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February 22, 2017
Matthew Lillard plays a ne'er-do-well who has been feeding his family stories of success, so when his cousin turns up hoping for a job opportunity, things get silly quickly as they find themselves living in one of the mansions where Lillard works as a pool boy, and running a string of prostitutes. Y'know, like you do.

It's pretty harmless, but it's also fairly boring, save for a few good jokes and some nice nudity to keep it from losing you entirely.

Rental? At best?
October 25, 2014
Some really funny parts, some really sexy parts and then there is that thing....
February 19, 2014
I thought it was okay for what it was, kind of like Risky Business.
July 26, 2013
Comedy films that don't make me laugh make me sad
½ July 19, 2013
Any movie with George Takei is in my favorite group, but this film is really bad.
½ May 4, 2013
Great minds went to Harvard.. they say (lol)
April 6, 2013
4/6/2013: Pretty bad. Gorgeous women, but not enough boobies and not all that funny. Very disappointing.
February 3, 2013
Really, really bad Risky Business knock-off. Spare yourself the misery of this thing.
January 27, 2013
Surprisingly funny, yet predictable a straight up retarded.
January 6, 2013
This film was merely OK for a lazy rainy day afternoon. It's never laugh out loud funny, but it's not as awful as other movies of it's ilk. The only gripes I had was I couldn't really buy Pedro from Napolean Dynamite as anything approaching a 'tough guy' and I still have no clue how they got the great Robert Davi to cameo. But that aside its a serviceable enough film.
½ January 3, 2013
Flauwe komedie, maar de cameo van Astrid Bryan maakt veel goed!
½ December 2, 2012
Not even good if you are looking for brainless humor. Didn't they realize Risky Business already thought of this. I mean it's really bad
November 27, 2012
Pure craziness, put not reality keep me cracking up though
October 1, 2012
if youliked hot tub time machine, than you will love this. amazing movie
½ September 30, 2012
bit stupid but loads of naked women so judge for yourselfs
September 16, 2012
If Jesus was to rate this movie. He'd just got BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBS!
September 9, 2012
Crude crass unfunny rubbish. The cameo role from Tom Arnold is just sad, not funny. Trying to appeal to teenagers and if they find this funny, there is no hope
August 28, 2012
One of the worst films iv ever seen.
August 20, 2012
A film in which doesn't really seem needed at all, with a storyline very similar to the 80s flick Risky Business, The Pool Boys feels like a cheap knock off. It barely delivered with the laughs with the exception to a few moments right by the end. Not worth watching even to pass the time really as this was a waste of a comedy.
June 23, 2012
Great fun for a Saturday night
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