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February 6, 2018
I loved this way more than I expected to. An excellent little slice of life film about a small-town big fish in a swinging '60s man's world that's just starting to swing out of their grasp as the season, the times and their ages start to creep up on them. It's endlessly fascinating to me that this came out the same year as A Hard Day's Night because in a lot of ways they mirror each other. A Hard Day's Night portrays a rather bubblegum playground for its main men, who can have everything they want and yet the women hold a looming power to shape their worlds - they're only as free as their fans allow them to be. The System is the more kitchen-sink drama where women are hunted, second-class prey. Yet once these women play the game right back, the cracks in the fragile masculine system breaks apart in seconds - it doesn't hold up if nobody believes in it's strength.

Oliver Reed makes the entire film as Tinker, the charming rogue of the beach. He's masterful as the ringleader of a group of guys who all playfully-aggressively pursue women so that they can check off notches in their bedposts. Reed owns every inch of the screen through his expressions and movements - his insincere smiles, sarcastic quips, lecherous stares, masculine prowl, and his scuffles with his fists or with tennis rackets. But also through his heart-on-his-sleeve honesty and his double-blind vulnerability. There's so much going on in Reed's character it's astounding for a movie that's essentially about picking up girls.

He's a perfect portrait of the Stockholm Syndrome cage of masculinity. He's boxed himself in so tightly that he has no where to go but brag about how great it is to be so trapped. He's like the guy who can barely pay rent but boasts about how many strippers he's put through college. But he's strong and he's attractive, men and women can't seem to help but fall for the charade.

I also loved Jane Merrow as the unattainable rich girl Nicola who's better at Tinker's System than he is. She's mesmerizing to watch as she moves coolly though both her high brow and the low brow worlds, while still managing to come out on top and wholly herself - probably the best gift money could buy women in the '60s. There's also Barbara Ferris who has a heartbreaking drunk monologue wondering why men are only interested in sex when all she wants is to be loved. It makes you really empathize with why women latched on to the 'dream' of pregnancy at the time; somebody to love you without objectifying you.

Last but not least there's the engaging and beautiful cinematography by Nicholas Roeg. A mixture of the handheld man-on-the-street documentary style, with beautifully crafted fashion magazine-worthy shots. Everybody in this movie is beautiful, it's that summer beach dream. Between that, the fun music video style editing, and a perfect pop soundtrack from The Searchers, this is really a mid '60s gem.
September 25, 2016
Offbeat to begin with, it slowly becomes a conventional relationship story that actually mirrors the transition in the main character from a player to something else.
½ April 25, 2015
Kind of the British version of a teen film like "Where the Girls Are" crossed with Nicholas Ray. Michael Winner directs Oliver Reed and his Jersey Shore-like pals chasing rich girls in at a seaside vacation spot. The film is a lot edgier and more sexually overt than American teen films of the same time and that's what makes this film interesting. While Reed and his cad friends initially come to the resort town looking to have their way with tourist girls, the film takes an interesting turn when Reed comes to realize that it's them and not the rich tourists who are being exploited. It was also kind of interesting to see Reed as a roguishly handsome young man, as opposed to the large imposing Orson Welles-like figure I'm more used to seeing him as.
April 12, 2015
good UK 'angry young men" pic
March 3, 2009
It's that rare beast, a good Michael Winner movie! Oliver Reed heads a strong cast and Darlington gets a mention!
August 24, 2008
I absolutely adored this film and never imagine that I could enjoy an Oliver Reed performance more than that in Women in Love. The whole tempo if this film fits me like a glove.
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