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March 31, 2019
The characters are sketchy, the plot is full of logical holes and the story is all fight and flight. But despite its flaws, it is enjoyable if you like special effects, warriors and computer-generated dragons.
March 31, 2019
For all its silliness, Reign of Fire never bores, and may actually appeal to your inner twelve-year-old.
March 31, 2019
The poor dragons - on screen not nearly enough as it is - stand no chance pitted against this kind of heavyweight ham.
March 31, 2019
An odd cross between Mad Max and Dragonheart, this movie is all borrowed ideas, but it's still trashy fun.
February 9, 2006
The climactic SFX are well mounted and it's all too preposterous to dislike.
November 20, 2003
Everybody is screaming and yelling. The costumes and the sets all look like they're left over from Mad Max. Everybody's wearing leather and big boots and they're all dirty and it's just like any other end of the world scenario you've ever seen.
June 1, 2003
Entertaining enough as summer fare, but not the jaw-dropping spectacle we'd hoped for.
November 8, 2002
Stupid futuristic nonsense.
August 26, 2002
There is an enjoyably outrageous aerial combat sequence when the flying dragons are attacked by military helicopters. The problem is that this is such a rare moment of fun and action; the rest is dour bickering.
August 12, 2002
It's hard not to like a film that has sky divers jumping out of helicopters to catch flying dragons in a big net.
August 9, 2002
July 25, 2002
There's the bad CGI, the choppy pacing, the comically intense acting, the repetition, the dullness and mostly the idiot plot.
July 16, 2002
Peaks early with a vertiginous dogfight; thereafter, spotty CGI and a bamboozling plot conspire toward a colossal anticlimax.
July 15, 2002
I'm not going to argue that Reign of Fire is a good movie, but it's terribly entertaining it's kind of a classic camp film, so I'm giving it thumbs up.
July 14, 2002
Ultimately fails to come through in the fire-breathing clutch.
July 14, 2002
A brilliant idea that somehow misses the mark by a North country mile, Reign of Fire will make monster fans ache for what might have been.
July 14, 2002
The stars are the dragons. They really set a new high for cinema SFX: lithe as flying eels with vast wings, ferocious sets of gnashers and an ability to expectorate molten gobs of all-devouring fire.
July 13, 2002
The season could do with more grinning, spinning, un-self-important, happy-to-be-B throwback movies like this one.
July 12, 2002
An uncommonly exciting and satisfying post-apocalyptic popcorn flick.
July 12, 2002
A disaster of a drama, saved only by its winged assailants.
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