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January 1, 2018
Well before 'Stranger Things', JJ Abrams had made this nostalgic ode to the Spielbergian films of the '80s. Super.
½ December 27, 2017
An enjoyable movie but boy has Stranger Things plagiarised this film!!! Suffers a bit in the shadow of Stranger Things (naughty Duffer Borthers) but has a lot of charm and heart. Gets a little to action packed for my tastes but there are worse ways to while away a couple of hours.
½ December 21, 2017
An entertaining movie of two parts that unfortunately don't fit that well together. Much of the movie is a charming and sometimes touching coming of age drama, mildly marred by a bit too much self-conscious Spielberg aping (and what's with the lens flares?). But this superior part sits uncomfortably with, and is eventually overwhelmed by, a more pedestrian and utterly contemporary visual effects heavy monster flick.
December 21, 2017
A new favorite. Really good.
December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Super 8 cuenta con dos nombres en su portada más emocionante que la película en sí. Con un despliegue visual fascinante, no es suficiente para levantar una trama cliché de este género.
November 15, 2017
4/5. A more violent version of E.T., this movie is still a lot of fun and has some really great performances.
½ November 7, 2017
Heartwarming and emotional, Super 8 takes themes like family, friendship, young love, government cover-ups, and amateur film-making, and seamlessly injects them into a monster movie that feels like something from the '80s.
November 6, 2017
J.J. Abrams' writing and direction are excellent, the cast is great, Michael Giacchino's score is wonderful, and the visual effects are incredible.
November 5, 2017
It reminds of the 70's or 80's nostalgia inspired by Spielberg's own early works such as ET and Jaws. Combined with skills of JJ Abrams, it adds the outstanding cinematography to a simple story. This movie probably inspired the works of Stranger Things (similar storyline, and sets in the 80's).
½ November 2, 2017
A solid, nostalgic sci-fi film.
September 27, 2017
Super 8 uses a technique made famous by the mother of all alien films, Alien, and that is never to do a full frontal of the alien, not to zoom in on every fang and all the dripping gore. What you don't see, what your own imagination comes up with, is way scarier than what JJ Abrahams and crew can conjure up. Who can forget the scene in Alien where you see a crew member, and a cat lover at that, being murdered in the reflection of his own cat's eye?

Throw in a tragic back story, a good script, All-American-wholesome-looking actors, Blondie as part of the soundtrack and unbelievable styling and you're done - you're glued to the screen.

In a nutshell
Super 8 is essentially ET with a couple of twists. An alien is on the loose and a couple of kids, some "goodie" adults and some "baddie" adults are in pursuit. And all the alien wants to do is go home! I told you.

Mood of the film
You do sit on the edge of your seat most of the time, but as Stephen Spielberg is involved, you kinda know what to expect around the next corner. You're gonna jump, but not lose control of your bodily functions or run out of the cinema screaming. (Which I nearly did with the awesome No Country for Old Men.)

A few one-liners among the young boys offer some comic relief and Elle Fanning supplies all of the depth.

Best one-liner
This is not really the best one-liner, but it portrays the general gist of the Super 8 teenage banter. The slightly round-figured Charles eats fries ordered by Cary, the smallest amongst them.

Cary: Excuse me, can I have another order of fries? Because my friend here is fat.

Charles: At least I don't need a booster seat.

Best performance
Mark my words, Elle Fanning - yes, younger sister to Dakota - is going places. I have seldom seen such emotional intelligence and presence in a child actor. She steals the film!

Most powerful scene
It is not a monster scene, I will have you know. Alice sneaks into Jo's room at night. They sit on the floor in the dark as the power is out and chat. The power comes on and so does Jo's 8 mm projector. It shows home movies of his mom. He wants to switch it off. She says no. They watch together. Alice reveals something very important to the young Jo and her delivery is mind-blowing.

The story ain't too original. Young boy's mother dies. An alien needs to destroy his hometown before he can bond with his dad. And of course he saves the day and, yes, bonds with his dad.

At least Wikus (D9) went from dorky corporate puppet to desperate half-human, half-alien, to secret army weapon, to brave sole and then lone alien waiting for a better day. Exciting stuff!

What makes the film relevant today?
It is good clean fun for everyone over 13 years old.

Abrahams called the town where the film is set Lillian, after his grandmother.
September 23, 2017
It may have the feel of Steven Spielberg's earlier films. But Super 8 is suspenseful, thrilling and has a surprisingly emotional story and great acting from its leads
½ September 20, 2017
Great visuals, great story and great actors, but disappointing ending.
Super Reviewer
September 19, 2017
A great movie from J.J. Abrams that many people including me think it somehow connects to Cloverfield, The story takes a while to get going but when it does it's full of some great scenes and effects, It does take allot of plot points from other classic sci fi films but it still manages to feel fresh, I don't really like it when the main cast are children as it feels too unrealistic when they escape danger all the time when countless adults die instantly but apart from that it has some great effects and a few little twists that keep it entertaining, It deserves more credit but it will be one of those great films that will be forgotten in time unfortunately.
½ September 10, 2017
Stranger Things : The Movie
½ September 8, 2017
Almost like watching 1985's "The Goonies" or 1982's "E.T." except with a darker tale involving an extra terrestrial that can be quite evil and yet understanding if understood.
½ July 30, 2017
Man, Stranger Things got really dark. Wait a minute, he survived the train wreck! Well that's just not possible.
June 27, 2017
It's like E.T., but with the alien kicking ass and the people being scared. The movie had great effects and a good story.

Stay during the credits for a bonus!
June 23, 2017
This generation's E.T.
½ June 10, 2017
Kinda dull, long winded and takes far too long to get to the point.
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