lead a rebellion against him. After the long trip, Mary and Joseph reach Bethlehem and she goes into labor. Because there is no room elsewhere, they have to stay in the stable with the animals, where Mary will give birth to their baby, Jesus. The wise men follow the star to the new family and give the baby gifts to honor him. King Herod sends the army out to kill all of the Jewish boys under the age of two in the village. Mary and Joseph flee just in time to save the baby.
This movie relates to world religions in many ways. Jesus is known to many different religions as either the savior or a prophet. The traditional Jewish see him as a prophet while Christians consider him to be the savior of mankind. This was the beginning of what is to become one of the largest religions in the world. Without these events coming to pass, a lot of religions would be different and many world events would be altered or not have happened.
May 4, 2016
thankyou for this awesome movie and i just want to say "this is a real christian movie" without atheis director like noah and exodus :D
April 10, 2016
From an overall perspective the nativity story is a good movie probably one of the most famous events in human history. . The Nativity story mainly centers around Joseph and Mary and their lives together before birthing Jesus of Nazareth. Joseph didn't speak much in scripture, so that was something I felt was difficult to know, but we did see Joseph acting, and that is important. We are told that Joseph was a righteous man and a God fearing man. The movie brings visual setting of the Jewish world at the time of Jesus. Key things in the movie that I remember were the conflict between Mary and her parents and Joseph about her pregnancy. While a popularly arranged marriage in the beginning, the town sees Mary's pregnancy as a disgrace and embarrassment so her family was ashamed of her. Threats/threat of stoning was even mentioned. Her Friends turn against and rebuked her. Joseph after having a deep dream, decide to be Mary's husband and began to protects her. His choices are not always easy. In one scene, a woman suggests that the baby will not resemble in physical features of Joseph, at which he frowns at the thought.
The journey to Bethlehem is difficult, especially for a pregnant mother Mary. They sit around a fire with others or alone. They went down to the Jordan River, cross, then through Jericho and back up to Jerusalem. The road is rugged and dangerous. Food isn't always available. Jerusalem is an exciting place for the couple who might never have been through it before the birth of Jesus. When Joseph passes the Temple and sees the money changers and sellers, he comments on what should be a place of worship. We should not be surprised that others saw what Jesus saw as well.
When they arrive in Bethlehem, it was night time. Mary is ready to deliver and Joseph desperately was seeking to find a place to stay though there was no inn, finally settling in a cave with animals in it, the traditional idea of the manger was born. After Jesus was born, a star shines brightly over the manger and the shepherds from the field and the Magi all appear to see and worship. .
This movie relates to world religions I thought it captured the cultural aspects very well. Such might surprise some. Biblically, where it quoted scripture, it was accurate. Like when everyone came to the manger is traditional but not Biblical yet this scene doesn't take away from the power of the movie. They compress the events after the birth of Jesus into a few scenes. So to reiterate scenes with precision and accuracy through scripture I feel tis movies was a good movie for Christian beliefs
April 8, 2016
The Nativity Story puts a human spin on the Divine. The story starts out with Mary, a young girl loved and looked up to by her peers in her small town. Her world is shaken by two events. The first being betrothed by her family to a older man Joseph and then by the pronouncement of her upcoming pregnancy by an Angel. Both aspects correlate quite well with the story as described in the book of Luke in the Scriptures.
What differs is the human struggle Mary and Joseph face as they get ready for the arrival of the Messiah. Joseph feels betrayed by Mary after she returns from a long visit with her family Elizabeth and Zechariah and he sees the she is definitely pregnant. The town begins to shun her and makes her feel like an outcast. Even Joseph has a dream of stoning her to death for her betrayal. Joseph is approached by the Angel and informed that it was all ordained by God.
An decree is issued from Caesar that all heads of households are to return to their country of origin for a census. King Herod finds out about the coming King from a group of traveling wise men from the East, informing the King about the prophecy, he plots to have the child killed.
Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem helps the viewer to see inside the thoughts of a young couple who are ordained by God to help deliver the Savior of the world. Neither feels qualified to take on such a task and even Joseph, in a moment of connection with Mary, wonders "If I will be able to teach him anything."
The arrival of Jesus comes and the wonder and amazement of the new birth brings hope from the lonely, outcast shepherd to the wise men. A beautiful picture of the arrival of the Savior is the climactic centerpiece of everyone's journey. A very emotional, stirring hope is born and the realization that something special has occurred is realized by all.
While the acting is not all that special, the story and humanity side of it put the emotions and thoughts of those who lived during that time on display to make the viewer realize a whole new perspective on what went down leading up to, and including, the birth of Jesus.
February 7, 2016
Did professionals make this film?
½ January 24, 2016
While not the finest feature-length adaptation of the beloved story by Hollywood (if ever there was one), this is still every bit a worthy holiday movie that will make believers burst in tears.
December 22, 2015
A very well made movie.
December 20, 2015
The story of the nativity. Great sets, & acting for such a wonderful story
December 19, 2015
People are missing the point. The movie expresses the moving realization that Mary was a simple girl that was chosen to have the most amazing job in the universe! Joseph was not chosen because he was a Hero/Warrior. This is about the fact the the real story wasn't about hype and sensationalism. The actors and actresses reflect the beauty of the simple way life was at the time. Things were harsh and simple, not glitzy and spectacular. I for one, was ecstatic that they didn't "Hollywood" this one up like they did "Noah"! Thank goodness they didn't turn it into a disaster / psycho killer / thriller like they did that one! Reality may be boring for thrill seekers, but maybe they should focus on the idea that Joseph and Mary were heroes of a different kind. When was the last time you had to walk across the desert in hard sandals or ride a donkey while heavily pregnant? The simple beauty is well worth the watch!
December 7, 2015
It wasn't bad, although I was expecting something a lot more glorious. There are some beautiful shots, but a lot of the movie is underwhelming and kind of dull. I liked the casting of relatively unknown actors, but the production was poor. (First and only viewing - 12/4/2015)
November 15, 2015
Overall, the movie was a decent interpretation of what occurred in the birth of Jesus. Mary as a young girl was married to Joseph unwillingly, by her father. As a sacred part of the marriage, Mary and Joseph could live together but were not allowed to have sexual relations for at least a year. Early within the marriage, Mary was approached by an Angel who instructed her to carry a child, and call him Jesus the son of God, even though she had never been with a man. Mary was skeptical at first but agreed to this command. Shortly thereafter, she learned her cousin Elizabeth was also with child and she decided to find a way to live with Elizabeth during the pregnancy. Mostly, Mary was afraid what people what think of her and that Joseph would not believe the reason of how she got impregnated. After Elizabeth had her child, Mary returned home and initially was scorned by her family. Joseph even though she betrayed him until the Angel appeared to him in a dream. Joseph accepted the child as his own and did everything possible to protect his wife and child, by traveling and moving to Bethlehem. Once baby Jesus was born, the Three Wise Kings approached him with gifts. The Angel approached Joseph one more time telling him to move his family to Egypt and kept the child there until he appeared again.

In relation to World Religions, the movie shows where Jesus was born in Bethlehem but didn't go as far as to mention him living in Nazareth throughout most of his life. In text, there is also mention of Mary conceiving the child while being a virgin. The four gospels attested to the Spirit of God/Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus at his birth. Our textbook doesn't go into much detail on the birth of Jesus as it is portrayed in the movie. Although, all the religions we have reviewed have a belief in a higher power whether named Jesus or some other deity.

Brodd, Jeffrey. "Christianity." Invitation to World Religions. Instructor's ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2013. Print.
November 15, 2015
In this movie there were a lot of humbling moments from the Bible that were portrayed during the birth of Jesus. The Roman Empire were collecting taxes on the lands and had been questioning those who were believed to not have paid them yet. Joseph noticed many Mary at the time of collection where he was afraid she might be one who would be taken away. As he saw her parents holding her, he realized she was being released back to her family and he could not have been more thankful. Mary was greeted by an angel telling her that she would be with child and he would be the Son of God. Mary was scared at first but then learned to trust in the Lord. As she began to get farther into her pregnancy, Joseph and her made their way to Bethlehem. As they were coming up on the town, Mary told Joseph that it was time to conceive the child. As they found shelter in Bethlehem, she conceived Jesus. The Roman Empire heard of the birth and told all of the soldiers to take all males under two and present them to the King. God's voice came to Joseph and told them to flee to Egypt until the time He tells them it's okay to travel once again. Joseph and Mary do not return to Bethlehem, instead they travel to Nazareth in fear of Herod's oldest son. The movie showed many valid consistences of the story of the birth of Christ and what happened leading up to it. In the New Testament gospels were recorded well in this movie with how they portrayed the movie to follow the chronological order of the way the Bible was written. World Religion is seen through this story because it is one of the most important stories of the entire bible, it is showing how the savior of the Christian world came to be here on Earth. Much has been learned from the Nativity Story and without World Religion we wouldn't be able to enlighten other religions and even Christians themselves of the birth of Christ.
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