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½ September 5, 2015
The movie dragged at times but "I won't dance" made it all worth it! <3 Fred!
November 13, 2014
Not the best of the Astaire/Rogers musicals, but an entertaining adaptation of the Broadway hit with old songs ("Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," "Yesterdays") and new ones ("I Won't Dance," "Lovely to Look At"). Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott provide the love interest.
May 28, 2014
hard to handle dance and music, Smoke gets in your eyes & Lovely to look at delightful to know & heaven to kiss ... a combination like this <3
Super Reviewer
½ December 31, 2013
scott and dunne are nominally the stars here but fred and ginger steal every scene
December 3, 2013
Despite Irene Dunne having top billing, this fashion show of a musical is all about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The love story involving Dunne's character and Randolph Scott is standard will they, won't they. It's cute without being mushy. Astaire and Rogers have two of their best song/dance numbers in this movie, which makes this one of their more enjoyable outings. It doesn't hurt that they are helped with a great lead and great music.

Grade: A-
½ October 6, 2013
The main plot with Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott is really weak, especially all the stuff about the fashion business. Astaire and Rogers shine alone in this movie, in the (too) few scenes they have together. The movie barely even feels like a musical. Irene Dunne is a solid singer, but I'd have rather have had Ginger have her scenes. I did really like the interplay between Astaire and Rogers in this film; usually in some of their other movies they seem to have to start off resenting each other somehow, but in this they have a good kind of partner relationship right away, and Ginger shines comically as a fake Polish countess (or whatever). As I said, the Astaire/Rogers scenes are among their top notch romantic scenes together, but the movie sadly spends way too much time with the "main" plot.
November 20, 2012
i wish there're even more Ginger & Fred Scenes in this movie
½ November 5, 2012
well thats does the trick. its got smoke gets in your eyes in it.
meanwhile: i have some tap shoes to dust down... true story #littleknowncolinfacts
August 12, 2012
The dancing is impeccable but perhaps to 21st century eyes, it seems like Fred and Ginger are the stars and not the secondary characters. It makes for an odd focus.
August 21, 2011
Five stars for the dancing!
½ March 5, 2011
In some ways, Roberta is the most unusual Astaire/Rogers film, for the sole reason that they are relegated to the B storyline. The A story, the tale of an American football player who inherits a haute couture studio in Paris, features Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott, two actors who were decent at comedy, but way out of their element in a Jerome Kern musical. When they are the focus, the film really sags, But, when Astaire and Rogers show up and start with the banter, singing and dancing, Roberta is amazing. Their three numbers, Hard to Handle, I Won't Dance and Lovely to Look At are worth the price of the rental alone. FYI, the original Broadway production of Roberta launched the careers of both Fred MacMurray and some guy named Bob Hope.
½ December 27, 2010
By far not the best of the films Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers did together. In fact, they're hardly in this one, delegated to background characters while far less interesting or appealing ones take the main stage. Altogether, a very forgettable musical.
½ June 3, 2010
woof, another great Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie on DVD. And here will be indruced for the first time the song: Smoke get in your eyes, specially wrote for the movie for Irene Dunne.
The Song was also used for the remake in 1952 in "Lovely to Look at" sung by Kathryn Grayson and in the dance number danced by Gower & Marge Champion.
Also great in this movie: Victor Varconi as Prince Ladislaw.
Uncredited as Fashion Model you can see Lucille Ball!!!!!
½ February 4, 2010
It has been a while since I've had the chance to spend a morning curled up watching Ginger and Fred so this was a nice treat. Although the film wasn't the best I've ever seen by them it still had its enjoyable moments. I loved Randolph Scott as John, plus both he and Irene Dunne did very well in the leading roles. It goes without saying also that in my humble opinion any time Fred was singing or dancing it was like magic. I also loved the side story of the relationship between Ginger and Fred, I liked the fact she was prentending to be someone she wasn't and he was the only one who knew the truth, because they had been old childhood friends and had always been in love.
Overall it isn't the best musical of its kind, by comparision I don't think it really comes close to some of the others. But if you take it as a film in itself it is enjoyable, and some of the dresses are beautiful - 1930s Paris designs are so elegant!
January 18, 2010
Interesting exercise in ensemble: though the film is clearly an Astaire-Rogers vehicle, the presence of a second romantic couple in Scott and Dunne provides that old comedy-tragedy counterpoint, Astaire and Rogers reprising their comic coupling from Flying Down to Rio. Dunne sings beautifully and hauntingly, especially in Smoke Gets in Your Eye. Rogers' faux French accent is funny enough, though it gets irritating at times. She and Astaire recapture their lighthearted playfulness from Rio, especially in their prelude to the Hard to Handle dance duet where mutual teasing leads to one of their most fun of fun duets. By contrast, their romantic dance duet to a reprise of Smoke Gets in Your Eye is one of their more haunting performances, compounded by Rogers' beautifully simple but lush black dress. The gowns throughout the film, and especially those featured in the fashion show, are quite something to ogle at and provide an interesting case of how trends change over the years; I found myself questioning some of the styling choices, but it was after all the thirties. Overall, an interesting departure from the Astaire-Rogers formula where Astaire must pursue Rogers at length before romance blossoms - indeed, their romance in Roberta is the cycle's easiest, happening rather instantaneously and almost without incident - but nonetheless enjoyable on its own merits.
½ November 3, 2009
all that tap dancing,
all that songs,
September 18, 2009
I found this to be a rather disappointing Fred and Ginger picture. The dancing is great, as usual, and the two have an amazing chemistry that is fun to watch no matter the situation. But I found the plot boring and quite dreary. Fred and Ginger take a backseat here to the less interesting romance of Irene Dunne and Randolph Scott. You know a movie is pretty silly when its main conflict comes from the sale of a controversial dress. The lovers are really torn apart over a dress? Come on! Apart from some inventive dance numbers and some instances of witty dialogue, the film drags and doesn't come close to living up to the magic of some of their other films.
September 4, 2009
This is not one of their best but Fred and Ginger are good when you actually get to see them! And I really like that Irene Dunne plays a character named Stephanie!
August 30, 2009
I found this to be a very entertaining musical with some decent mixture of songs, comedy and romance. There are no less than three leading ladies and they all look good. Two of them are big names: Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers.

There's Fred Astaire in here, too, so I guess we can call this another "Astaire- Rogers film." If so, I think it's one of their best and certainly one of their most underrated. You don't hear much about this movie, and that's unfair.

Rogers and Astaire both have some funny lines in this film and I wish Ginger's role had been bigger. She and Astaire do a couple of tap dance numbers that are excellent - some of their best work together. Dunne's first two songs aren't bad but you have the rest. Her soprano voice almost broke my eardrums, especially with "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."

Randolph Scott, Helen Westley and Claire Dodd also star in this dated-but-generally fun movie.
½ August 28, 2009
Ginger Rogers en contesse polonaises, une maison de couture parisienne, la belle voix d'Irene Dunne, le faux air rustre de Randolph Scott... tout est bien dans ce film malgré quelques longueurs pour les tours de chants d'Irene Dunne.
Les chansons restent dans le tete des jours entiers et les numeros de danse sont un vrai bonheur, dont le dernier: "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes " l'un des meilleurs pas de deux du duo Astaire/Rogers.
Bref, à voir, à voir, et à revoir...
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