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November 28, 2016
Bland heist comedy with a game cast (Natalie Wood, Dick Shawn) and a solid director, Arthur Hiller, but sadly this film forgot to be funny, charming, or entertaining. Wood plays a bored wife of a banker who decides to rob her husband's band. Meh.
Antonius Block
Super Reviewer
½ April 28, 2016
This 1966 comedy is campy, silly, and a bit ridiculous, but on the other hand, it has Natalie Wood, and that rounds it up to an almost passable film - and if you adore her as I do, worth watching, maybe lightly, in the background while reading. She is absolutely beautiful in the role of an irrepressible housewife who turns to robbery because her husband doesn't pay enough attention to her. Jesus, talk about a plot hole right there. :P Peter Falk is good as the detective on her trail, and it was interesting to see Jonathan Winters in a small part as well (he's a sex-crazed professor who chases her around until her clothes rip off and she's left capering about in her underwear ... not exactly politically correct).

On a more somber note, it's sad to think of the troubles this 5' tall daughter of Russian immigrants had in her life, ultimately leading to her creepy drowning death at the age of 43. She took several years off from acting after making this film which speaks to some of the turmoil she was going through, and it's jarring to understand that in light of just how airy this film is, and how happy she seems to be in it.
½ February 7, 2015
Penelope is one of those 'feel good' comedies, so lighthearted that you can't help but cheering for this wacky but adorable character played by Natalie Wood. The movie had bad reviews back in 1966 but as for now I think it's save to say that is a fine looking comedy and it will surely make you laugh.
July 17, 2012
natalie wood is hilarious in "penelope", but aside from her, there isn't very much humor in the film. at least not good humor.
July 1, 2010
Natalie is so funny in this.
She had a very ''Holly Golucky' ditsy acting more aware then everyone thinks' attitude to her which I found adorable.
Again I watch one of her films and love her instantly. This i slike the forth time this week I've added one of her films to my favorites.
The story was cute, I liked the irony about it. It's a tad cheesy I suppose but that's to be expected.
½ June 30, 2010
Character inconsistency it seems, but it is still a bunch of fun.
½ October 25, 2009
This movie has a very very thin plot but luckily it has the gorgeous Natalie Wood in it, who was quite funny at times. Too bad the same can't be said about Ian Bannen, who played her husband. There was almost no chemistry between the two and Bannen's acting just was a bit boring. Peter Falk provided a comic note and was more or less his 'Columbo'-persona, but then without the many returns after a conversation to ask a final question. In all it was an amusing movie, but not more than that, ideal for a sunday afternoon.
May 24, 2009
such a fun movie.. :D
½ November 6, 2008
Natalie Wood is adorable in this movie about a ignored and bored banker's wife who starts to steal things as a way of getting even with people who wrong her (mostly women who try to steal her husband). Natalie is charming and manages to win the affections of her psychiatrist (Dick Shawn) as well as the policeman investigating her bank heist (Peter Falk). The end gets a bit sad as Penelope is not believed when she admits to being the robber but a happy ending is still in sight for our kooky, outrageous heroine.
October 22, 2008
Weird and I still don't get the shoe thing. But when Natalie was brunette, she was gorgeous! And Peter Falk was quite good too.
September 16, 2008
She never wears a bikini.
July 13, 2008
Predictable of course with a bit of cheese but it's just right that way. Natalie Wood is absolutely HILARIOUS in this! :)
April 9, 2008
Saw the very beginning, looked like a fun idea but couldn't be bothered to watch the whole film!
April 8, 2008
Natalie Wood is cute but this was too swinging 60's for me.
March 29, 2008
Outdated? Yes. Cheesy? Yes. Natalie Wood funny? YES. Its not meant to be a mind blowing, make you think film. Its entertaining!
February 26, 2008
Hiller was always hit and miss with me and this definitely is fuiled under "miss". No matter how hard Ms. Wood tries this is just a bad script done at a time when the studios were trying so hard to be hip. Needless to say, Natalie is gorgeous and Peter Falk as the young police detective is clever but the whole thing never comes together.
November 3, 2007
Natalie Wood is delightful in this 1960s comedy.
½ October 24, 2007
This is my favorite Natalie Wood movie. She's so gorgeous and charismatic in this, and the movie is just so much fun
½ October 2, 2007
the lead character is wierd...I love it!
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