Seven Psychopaths Reviews

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November 13, 2019
A highly entertaining movie filled with laughs, violence and some wonderful performances.
August 5, 2019
A slick little joy ride that manages to gives us another great incarnation of the one and only Christopher Walken.
July 31, 2019
McDonagh's own script is too clever by half, and so over-torqued in the final act that it loses traction. But getting there is more than half the fun, as we watch the acting-notably the blithe tap-dance of Walken's splendidly off-kilter performance.
February 6, 2019
McDonagh has mostly succeeded in crafting a funny, self-reflexive comedy thriller, yet fails to upturn the male-dominated cult of Hollywood when held under closer scrutiny.
February 1, 2019
The baroque stories-within-stories and irreverent dialogue have been done immeasurably better in the films of Quentin Tarantino.
December 20, 2018
It's pure pleasure -- for both those who like crime capers and those who like mocking them.
December 14, 2018
I can't say this film is as brilliant as it professes to be; however, it is a funny, thought-provoking and oddly entertaining 90 minutes.
November 1, 2018
The film is incredibly quotable and full of memorable moments, making for a script that never stops delivering.
October 31, 2018
Seven Psychopaths is one of those movies that's too cute by half.
October 31, 2018
An underrated gem.
August 27, 2018
It's a film that will leave you puzzled, especially after a rough first half hour, but the more you open your mind to will prove revelatory, entirely engrossing and incredibly funny.
August 23, 2018
Watchable as ever, Walken and Rockwell provide two hilarious performances that should keep the audience entertained.
August 21, 2018
Seven Psychopaths unspools with clever ease and buffoonish charm. It is effortlessly brilliant and always accessible but more important, it slavishly satisfies the first rule of comedy - make 'em laugh.
November 14, 2017
A less successful picture, mostly because it's more concerned with its winking meta-textual framework than the larger humanistic concerns of his other work.
October 25, 2017
Violence may be served up in copious amounts, but McDonagh also creates characters who have no qualms going gently into that good night.
June 10, 2016
McDonagh might have had a minor classic in the tradition of Quentin Tarantino...But by the time the characters head to the desert to pitch a tent and contemplate new screenplay concepts, we've nearly forgotten what the movie is supposed to be about.
April 17, 2016
Although "Psychopaths" is an enjoyably confounding experience, some will be put off by its parade of esoteric ideas. But what a parade it is.
February 26, 2016
Seven Psychopaths may not add up to a whole lot, but McDonagh makes these small-time strivers and hoods fun to be around for a couple of hours.
October 7, 2015
There's never a moment in which "Seven Psychopaths" seems particularly original or inspired.
May 3, 2015
I'm not sure it all hangs together in the end, but McDonagh's grasping at something interesting.
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