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December 5, 2016
I've come to realize that this movie is more than the sum of its parts. My issues with the back-heavy structure are outweighed by the excellence of everything else. It's truly an anomaly of film culture, an island of greatness in a sea of generic comic book movies.
December 4, 2016
The Dark Knight is the second installment of Nolans Batman movies, and has been universally praised. I will go ahead and say that The Dark Knight is the best movie ever made. I absolutely love everything about this film, the acting is amazing, Heath Ledger absolutely tears the screen in half in his role, upending amazing performances by Cristina Bale and Aaron Eckharts best acting performance in his lifetime so far in my opinion. The film isn't so much an action movie as it is a drama, a crime drama more specifically, with some amazing action scenes. Nolan moves the camera in such great ways that the camerawork alone is what makes some of the scenes, combined with Ledgers Joker in the same scene, it's about as great as one can imagine a Nolan movie being. There are so many different themes in this film, and they all are fully realized and make the movie even better because of it. Great dialogue is in here as well, this is especially obvious in the interrogation scene with the Joker and Batman in a battle of wits, which arguably is more fascinating than their physical combat that is in the final scenes. It will always be a tragedy that Ledger died shortly after this movie was shot, only leaving audiences to imagine what could have been if he was available for more films. The Dark Knight is truly the best film ever made, and will stand as a pillar of greatness forever in cinema
December 3, 2016
possibly the best movie i have ever seen
December 2, 2016
The Dark Knight classically dramatizes the superhero Batman to offer a tragedy and sacrificial story centered on some of the deepest philosophical themes ever seen in an action film. Juxtaposing Batman and the Joker provides a venue for scrutinizing the facets of philosophical thought and social norms that make up society and keep it running. So much to look into here.
½ December 2, 2016
This without a good movie, but the is I don't like how serious this movie is.
November 29, 2016
I'm not a Batman fan, but Heath Ledger's Joker is so incredible - some of the best acting I've ever seen.
November 27, 2016
The Dark Knight is a masterpiece thanks in large part to the great direction of Christopher Nolan, a thrilling story, and great performances, most notably by the late Heath Ledger as the Joker.
November 27, 2016
the joker's performance was just unbelievable
November 20, 2016
best movie in the history
½ November 19, 2016
The BEST DC film since the original Superman films, The Dark Knight surprisgly blends in seriousness, a good plot, great screen adaptations of the Joker and Two-Face, and of couse BATMAN! This was the closest trilogy that DC got to rival Marvel in the cinema world!
½ November 19, 2016
More of a spiderman guy. but this was sweet
November 12, 2016
this is questionably the greatest superhero movie ever made. the acting, dialogue, characters, and costume design feel real. this is one of my favorite movies and I"m not even a superhero fanatic. in fact, I really hate superhero movies most of the time. the action scenes and camera work in this movie are so well made that they also feel real. not like something crazy like "wow, batman punched superman through a wall, isn't that neat". the joker in the dark knight is probably the best on-screen, live-action joker they could have pulled off. R.I.P. Heath Ledger.

Owens grade: A+
November 10, 2016
The Direction Of The Movie Is Totally Innovative,The Screenplay Was Like A Non-Linear Video Game,And The Performance Of Heath Ledger As The Joker Is Nothing But A Masterpiece
November 9, 2016
This movie is simply amazing. Heath Ledger is just amazing. Another masterpiece by Nolan.
November 8, 2016
the finest superhero film and some of the best acting I have seen(Heath Ledger)
November 7, 2016
The sequel to Batman Begins redefines sequels in a whole new way and, despite the minor cast switch from its predecessor, The Dark Knight incorporates even more of what we know and love from the comics to create the best superhero motion picture yet that will not be forgotten anytime in the unforseeable future of the unforseeable future. Simply put, this is a masterpiece, led by legendary Christian Bale, the visionary directing of Christopher Nolan, and the infinitely Oscar-worthy performance by Heath Ledger of the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker.
November 7, 2016
Heath Ledger aced it as the Joker! Trust me, you have to see this movie!
November 7, 2016
This is what an action movie should be. The story is great, the characters are great and the action scenes are great. The main reason many people love this movie over other action movie classics is hands down Heath Ledger's Joker and rightfully so. His character is menacing, and funny at the same time. He does psychotic things and has no clear backstory, but you still believe why he is doing the horrible things. Heath Ledger's acting makes the character even more timeless.
This however does not mean Heath overshadowes the rest of the cast. Christian Bale's Batman is great, because it isn't just a superhero, it is a symbol. This makes Bruce Wayne's character also much more hearth and makes his motivations more believable. The over the top Batman voice did not even throw me off guard, because I was so invested in the character.
The side characters are also great. Aron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and Michael Caine are the stand-outs for me. They gave me the versions of their character I always wanted to see on the big screen.
Maggie Gyllenhall is also a great replacement for Katie Holmes, she gives a lot (and I mean a lot) more dept to her lines than Katie did in the first movie. Her character has also a lot more to do in this movie.
The action is also top notch. The motorcycle chase scene was breathtaking. And a lot of the stunds become an inspiration for future movie to come.
All in all this might be not only the best comic book movie ever made, this might actually be one of the best action movies period.
November 7, 2016
For continuity you wish Holmes was in still apart of the franchise, but this movie has so many great performances in it you don't even notice.
November 6, 2016
The Dark Knight (2008)
I realise the enjoyment that can be found in watching The Avengers team up for the first time and RDJ find his footing again in a fun summer blockbuster but this is the best comic book movie ever made.
Yet this movie is one of the best moves ever made! Heath Ledger works magic in this film, Bale returns as my favourite Batman/Bruce Wayne, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman and Maggie Gyllenhaal all turn in performances that only feather the true epicenes of this movie.
But Heath Ledger though...
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