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October 10, 2017
This is awesome movie, but this is for Disney fans who like Superheroes and Comic books movies of all time. what I think I LOVE IT
½ September 29, 2017
this deserved more sucess the film is very good
September 23, 2017
It?s brings to me a lovely memory?s
June 14, 2017
Though the Disney charm keeps it from crossing certain lines, The superhero film/period piece is a nod to the original drive-in movie serials in a same way the original comics were. It's real movie magic that it has a way of persuading viewers to suspend their disbelief. Nobody can play a true optimistic Rocketeer than Billy Campbell, and nobody can play a cunning, diabolical villain like Timothy Dalton. Each character, as well the impressive special effects and James Horner's memorable theme, make the film likeable. It's memorably cheesy, but for a movie set in the 1940s, one might argue it's the awesome kind. Joe Johnston directed an impressive bit of fun, which would come to play much later for Captain America's first film outing.
½ May 19, 2017
i really enjoy this movie a lot, def diamond in the rough. i wish it would get more credit. def worth a watch people. enjoy a classic.
March 26, 2017
It's good old fashioned serial matinee fun. A beautiful score, charming performance and at the time, cutting edge special effects, were just a few highlights from this now cult classic. It unfortunately opened to tough competition with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, City Slickers, and Julia Roberts movie that was hot the heels of the massive hit Pretty Woman, this ahead of its time comic book movie should've been a Disney home run. The House of Mouse was reeling a bit during this time as far as Live action went. Beauty and the Beast was its second home run after Little Mermaid, it was the second animated renaissance for Disney and The Rocketeer should've been a franchise. The effects are dated but the rest is not. This is just a wonderful movie that makes me happy all over every time I watch it.
July 15, 2016
What an excellent movie of the last few years
July 11, 2016
Do not believe everything that happens and say the only regular film that you tease, you have to read the graphic novel by Dave Stevens on which it is based is a true work of art in every rule I recommend, because this sappy , loose and predictable adaptation of Disney was just an excuse to repeat the success of "Dick Tracy" and sell toys, but ended up being a failure, nor the luxurious design of the hull, or the brilliant music of James Horner, neither the good visual effects will take advantage of this assembly, not respect entirely the essence of the comic's girlfriend Rocketeer not called Jenny Blake, is called Betty (inspired by the queen of pin-ups 50s Bettie Page), the latter was a character invented to make a children's film when the graphic novel was more mature and brutal, another character invented that does not exist in the comic is Neville Sinclair, an imitation of Errol Flynn who gives life former 007 Timothy Dalton, who actually turns out to be a Nazi spy infiltrated Hollywood to take the rocket-backpack, the giant Lothar was a member of a funfair freaks in which Secord life before being pilot won, here they became another Nazi who works for Sinclair, everything that happens in the movie is a lie Ya'an and read the comic.
½ May 26, 2016
I put this movie on with a friend.I figured I would just laugh at a horrible bit of nostalgia from my childhood. but jokes on me, I really enjoyed it. this movie held up surprisingly well to me. just a fun adventure movie with some good performances from Alan arkin and Timothy Dalton (as a pretty 1940s villain. ) even the flying sequences weren't that bad for their time.
May 22, 2016
A remnant of a remnant of a golden age, 1991's The Rocketeer is a just plain fun reminder of both the golden age of live-action Disney in the early '90s and the pulpy goodness of old Hollywood. The effects hold up, the acting is great, and a former Bond is a Nazi. This movie pretty much has it all and remains fun 20 years later.
½ April 24, 2016
A decent rendition of the themes from comics of that era. It made a few mistakes, but remained an interesting watch.
April 12, 2016
It's a decent comic book based film!
March 13, 2016
so - so. I did not finish it
February 20, 2016
It didn't hit me with as much as I was expecting, although for younger children it would probably be a blast, but I was still entertained.
February 13, 2016
Great film for any age, Disney did a great job.
February 10, 2016
4 ud af 5 zeppelinere. Lige så god i dag, som da jeg tekstede den i 1991. Joe Johnstons filmatisering af Dave Stevens' tegneserie er et vidunderligt action-eventyr fra sluttredivernes Hollywood med masser af sjove inside-referencer for filmnørder.
January 18, 2016
A timeless masterpiece that's full of heart, uniquely stylized and well acted!
½ January 10, 2016
Back in the late 80s/early 90s, there was a game released for the Amiga called 'Rocket Ranger', that was likely based on the pulp fiction serial adventures of the 50s.

The reason I bring that up: because the makers of this film (from 1991) must've at least been aware of the existence of the same sharing, as it does, more than a few similarities. This is set in the late-30s (so pre-war), and tells the story of Cliff Secord, a pilot who finds a one-man jet-pack (later revealed to be invented by, and stolen from, Howard Hughes) hidden in his hanger. The gangsters who stole it, on the orders of Timothy Dalton's screen-star (and secret Nazi spy) Neville Sinclair are soon in pursuit, as are the FBI and Sinclair himself, leading to a show-down on board a German Zeppelin.

Unfortunately, the (pre-Jurassic Park) effects haven't aged all that well. That's a pity for a film that is, essentially, a comic-book movie from back before comic book movies were the 'in' thing! James Horner's musical score, on the other hand, is still pretty catching.
January 9, 2016
You get exactly what you expect...but in the end that's enough to satisfy.
December 20, 2015
soooo underrated this is a classic Disney movie in my opinion love the story and the soundtrack is beyond amazing
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