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½ February 5, 2017
Jack Kerouac is rolling in his grave because of this movie.
December 11, 2016
Pointless and dull. Not every story needs to be a movie. Also my sole reason for watching, Kristen Stewart, is top-billed but barely in it. Not cool.
½ November 6, 2016
The slow, deliberate pacing may annoy less patient viewers, but On the Road is anchored by beautiful cinematography and an understated performance from Garrett Hedlund.
October 29, 2016
A big disappointment
½ August 12, 2016
Though the film was a mess (as the book seems to be) the film did not let me down in the sense of keeping me watching. My biggest problem was the overload of character after character. It had some awkward moments and some confusing scenes for sure, but the screen adaption of On the Road is a whirlwind of events that manages to keep our mind tied up in a knot and let's it unwind by traveling the country, gleefully down a road that comes with its unexpected share full of people and adventures
April 1, 2016
I think this is a far cry from the Kerouac book, which I once tried to read and gave up due to it being a bit of a acid-soaked shambles. This is quite a straightforward story with some interesting cast members; not the fear and loathing + film I was expecting. Sam Riley shows his versatility once again, tip him to do a Tom Hardy. I was also surprised to see that Kristen Stewart had another string to her bow an all.
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January 6, 2016
Salles follows closely the heartbeat and structure of the iconic novel to capture the wild spirit of the Beat Generation, to which he is more than faithful, and so this is an exciting collection of road anecdotes revolving around the friendship between Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady.
½ December 29, 2015
Definitely not the greatest film ever made, but not very deserving of the hate it received either. In truth, there were parts from the book that were sorely missed in the film adaptation. However, this was a beautifully shot, and beautifully acted so-close-almost-there masterpiece that deserves way more credit for what it was trying to accomplish. I was a fan of the book, and I am ultimately a fan of the film as well. In a world where every film is either a rehash, reboot, or sequel--It's nice to know some folks out there will give it there all to bring art to life. Walter Salles poured his heard and soul into this, and it shows.
November 11, 2015
I can't really compare it to the novel by Jack Kerouc since I haven't read it...but it was good, not more not less. The actors did a good job overall but the pacing at times seemed to be inconsistent. Kristen Stewart definitely plays a different role in this film! 6/10 or 3/5
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September 28, 2015
Sal Paradise goes on the road with Dean Moriarty and company.
This film is less than the sum of its parts. In his effort to get the feeling of the Beat Generation, director Walter Salles has some quick edits and some free-wheeling music and some of the lines lifted from Kerouac's novel - all cinematic tricks that should work, but yet there's still something staid about this film. Perhaps it's the gravelly voiced Garrett Hedlund, who seems more focused on the image of Sal than the character, or perhaps it's the hackneyed shoe-horn of a script. Or perhaps Kerouac was never meant to be adapted.
Overall, it was worth a shot, but this is one book-to-film adaptation that missed the mark.
August 26, 2015
An excellent study of a condition known as burning human desire. The contrast of places where eager sufferers may find themselves.
One of those films that left me thinking about it long after the lights went off. And the more I did - the more I realized just how good it is.
½ August 23, 2015
A quite ambitious film adaptation of a supposedly unfilmmable novel (which I have not read yet). If it's lucky, this all-star cast road movie could become an ultimate travel guide for hippies, Aristocrats, and artists across the globe in the next few years (maybe decades, just as the novel became one of the American classics over a long period of time). I think I admire the film rather than like the film, and it can be tedious at times. But the performances are strong (Garret Hedlund and Kristen Stewart are sensational), the visuals are beautiful to look at, and the score is an aural treat at its best. On the Road has issues, but it's certainly not a failure. I may change my mind once I read the book, but for now I think it's a solid film.
½ August 11, 2015
This wasn't exactly like what I had imagined, but I feel it was a decent movie to watch, although it felt confusing in some areas.
½ August 3, 2015
Only because it's not possible to give minus stars.
½ June 29, 2015
film is slow and boring. i haven't read the book. and maybe that would have made me appreciate this more, but I've read a lot of negative reviews. many ffrom people who did read it. Cint=nematography is very good, though.
June 24, 2015
The fourth film I'm watching about the American Beat poets. But this one is not about them per se, but is based on Kerouac's novel, On The Road (which is more or less about him and his chums!) The leads really shine in their roles, ie. charismatic Dean Moriarty/Neal Cassady, gay friend and poet Carlo Marx/Ginsberg and MaryLou (acted by Kristen Stewart). Sal Paradise (Kerouac's equivalent) is portrayed as rather more introspective than I had expected. The movie takes us through many states in America with scenic road trips through endless farmland and features jazz originals by the versatile Gustavo Santaolalla!
June 13, 2015
On the Road is something beautiful to watch but rather long and boring to look at.
½ June 7, 2015
Why didn't this excite me? I think the narrative was both fragmented and poorly realised. Salles can do better - the original tale is fragmented, but beautifully written. This was hard to follow and really seemed pretty pointless most of the time. A disappointment.
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