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See Spot Run has all the elements chidren enjoy in a movie: a lovable dog, bad things happening to stupid adults, and lots of dog poop. For adults, it's either hit-or-miss.



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A police dog finds himself pitted in a battle of wits against an accident-prone mailman and a gang of crooks (and it looks like the dog has the edge in the brains department) in this broad comedy. Agent 11 (Bob) is a bulldog trained by the FBI agent Murdoch (Michael Clarke Duncan) to sniff out drugs, and the dog's keen nose ferrets out the storage facility of Mafia kingpin Sonny (Paul Sorvino); Agent 11 has also been taught to show no mercy with criminals, and he gives Sonny a serious bite in a rather personal place. Needless to say, Sonny is not amused, and wants revenge against the pooch, so Agent 11 is put into the animal equivalent of the witness protection program. However, unlikely circumstances set the dog loose, where he soon pairs up with Gordon (David Arquette), a stunningly inept letter carrier with a long history of fending off ill-tempered pets. Gordon is attempting to impress Stephanie (Leslie Bibb), an attractive single mother, by helping to look after her son James (Angus T. Jones), and when he comes across Agent 11, he adopts the dog and names him Spot, feeling certain he can smooth out the critter's often cranky relationship with people. But Gordon doesn't know that Sonny and his henchmen are hot on Agent 11's trail and that his new best friend will lead a gang of ruthless gangsters into Stephanie and James' home. See Spot Run was originally announced as a vehicle for comedy star Martin Lawrence, but when changes in Lawrence's schedule prevented him from taking on the project, it was retooled for the talents of David Arquette.


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  • Jan 27, 2013
    Harmless fun that's very silly but funny in places, A film for all the family.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • May 14, 2010
    The idea of this movie was good but what really bummed me out was the extreme sillyness of the movie, like in the pet store where the most extreme things happen to the main character (Arquette). Otherwise I liked the story and found it entertaining. This is a nice movie for family entertainment. The movie is about this single guy who babysits his neighbour's little boy, they meet this lost dog (Spot), who in reality is a drug-sniffing dog who has run away. The rightful owner search for the dog and the chase goes one.
    Naughtia N Super Reviewer
  • Apr 09, 2010
    See Spot Run is a silly fun movie starring a fabulous breed of dog - the Bullmastiff who bites off one of the family jewels of a major mob guy. He vows that he will not rest until the dog is dead. The police send the dog to a protective service kennel in Alaska but unfortunately the dog ends up with a complete moron named Gordon and the little boy he's currently babysitting who just so happens be the son of a girl that Gordon is trying to impress. Call me simple minded but I couldn't stop laughing.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Mar 10, 2010
    I grew up on this movie, and I have to admit that this film sure is a fun film! All ages should enjoy this film. I know I do, and I will never stop. To me, this movie can't ever get old. It will always have those few funny moments that will have me laughing!
    KJ P Super Reviewer

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