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½ September 23, 2018
To give this film one star would be one star to more derserves As a film it would have been a lot better if the Joker had been saved for the next film, the Squad trying to stop Harley Quinn from leaving the Squad and going with the Joker
½ September 23, 2018
I agree with the critic reviews. The cast was amazing with what they were given, but the film is lacking in the script and plot.
September 23, 2018
Avengers works because you know all the characters from previous movies. Suicide squad doesn't work because it try's to emulate what the avengers did, but forgets that you can't introduce 9 new characters in a couple of hours.
½ September 22, 2018
Great movie. Will Smith and Margot Robbie steal the show. The only thing missing was a true happy ending
September 22, 2018
Suicide Squad? is the third film in the current DC cinematic universe and appears to be the second to gain mixed to negative reviews and a high contrast between Fans and Critics respectively. However, as I am both a fan and a critic, what was my take on this film?
First of all, I want to make clear that this film is being judged way too harshly but at the same time the issues it has are troubling! The main problem I and other critics have with both BVS and Suicide Squad is the choppily edited story! The writers have been cramming so much into one film that it's several hours long in its entirety. Because of this, chunks of the film have been cut out. Now I understand Warner Bros and DC want to add fan service, but when that service is not only interfering with the story but taking center stage instead of the story, that's a whopper of a problem!
Now with that pain in the ass out of the way, what the hell did I like? First of all, Harley Quinn Is smoking hot! Second, the performances by everyone in this film are very well done! I had a lot of fun with these characters and hope to see them in other films later on. Furthermore, the art direction of the film is a big improvement over Batman V Superman and actually captured the look of a comic book. that is with the exception of the look of the Joker which is terrible!

Now let's the discuss the outcry of fans against the critics who gave this film a negative review. While I agree that a lot of them scored these film a little harshly, at the end of the day they are entitled to their opinions like the rest of us! and just because Rotten Tomatoes gives it a low score doesn't dictate whether or not it's a good movie or if you'll like it or not, and if in your head it does, that's silly! film criticism is all about expressing different points of view on a piece of cinema, and if we all agreed with each other it would lose what makes it so great, to begin with. So go see the film and if you like it great if not oh well it's not worth exchanging death threats
September 21, 2018
Suicide Squad is saved from a two star disaster by two people - Margot Robbie as Harely Quinn and Jared Leto as The Joker. What this movie SCREAMS is that those two need a stand alone movie to themselves.

Wil Smith phones it in and really, really Wil, ya shouldna shown up.

There are also bizarre ridiculous characters that should have stayed in comic books. Why can't the movies learn that some comic characters are just TOO STUUUUUPID to be put on film and work??

Margo brings the strutting crack-whore bleach blonde psycho with an attitude Tonya Harding to the role and NAILS IT. Outta the park. Much as the immortal Heath Ledger's Joker performance, Margo will always define Harley Quinn now.

Jared Leto comes in with all cards against him. He has to follow on to Heath Ledger's legendary (and I would argue, UN-TOPP-ABLE) performance as Joker in DKR. Not only that, this movie ISNT EVEN ABOUT HIM and they write out most of his good work. He still shows that, left in, he would have stolen the whole show with Margot in tow.

Let's all pray now for a Harley and Joker love story stand-alone!
½ September 20, 2018
Not a bad film, coupled by an awsome soundtrack making it well worth a watch, unfortunately just the once..too much thrown into one film that leaves you wondering what just happened and what was the point? A case of quantity over quality..harley quinn stood out as a very good character But that's all.
½ September 19, 2018
It didn't leave me bored, but it could have been better.
September 17, 2018
This movie would have been so much better if they developed the characters before this movie instead of trying to give a quick on in it. It's watchable for DCEU but not amazing.
½ September 17, 2018
This half star belongs entirely to Robbie and Smith, the only stomach-able contributors to this mess of Axe Body Spray-drenched middle school boy standing in a Hot Topic inside of a Spencer's with his older brother's iPod on shuffle.
Daniel Mumby
Super Reviewer
September 16, 2018
It's increasingly hard to remember a time when every superhero film made wasn't made as part of a wider universe, as instalments in an ever-growing web designed to bring the head-scrambling continuity of comics to the big screen. Even with the enormous success of Christopher Nolan's Gotham trilogy, the modern approach to the comic book blockbuster is for each film to form a mere link in a seemingly infinite chain. Depending on your viewpoint, the consistency present within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is either God's gift to fandom or an accountant's wet dream, with Marvel Films churning out instalments which are marketed to the hilt as big events while essentially telling the same story over and over again.

Suicide Squad is the third instalment of DC's Extended Universe, a.k.a. the biggest and most pointless game of catch-up in cinema history. Following the mixed reception for both Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, this was hyped to the gills as the time when DC would get it right. In hindsight, it's a good thing that Wonder Woman game along the year after to set things on the proper path; while it has much by way of disposable spectacle, it amounts to little more in the end than a disappointing muddle.

Even a relative outsider like myself, whose knowledge of DC Comics comes primarily from film adaptations, can see the potential in Suicide Squad's basic story. There is a rich tradition in Hollywood and trash cinema of a disreputable bunch of heavies - whether criminals, ex-soldiers or anything else - who are sent into the pits of hell to carry out a task that no-one else wants to do. That basic premise has inspired everything from The Dirty Dozen to Escape From New York - not to mention the 1978 revenge film Inglorious Bastards and Quentin Tarantino's similarly titled effort.

While its basic premise may amount to The Dirty Dozen in hot pants, the influence of Tarantino is writ large over Suicide Squad. This is particularly the case during the set-pieces, in which the prevalence of pop music in the soundtrack is combined with dark humour and a devil-may-care approach to violence (albeit framed for a 15 certificate). Sometimes this works rather nicely, such as during Harley Quinn's fight scene in the lift, but a lot of the time the song choices feel all too obvious or the action to accompany them is very routine. For all his faults, Tarantino always had an ear for the disjunct between music and the visual image, and there is nothing in here as witty as the Stealers' Wheel section of Reservoir Dogs.

There are other derivative touches on show as well. Cara Delevigne's performance isn't great by itself; she is visually striking, but doesn't have the deep-rooted charisma needed to wade through the special effects which grow as the film rolls on. The entire climax borrows heavily from the Galadriel scenes in The Fellowship of the Ring and by extension The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The witch's entire appearance is all too close to Cate Blanchett's "drowned elf" look, right down to the distorted voice, and Delevigne's dancing and arm-waving only serves to make the whole thing sillier. As if that wasn't enough, the monsters which serve as the Squad's cannon fodder resemble nothing more than pumped-up versions of the Jagaroth from the celebrated Doctor Who serial City of Death.

If you go into Suicide Squad expecting depth to rival Nolan's Batman films, you will obviously be disappointed. But even setting that aside, it is sad at just how shallow and lacking in motivation the film is. David Ayer's presence behind the camera has been a major talking point; for all the qualities of his previous films, he is essentially a workmanlike gun-for-hire, who occasionally seems lost in the more fantastical elements of the DC universe. The real auteur of this film is executive producer Zack Snyder; the whole project is so caught up in surface and style that it either fails to find time for more or it simply cannot be arsed.

What results from Snyder's presence is a film which loves to focus on the characters' costumes and striking poses, but which is deeply repetitive. This is fine in the first ten minutes or so where the characters are being introduced and the Squad is being assembled; there's a lot of welcome black humour, particularly from a well-cast Margot Robbie, which serves to separate her version of the character from that in Batman: The Animated Series. But this section also illuminates the ongoing double standard regarding costumes in comic book films; while the man are always fully suited and booted, Harley gets relatively little with which to work.

Once the mission starts, the film settles into a very predictable rhythm. It goes as follows: something blows up or attacks, lots of gunfire, then quiet, repeat until they get to the witch. Conceding to formula so easily, without resistance or hesitation, has the effect of halting any real character development; the characters begin as the supposed epitome of bad taste and tough talking, and stay that stand-offish ad nauseum. By the time we get to the bar scene, we're willing them to get on with things so much that we don't really mind whether they grow as people or not, and at the end of the film everything goes (more or less) back to the way things were.

In the face of this boilerplate tedium, you might expect Jared Leto's performance as the Joker to be just the lift that things need. There's no denying that he's visually striking, borrowing heavily from Marilyn Manson with just a touch of Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure. But while he's psychotic enough to be scary and unpredictable, he ultimately lacks the flashes of coherent insight which made Heath Ledger's Joker work. Both incarnations deal in chaos, but one is a dangerous mastermind while the other is a gun-happy playboy.

In the midst of all this mediocrity, there are things about Suicide Squad which are enjoyable. Like the early Harry Potter films, the main saving grace is the cast itself. It's nice to see Will Smith playing against type without making a big deal of it, and Robbie's performance does have a gleeful quality which sets it apart. The rest of the ensemble struggle to get the character development or screentime they deserve, but they all have little moments where they impress.

The film also has a number of moments which are very visually impressive. The best of these is the sequence involving the Joker and Harley kissing in the vat of chemicals as their respective colours blend together. It's a nice, macabre twist on the traditional origin story of the Joker which gets across the characters' insanity but also how much the latter cares for the former (whether it's reciprocated is another matter). There is enough artistry in moments like this and sections of the subway fight to make you wonder why there isn't more of it in the finished film.

Suicide Squad is a disappointment which shows just how far DC has to go to reach either Marvel's consistency or Nolan's brilliance. For all the moments in which it comes together, whether visually or narratively, it's marred by a poor script, derivative aesthetics and a lack of character or soul. As muddled, bombastic, disposable fun, it gets the job done very nicely, but our end reaction is the same as that of Mark Kermode: "Is that the best you can do?".
September 13, 2018
Perfectly fine linking film; liked Margot Robbie and Will Smith
September 13, 2018
Suicide Squad desecho talentos de manera bastante estupida , su construcción es muy floja y triste mente su ejecución es mediocre, realmente muchos personajes se ven bastante flojos y otros como Harley y Floyd que son positivos intentan balancear el film pero se quedan a medias.
September 12, 2018
Dopo tutto l'hype che si era accumulato negli ultimi mesi, devo ammettere che Suicide Squad č stato una vera delusione. La prima parte del film introduce in modo frettoloso i personaggi principali e lo fa con uno stile unico che personalmente ho apprezzato moltissimo. Nonostante questo, la giusta atmosfera creata sfuma in una trama frammentaria, con personaggi scritti male fin dall'inizio e scene d'azione caotiche e disordinate. Non č possibile che nel 2016 ci presentino sequenze d'azione cosě patetiche: tagli di montaggio incalcolabili sfociano in un disordine generale che non ci fa mai capire con chiarezza la dinamica delle azioni. Come Batman v Superman, forse non merita tutte le critiche negative che sta ricevendo, ma a mio parere resta comunque insufficiente.
September 12, 2018
It's not the movie folt that it was shit it's the director
September 10, 2018
A good soundtrack and a good cast can only do so much when the rest is an abomination...
September 6, 2018
Bad in so many ways and packed full of characters with no personality, this film feels like and emotionless boring DCEU cash grab with no structure.
September 6, 2018
This is close to being terrible, but have many saving points. Most notably the scene involving Deadshot (Will Smith) and the revolver. You`ll know what I`m taking about. This film tries to have fun. I liked the quick character personalized tidbits once we meet them. Some good one liners. This is one of those films that you can enjoy. You might need to be in the right mood.
½ September 3, 2018
the editing is horrible. it ruins the pace. there isnt a protagonist. i get that they wanted everyone to feel important. but the way they went about it was horrible. nobody mattered. the entire idea is dumb. why would slipknot harley quinn and boomerang stand a chance against a goddess,
½ September 3, 2018
I liked it a lot but i have always been a bigger fan on DC over Marvel.
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