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April 13, 2018
Preposterous from start to finish, littered with too many gags, in-jokes and exaggerated performances - it's a movie that's hard to love but equally hard to hate. It is at least entertaining but seems to have difficulty deciding it's own tone at times. Occasionally serious, mostly silly but always fun.
½ February 15, 2018
entertaining 80's Bond, pretty well done for the time frame it was made in. at least the silly parts are better than the ones in Moonraker. for a movie with clowns in it, you'll be caught up in the hijinks, even if, like me, you don't like clowns...
January 8, 2018
Not bad, but not good either.
½ January 7, 2018
James Bond joins the circus. Car vs train stunt is fun.
½ December 27, 2017
Moore is at the top of his game. Comedic, charming and still tough enough to tell a wild tiger to "SIT!" and it listens. Plus I love the bit where he plays Baccarat with Louis Jourdan, as well as the chase scene with the tennis racket and Moore sliding down the stairs railing with a machine gun. All Classic Bond.

This is the Bond that I was first introduced to when I was a kid.
The film actually is one half of a clever spy story with the nuclear bomb and the jewel smuggling scheme. As well the action is quite good and is evenly paced. This film doesn't drag in places as in other Bond pictures. Plus to all the critics who said Moore was too old for this picture. I'd like to remind you that you almost had Josh Brolin in this role. Thank God, Roger Moore decided not to retire yet. Definitely one of his better performances as Bond.

Clowns murdered, rare jewels smuggled, evil Ruskie general getting shot, a fight on top of a train and and another on the top of a plane! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE! Lets not forget an island of acrobatic, kung-fu fighting, belly dancing super-models. Not to mention Q gets in on the action. I had forgotten how much fun this movie is. It is after all the shameless epitome of the male fantasy that we've come to know as BOND. I mean everyone wants to be Bond, just a little bit!...Perhaps Q (Desmond Llewelyn) said it best in a manner both expressing his disgust and jealousy, "007 on an island of women. We won't see him till dawn."
December 27, 2017
The vanilla of Bond movies. Nothing much happens...Retirement was calling for Moore long before this was made.
And, seeing Bond painted like a clown running around is a real low point for Moore's Bond

Gadgets 1/5 nothing to speak of
Girls 1/5
Villains 1/5
Bond Theme 1/5 probably the worst theme
½ November 7, 2017
Despite relying a bit too much on the established Bond formula, Octopussy is one of the more underrated films in the franchise. The action is top-notch, and there's more humor than most other Bond films.
½ October 21, 2017
Although an undeniably inferior clone of its contemporary Indiana Jones, Octopussy still shines as a solid example of formulaic Bond in an entertaining, relaxing outing. Roger Moore is solid in both the action and comedy here, despite obvious stunt doubles, and while seeing Bond in clown makeup is certainly absurd, the scene in which it features is one of the tensest of Moore's tenure.
September 17, 2017
The absolute low point of the James Bond series. Probably even worse than "The World Is Not Enough," you know, the one where Denise Richards plays a nuclear physicist. The series reaches a jokey peak that absolutely ruins the film, which revolves around fake Fabergé eggs, a circus, and an army of female assassins. Absolutely ridiculous. And a minor quibble, but why would a snake charmer play the "James Bond Theme" within the film? If you skip on Bond film, make it "Octopussy"!
½ September 17, 2017
Octopussy operates comfortably within the established Moore-era formula and to great effect. The film is bookended by thrilling aerial stunts and features some gorgeous location shots in India. Moore continues to shine in the role despite being what you would typically consider too old for this kind of character. A good companion piece to For Your Eyes Only and another solid Moore film.
June 26, 2017
Nothing overly special and it can get goofy but you can still have fun with this film.

½ June 25, 2017
I'm a huge bond fan, but I can't stand this movie. Not only is it the worst, most idiotic Bond movie, but it's just a bad, bad film.
June 20, 2017
Roger Moore in a rather silly and odd James Bond movie. The action scenes in this movie are rather good. I like this movie myself. I think the director was poking fun at how dumb the Bond movie industry really is.
June 15, 2017
At the same time this films greatest and worst aspects are how much it digs into Bond's roots and core. It also manages to take Roger Moore's silliness and action scenes to whole new levels.
½ June 1, 2017
The last film attempted to be a more serious film, that wasn't necessarily misguided, but because it kept some of the Moore peculiarities it wasn't well executed enough to work. Fortunately there's no such attempt here, the plot is still feasible compared to earlier Moore films, but the trappings are among the most ridiculous of the franchise. Apart from the silliness none of the usual elements, the villains, Bond girls or drama is particularly stand-out (although the action is very good), yet because it embraces what it is, so can the audience; the result is a lot of fun.
½ May 28, 2017
...I saw Octopussy as my intro not only to Roger Moore as Bond...but to Bond PERIOD. Unmistakably noncompetition in that context, so sorry Sean Connery. This is my favorite Bond movie hands down...and favorite Bond Actor...
May 23, 2017
Why this film recieves the panning it does, I'm not sure. It essentially takes Cold War spy intrigue and dresses it up in an exotic Bollywood storyline. Yes, Moore spends some time at a circus in clown make-up, swings from jungle vines yelling like Tarzan and rides in a toy crocodile, but gimmicks aside... These liabilities never compromise the entertainment value of the film. It's a movie peppered with many death-defying action sequences styled for an Indiana Jones generation while not dispensing with the classic Bond style. It should be noted too that Moore's lighter touch and gifted comic timing made these films all the more enjoyable even if it did often make the dramatic situations less believable. It is good fun to see the exchanges between Bond and villain Khamal Khan (especially when they match wits in a casino over the film's McGuffin- a faberge egg stolen from the Russian royal family). Khan is played by Roger's counterpart from across the English Channel- '50s MGM pretty boy Louis Jordan who is one part menace, two parts sleaze- the perfect villainous cocktail in the mix. Elsewhere, we see the return of Maud Adams from Golden Gun who this time is the titular character. Steven Berkoff plays the megalomaniac General Orlov in an occasionally hammy way but with relish. The sacrificial lamb here is tennis star Vijay Armitraj who succumbs to a deadly, bladed yo-yo early on in the piece. The camp elements in the first half of Octopussy give way to a more serious second act set in East Germany.where after some spectacular fights on top of a moving train, Bond then has to urgently make his way to a US air force base to diffuse a bomb. This is one of the most tense situations in a Bond film and I attribute it Moore's acting. Although the scene is hindered somewhat by the fact that Bond is wearing circus clown make up, we invest in the sense of urgency he is expressing because it is uncharacteristic for his Bond to raise such a sweat. Consequently, we actually believe the worst may happen and we are pleasantly relieved when it doesn't. This is followed by Moore, and Moore and Moore as we are treated to Bond staging a raid on Khamal's palace in a hot-air balloon, pursuing him on horseback, grabbing onto his plane and holding for dear life in mid-air before fending off the villain, rescuing Octopussy by jumping to safety on the edge of a cliff and watching Khamal perish in the exploding plane below. How can you fault that as entertainment? I feel exhausted just talking about it!
May 16, 2017
When James starts wearing clown makeup in the last third act, that's the worst part.
April 18, 2017
This is the 13th James bound movie. I do not know why people do not like it. It is a great movie. It is better then the first 12 James bound movies. The first 12 movie of James bound are good this better. See it. The 14th part to the original James Bound series A view to a kill is a little better. This is a great film see it.
½ April 9, 2017
The thirteenth Bond film, and second of five directed by John Glen (For Your Eyes Only, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights, and License to Kill).

When fanatical Soviet General Orlov (Steven Berkoff) devises a plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on a West German U.S. Air Force Base, by stealing valuable jewels from the Kremlin and selling them to aristocratic smuggler Kamal Kahn (Louis Jordan), which in turn will use his business partner, Octopussy's (Maud Adams) traveling circus to get the bomb onto the base, and blow it up, which would lead to the U.S. pulling it's forces out of Western Europe, and then the Soviets would be able to take over. 007 is sent in after 009 shows up dead at the British Embassy in East Germany holding a Faberge egg.

Roger Moore is starting to look a little old in this one, but at least this Bond Girl (Maud Adams) is roughly his age. Louis Jordan gives a wonderful performance as 007's top villian. And the locations are spectacular, they make India look like a wonderful place to visit.
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