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½ April 22, 2018
The Darkest Hour is a cheesy, nonsensical alien invasion flick...that I had a lot of fun watching. It's like what would happen if you made a bargain bin version of Independence Day set in Moscow, stole the aliens from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, sprinkled some Ghostbusters (Old school 80's films, not the shitty 2016 film), and the mixed it with a dystopian sci-fi flick. It's an odd blend, but I found it to be a fun guilty pleasure with plenty of over the top action, goofy acting, campy dramatic moments, and a handful of interesting ideas. If you're up for some cheesy popcorn entertainment,The Darkest Hour will scratch that itch.
November 28, 2017
I really liked this movie. There are some bad things I can say about it (see below), but overall it was a solid sci-fi action film. The concept was interesting, different, and left me wanting more. I liked the graphics, and it did not rely too much on them to tell the story; although it seemed at first a bit of a cop-out to make the bad guys invisible, I was pleased in the end as this helped add to the suspense without making it an overly suspenseful movie.

This is like a really, really good B movie. I will watch it again, and I hope there is a sequel.

I did not like the music at the beginning, but in a way I think this was the point of the movie: At the beginning, everyone is wrapped up in the post-post-modern world of phones, apps, clubs and international business, and the ugliness inherent in this was well reflected in the music. However, as the movie progressed (spoilers), the loss of power and population made the phones and apps worthless and this brought the relationships more into focus. More time could have been spent looking at this in the movie, but I am glad they did not dwell on it too much. The worthlessness of the Moscow shopping districts was shown well when the main characters take new clothes to replace their clubbing attire, and the need for style is replaced by a need for warmth. Finally, when they regain access to their phones at the end of the movie, the most important app is the simple text message function, reminding us that the most important relationships are the ones we work to protect rather than the business relationships or traveller apps we see at the beginning of the movie.
November 18, 2017
a simply truth movie that is lost on many
½ June 20, 2017
The Darkest hour has great thrilling scenes, we have no doubt about that, the problem is in the script. Its screenplay is awful, this movie is full of plot holes like: "in the bus how can he destroy an alien throwing a rock against him?" and in that scene when all of them fall into the river how the survival girl teleports from there to the bus?". By the way the visual effects could have been better then they were, and the soundtrack wasn't on point too.
½ June 10, 2017
Genius idea, not enough budget, a lot of fun and well worth a watch.
June 2, 2017
It was a beautiful remake. I loved the animated original, and this one definitely stands the test of time. Emma Watson is amazing playing Belle.
½ February 20, 2017
It was okay. Watchable but not particularly exciting. Some interesting ideas and some of the FX were good (some were pretty awful though).
February 3, 2017
Very thrilling with a light indicator, but its ending was too simple
January 24, 2017
When the electric mist from the sky struck down.

This film came five years ago, but I watched it now. A US-Russian collaboration product that's entirely takes place in Moscow. This is an alien invasion theme, but slightly different than those similar films. It never gives the reason, just the destructions like apocalypse on its way. That means it is about the survival. A group of Americans who are in the Moscow for different reasons joins the hands after people started to turn into ashes with the contact of the strange electric mist that came from the sky. So what's their plan now and whether they get out of it safely or not focused on the remaining film.

Surely some people would enjoy it. It's not all bad if you are not expecting a masterpiece. I should have seen it in digital 3D for a better experience, even the normal watch is not that bad. The turns in the story were unpredictable, particularly the film characters, but the twist wasn't. They kept the open ending, and you know why is that. I liked the performances, not individually, but the overall everyone, including the Russians.

The film was also shorter, which means fast moving tale. The graphics were okay, especially those electric mist thing, but disappointed for not show the aliens other than for fractions of seconds during the fightbacks. Despite enjoyed watching it, I'm not in favour of it, because it's just one of those films that falls in the average category where the majority of those who watched it not happy for not detailing everything in the film.

January 13, 2017
2017-01-13 watched fir second time. Still 2*
½ January 13, 2017
Il be honest it was bad.
December 18, 2016
Great concept, poorly made and delivered. Shit acting. Don't bother.
December 12, 2016
was expecting so much more from this one... it ultimately falls flat. the special effects are cheesy. the acting is so so except for emile hirsch.... he is the only one putting any effort in. it plays out like a syfy channel b-movie but considering it was a Hollywood done movie it never should of been greenlit!
November 4, 2016
I actually really liked this movie. I don't really see some of the other reviews points, i think it had a cool concept, and i've been wanting a sequl, even though i don't think thats going to happen.
Super Reviewer
August 1, 2016
After all the negative comments I was expecting a disaster but I was pleasantly suprised, The story kicks in right away and was kind of different, The effects were pretty good, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, Ok the aliens looked like something from PS1's Doom and the acting wasn't the best but on the whole a not bad alien invasion film that just needed a kick up arse to get it going in the action parts.
½ July 25, 2016
This is one but a shitty movie to enjoy.
But Come On!!! It Can't Be 12%, It most definitely can't be Batman And Robin Bad, Just, Come on!

It is Far More Exciting than i expected and i didn't wanna miss this one.

Score: 6.5/10
½ July 17, 2016
"We'll have an alien invasion in Russia!"
"Wow, so there'll be crazy badass Russians fighting them and being crazy badass Russians??"
"No. Whiny privileged American exchange students. Because 'Murica."
"So why set it in Russia?"
May 21, 2016
Saw this years ago, what I recall is it being OK
January 14, 2016
Good movie! But it has the same old fashion alien story line but in a different context!
September 16, 2015
It was ok, there were a few tense scenes but nothing that could catagorize this movie as a thriller, suspense, or horror. I found the acting to be completely unbelievable at first but as people begin to die off the mediocre acting gets overshadowed by the several very strange groups of survivors they run across, each with their own theory and homemade weapons that tend to malfunction more than they actually work. However, the one's lucky enough to survive are actually planning to use these makeshift weapons to declare was on millions of invisible aliens... yea, ok.. Hopefully they will not make it back to the US so that wemkokudon't have tttto bec
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