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The epitome of so-bad-it's-good cinema, Plan 9 From Outer Space is an unintentionally hilarious sci-fi "thriller" from anti-genius Ed Wood that is justly celebrated for its staggering ineptitude.



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Based on a true tale of horror from a noted American television psychic, this low-budget sci-fi epic tells the chilling tale of space aliens who come to Earth in flying saucers and raise the dead in hopes of overtaking the planet. The military knows about the invasion and struggles to keep the alien doings a secret. Fortunately for the rest of humanity a courageous airline pilot is able to team up with a detective and stop them from enacting the dreaded "Plan 9." Hailed, with good reason, as one of the worst movies ever to disgrace the screen, Ed Wood's Plan 9 from Outer Space, has become a camp classic with its dreadful production values (paper plate space ships and obviously fake cemetery grass are highlights), and cavalier attitudes to minor things such as editing and continuity. Though Wood was seriously trying to frighten his audience, the film is so bad that it cannot help but promote laughter. It does contain the last footage of Bela Lugosi, who died well before Wood made the film. Having nothing really to do with the plot, Wood tacked in two minutes worth of silent footage of the aging Lugosi and gave him top billing afterward.

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Bela Lugosi
as Ghoul Man
Lyle Talbot
as General
Tor Johnson
as Inspector Clay
Gregory Walcott
as Jeff Trent
Mona McKinnon
as Paula Trent
Duke Moore
as Lt. Harper
Tom Keene
as Col. Tom Edwards
as Narrator
Paul Marco
as Patrolman Kelton
Bill Ash
as Captain
Conrad Brooks
as Policeman
Vampira (Maila Nurmi)
as The Ghoul Woman
Carl Anthony
as Patrolman Larry
J. Edward Reynolds
as Gravedigger
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  • Jul 11, 2013
    A movie famed for its astonishing badness and unintentional hilarity, Plan 9 From Outer Space is more than just another bad movie, it's the king of bad movies. It defines so-bad-it's-good cinema through its clunky special effects (the flying saucers are classic), horrendous acting, and utterly bizarre dialogue. The plot is just as strange as the rest of the movie, telling of a group of aliens who seek the attention of humans while also doing everything in their power to remain a secret. Because humans don't notice them, they decide to initiate (wait for it) Plan 9... FROM OUTER SPACE! They basically bring the dead back to life, and there may or may not be a vampire (played by Dracula himself, Bela Lugosi) for some reason. Even though director Ed Wood shows an incredible lack of talent (and that's putting it very lightly), the movie is so great because, even though it's a complete and utter failure on his part, he put his heart and soul into making the movie and it has a weird sort of charm because of it. He genuinely believed in what he was making, and his blind enthusiasm is actually sort of catchy. That said, the movie is a disaster from start to finish in the best way possible, so if you're a fan of horrible movies then I'm sure you'll find that Plan 9 From Outer Space is 78 minutes of pure, unadulterated magic. Expect the worst.
    Joey S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 15, 2012
    Ed Wood's most infamous creation and a definite prove of how outrageously inept he was as a filmmaker. Featuring a lot of laughable acting and dialogue, ridiculous special effects and a disastrous notion of space and time, this is a masterpiece of sheer awfulness.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 22, 2012
    Didn't like it too much, but Bela Lugosi is in it! That guy is a horror icon!
    Tyler R Super Reviewer
  • Feb 01, 2012
    Since Tim Burton's 1994 fictionalized biopic classic Ed Wood, that tell the story about the worst director ever, Edward D. Wood, Jr. and his infamous/famous classic Plan 9 from Outer Space, both creator and creature won, from the new public, a cult following. With incoherent scenes, silly direction mistakes, chronologically and geographically incomprehensible, awful actings by an unlikely cast and poor production design/special "defects", Plan 9 become an unintentionally funny sci-fi, that sometimes bring a poetic narration, and an interesting anti-war message (arguably the best anti-war message in sci-fi since 'Them!'). Ed Wood bring to cinema a, beloved by few and hated by others, trash cult classic 'it's so bad that it's good', directed with stunning incompetence, but widely notorious, celebrated or appalling. Fresh.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer

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