Jul 7, 2019
A stylish and fun genre throwback that honors the films of the past while crafting a rip-roaring new experience with a gritty and clever verve.
Mar 8, 2018
Everything in "Sukiyaki Western Django" has been said before...
Nov 17, 2017
Pastiche rides the high frontier in "Sukiyaki Western Django", a film that strips the "Kill Bill" model of genre spoof down just to referents, quotes, and iconography, leaving strewn along its path the wreckage a blunt critic might call "the point."
Nov 18, 2011
Nov 17, 2011
Feb 17, 2011
The gimmicky gore fest quickly fell out of favor with me.
Aug 8, 2009
Ultimately not quite as clever as it thinks it is. Even the action sequences are more about Foley than choreography, and so the film largely rests on the oddity of its mix of styles and its parade of genre in-jokes
Mar 22, 2009
Molonoti agono thematika, alla kai aisthitika se megalo bathmo, to ekstremistiko kinimatografiko homage toy Takashi Miike, poy ston aksona toy Yojimbo (1961) pantreyei ta spaghetti toy Leone me ta samurai toy Kurosawa, einai ena diabolemena apolaystiko st
Jan 20, 2009
Miike's 'wild east' take on the western genre is a colourfully violent stand-off of pastiche, politics and punk.
Nov 20, 2008
Sukiyaki Western Django is a singular work of art that both celebrates those disjointed parts and synthesizes them into a strangely cohesive %u2013 and more amazingly, unique whole.
Nov 12, 2008
Although something of a confusing and befuddling mess, Miike's foray into the Western genre, Sukiyaki Western Django is another showcase for his playful and often gory style.
Nov 12, 2008
...everything that was supposed to enliven the picture perfect images just seemed to drag them down with lame dialogue and clichéd action.
Nov 12, 2008
... for all its virtues, Sukiyaki Western Django is a one-gimmick film that eventually wears out its welcome.
Nov 10, 2008
Clever costuming and production design set off an intriguingly off-kilter vision of a tiny western town in a "Nevada" out in the Japanese desert.
Oct 18, 2008
Miike knows how to film cartoonish violence with style, and the sillier the movie becomes in its mayhem, the harder it is to turn away from.
Oct 18, 2008
Oct 3, 2008
As much of a hoot as the movie is, it feels like just an exercise well before it ends.
Oct 2, 2008
Director Takashi Miike's dish of sukiyaki spaghetti ala Sergio Corbucci is badly seasoned with scraps of reservoir dogs.
Sep 19, 2008
Sukiyaki Western Django is Takashi Miike's frantic swirl of a spaghetti western, marrying eastern and western elements in what could be taken as either homage or parody -- or both.
Sep 18, 2008
The chaotic elements never really coalesce into a sensible whole beyond the idea that this is what, at that moment, Miike thought would be really cool...the film is cluttered and not very fun.