Aug 20, 2021
By the time the last savage punch is delivered, it's well established that prizefighting, as depicted here, is an extremely sordid business.
Jan 6, 2021
Filmmaker Wise, working from Art Cohn's screenplay, delivers a real-time drama that boasts plenty of appealing, attention-grabbing attributes...
Jul 20, 2020
This boxing and film noir drama, directed by Robert Wise for the RKO, has a few factors that I find interesting, but I don't think it's that great with its plot about the redemption of an unsuccessful boxer. [Full review in Spanish]
Oct 5, 2019
Never before or since has a boxing film so thoroughly depicted the sport's fans as a mob of petty and sadistic louts who want their pound of flesh and nothing less.
Jun 16, 2015
Robert Wise's virtuosically squalid microcosm
May 1, 2006
Its boilerplate fatalism undone by overbearing moralizing and the fact that Ryan's boxer is too one-dimensionally good to register as tragic.
Sep 9, 2005
Jun 30, 2005
May 16, 2005
Jun 20, 2004
Jan 1, 2000
This is one of the top boxing films ever made, along with Raging Bull and Body and Soul.