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May 7, 2018
I can deal with simplicity, I like it actually. What I cannot stand is stupidity, and this is definitely not a smart movie. Then it becomes weird, which is better then stupid, but not enough to save the film.
I like boobs like the next guy, but you cannot make a movie around them. Or maybe you can, just not like this one.
October 26, 2017
Story about a poor family that has a real cast of characters. All of them are funny and their story is very entertaining. Its about how you can still have love and happiness without money. Very good movie. Alan Arkin is amazing.
September 10, 2017
Good flick. Interesting characters, fun, funny, and fresh indy feel.
June 26, 2015
a hilarious, warm-loving movie about a family that tries to keep it together
traces the family living in the slum areas of Beverly Hills, California along with a funny take on puberty
it's Natasha Lyonne's starring role, she's always been a supporting player in a lot of projects but here she has a chance to show her acting talents
Vivian is growing up and she has to put up with her father played by Alan Arkin trying to still feel young and provide for his children all while moving from place to place
her body is changing, she has new feelings, and she has to stand up on her own
it also doesn't help her screw-up of an aunt played by Marisa Tomei comes in and barely has a clue what to do with herself
the 1976 setting proves to be a clever move on director Tamara Jenkins' part considering drugs and sex surround Vivian at every turn
turns out the real fun isn't outside driving the car in a new place but inside with the ones you love and not knowing where you'll end up next
captures womanhood with glee and humor
½ June 21, 2015
A lot funnier than I remember with a great performance by the whole cast, but specifically Natasha Lyonne and Marisa Tomei.
½ June 19, 2015
Natasha Lyonne is great but this really didn't do a ton for me. Feels very 90's. If you come from a broken or loser family you might enjoy this more.
½ May 25, 2015
There is def something to this movie. It is very real and embarrassingly honest. It is described as a comedy but not really more like quirky with offbeat dark humor. The characters are really interesting particularly the dad, the neighbor boy, Rita and the main girl. I must say I can relate somewhat to this coming of age story with a crazy chaotic family in a well to do area. However at the end of the movie it doesn't leave u with much and the film gets a little bit too dark/twisted by end (incest, fork stabbing) while acting as though nothing happened. The plot just kinda meanders along but it's the characters that keep u intrigued and the unpredictability of where it's going. You can't help but feel bad for the main character/most of her family and this film isn't really an uplifting kind. Even still it shows the power of family as weird and dysfunctional as they may be.
May 11, 2015
After years of catching snippets of this on TV, I finally sat down and watched the whole thing. Great performances across the board and a nice mix of touching and laugh-out-loud funny.
January 13, 2015
I loved this movie.
It has all the makings of a cult classic.....Good actors in a low budget off the wall comedy full of a good performances.
It's about a family who has little money who move from place to place living outside their means in Beverly Hills so their daughter can go to prestigious schools. They have an uncle Mickey a relative who pays their rent to live beyond their means in Beverly Hills and basically what they go through living outside their comfort zone and the things they encounter. You have Vivian played by Marisa tomei who escapes from rehab who is Mickeys daughter. In turn for him paying the family rent they watch after Vivian
Al Arkin plays the father a 65 year old who refuses retirement. It's just fun to see what the family goes through. It's really good comic writing.
½ November 18, 2014
Nice little film, if a little unfocused. Treads a fine line with over the top wantonness out of the good taste's ballpark or just plain silliness, but still at times manages to be genuinely funny. Natasha Lyonne's sizzling hotness in this is undeniable.
September 28, 2014
Honest and wacky story of a family dealing with life's circumstances.
½ August 8, 2014
(First and only viewing - 9/3/2009)
½ March 6, 2014
entertaining and funny.
December 21, 2013
Wanted to catch up on a past performance from Marisa Tomei as the family cousin, but it's Natasha Lyonne's role as Vivian that shines through this movie. Alan Arkin heads this cast as father struggling to make it in the glamour of Beverly Hills. Entertaining supporting cast from Jessica Walter, Mena Suvari, Carl Reiner and Rita Moreno. Typical R rating from the 90's but enjoyable popcorn movie!
December 13, 2013
I enjoyed the movie. Vivian is such a sweet girl full of insecurities. But I felt that it didn't have a proper closure in the end. I mean, Rita seemed to care of Vivian. Nonetheless she left her alone, without a female figure to guide her.
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September 29, 2013
All time favourite. Love this movie, so many funny scenes in it. Natasha Lyonne is just perfect for this role.
Sweet comedy about growing up in the 70's with a bit of bite to it.
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September 4, 2013
Natasha Lyonne has had many indie roles in television and film that are quite interesting, and this has to be one of her most enduring ones to date. This is Lyonne's largest leading role; before she made it into the "American Pie" franchise. This coming of age tale is really quite interesting, not just because of its setting being in the seventies, but because the family featured are great examples of how nuclear families were all but decimated by that time. Their dispassionate feelings towards one another, and their pure dysfunction, are what holds the film together and what yields the more poignant and tender moments onscreen. Alan Arkin, as the philandering father to an apartment full of rowdy kids, is always inhospitable and yet gives a monumental performance. Arkin cements himself, in my eyes, as one of the most underrated and yet talented actors of his time because the role of Murray is so perfect for him. As he shifts between filthy apartments, shuffling his kids around and yet telling them they deserve the finer things in life, we see a man that has all but given up and yet trudges on. Lyonne is also powerfully adept in her role, as she navigates the problems of young adulthood. Though she remains the main fixture of the film, and gives a knockout performance as Vivian, she doesn't overcrowd the film, which also contains many great supporting performances. Marisa Tomei is especially notable as the disillusioned Rita, fresh from rehab and starting her life in Beverly Hills, trying to find the man she left behind. Really the film remains very unsettling throughout, because it shows what it truly means to be poor when everyone around you is perfect. More than that it's what happens when you're not living the life that's always been promised. The complexities of this family are very real and solemn throughout the film, while also being funny at times. This has got to be the best unknown indie film of the nineties, because it seemingly hits every perfect note and yet doesn't even try.
½ August 29, 2013
A very solid and funny coming-of-age story. The cast is great proving funny performances. Natasha Lyonne gives a breakout performance, I liked her in the American Pie movies, she's was one of those "could've been" actresses IMO, she could've been a nice comedic actress but nowadays, shamefully she's not in that many movies. Marisa Tomei is hilarious here, she's such a great versatile actress and such a hottie no matter what age she is, looks like she'll always be such a beauty at any age. Alan Arkin is in fine as usual.

I had a nice time with this movie, I laughed and had a smile throughout
½ August 23, 2013
This movie is predictable at times but Natasha Lyonne and Marisa Tomei are able to hold up this movie! The script wasn't too bad and I loved the comedic moments it had to offer!
August 17, 2013
Really enjoyed this movie its a nice light comedy.
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