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November 13, 2018
The Hunger Games, a dystopian action/adventure film by Suzanne Collins, is about a girl's fight to survive the government's death games. The protagonist, a teenage girl named Katniss who struggles in part poor of the society with a wealthy government, must survive a pawn game that the wealthy government of "Panem" forced onto the districts of the society. While in the middle of fighting, destruction, she realizes the only thing that will allow her to survive the senselessness, is love. The Hunger Games is a cinematic, action-packed, engaging movie with many hidden love stories.

The Hunger Games were created by the Capitol to show the people of Panem who was really in charge and to stop the rebellion. The 12 districts surrounding the capitol of Panem were not only living in poor conditions with no aid, but also were required to send people to participate in the games. A boy and a girl from each district compete to the death, and if two people didn't volunteer, they would pick randomly. On the day of the choosing, the person who pulled the tributes, Effie, choose Prim (Katniss's little sister). To save her innocent sister from the games, Katniss volunteers not thinking about her life at stake.

The other tribute was Peeta, a boy who loved Katniss but wasn't loved back, who spent the pre-games helping Katniss. During the games, Peeta joined the powerful group of fighters to survive; while Katniss remained the targeted loner. Throughout the Hunger Games, she used her hunting skills to survive and lasted a long time before meeting up with Peeta again. They realized the only way to survive and to get the capitol's support is to fake their love and care for each other; through fan support this later caused the capitol to make a rule saying if both tributes from the same district survived, there could be two winners. While Peeta was her fake love, there was also a connection between Gayle (Katniss's close friend from district 12 that would do anything for her) and Katniss, which made the movie have multiple love stories woven into it. In the end, they worked together to survive and to defend themselves from the strongest tributes, until it was only them left. But the capitol, sly and untrusting, changed back to the old rules and forced the "lovers" to fight themselves to the death. Instead, they were just going to poison themselves at the same time; if they both can't win then there is no point in both of them living. The capitol stopped the madness before it happens in fear of how the citizens will react.

The movie was very cinematic and thought-through; there didn't need to be a lot of dialogue but scenes of the society and the actor's actions. There was also plenty of fight scenes and action for viewers that a thrilling action movie. It was so engaging and left you on the edge of your seat because each character had a strong desire and will to live. But what I think made the movie so appealing was the government's part, it seemed like it was related to the reconstruction time in our country after the civil war and showed different people oppressed by different things. The government oppressed the districts and did no like to spread hope and rebellion. Even within the capital, it restricted the citizen's knowledge and understanding of how the other districts lived. The movie seemed to have multiple messages that made it so relatable and inspiring.

The Hunger Games, while slightly brushing up on hidden love stories, is engaging, cinematic and action-packed. I recommend it, just by its ability to capture the audience's perspective and emotions to be empathetic for the storyline. It can be fantasy, love story and historical fiction, which makes it so appealing to different types of audiences.
November 13, 2018
The Hunger Games directed Gary Ross is a film placed in the leftovers of what once was America. The nation is made up of 12 districts with one overruling power known as the Capital. The Capital runs an annual event known as the "Hunger Games," in which all 12 districts must send in two tributes, one being female and one is male. The two are chosen in the center of each district through an anonymous name drawing event. The main character is a teenager named Katniss Everdeen who lives in the twelfth district. During the name drawing her sister's name was drawn and Katniss bravely took her place. The Hunger Games is a powerful film showing the importance of friends and family in life.

Katniss lives in a small town called Panem with her mother and her sister. She has a boyfriend named Gale who she spends most of her time with because she is poor and doesn't have much except a passionate love for Archery. Katniss lives in the twelfth district where the business is in Mining, specifically coal mining. However, Katniss and many others are rebels against the Capital, and they only support freedom and strive for a world without hierarchy.

As soon as Katniss had the choice of her little sister going to the Hunger Games or herself, Katniss had to choose herself because she could not let her sister go to die. The Hunger Games is an event in a closed arena that consists of 24 tributes all fighting to be the last one standing. Inside the arena, there is a variety of weapons and traps at the cornucopia that can be used as soon as the game begins. The weapons include knives, spears, archery kits, axes, and bats. The other items in the cornucopia are trip-mines and landmines, but the most valuable piece in the center is a bag with district numbers on them that include food, water, rope, and most importantly what the tribute specializes in.

Katniss when into the game feeling nervous and confident she might die. However, this was not the case because throughout the game she made friends that helped her live through the horror of the games. There was a young girl named Rue who stuck with Katniss all game until she was hit in the chest with a spear, her death was a monumental moment in the movie because this is where Katniss's deep hatred for the Capital started. Also, Katniss wore a Mockingjay medallion in the games because a lady made it in Panem, this medallion became the symbol for rebellion after Katniss won the hearts of many district spectators who watched what all she did for Rue.

After the games were over, a mass rebellion through all districts started through slim hope and hate for the Capital. This shows that one act can cause a chain reaction upon many others. Now the Mockingjay medallion that was worn is a sign for hope and freedom and rebellion.

Gary Ross magnificently showed love for others and hate for authority all in one inspiring film. The Hunger Games is recommended for adolescents because of its memorable impact on the viewer and because it shows the importance of caring for others.
November 13, 2018
A Bond That Doesn't Break
Movie Review of The Hunger Games

In the movie The Hunger Games, Katniss, the main character, has many strong bonds with her family and her partner, Peeta. The movie is set in a dystopian country of Panem dispursed into thirteen districts and the capitol. Every year, there is a game, the hunger games. The game is a survival game that takes one boy and one girl from each district, and the players fight until the last person standing. You can have alliances and work together to win the game. Katniss and Peeta, from district twelve, achieve a strong alliance and gain the views of many people watching the games, so they receive sponsors, people that can help out the players by dropping in essentials to help them survive. In The Hunger Games, special relationships can help each other reach a goal easier and stronger, and this could relate to the real world in wars because allied countries that work together can help win the war.
In the movie, Katniss and Peeta gain a strong bond the help them succeed in the games. In the beginning, before the reaping or drawing for the players to be picked to go to the games, Peeta and Katniss had a meeting where Peeta gave Katniss bread that was meant to feed the pigs. After this moment, Peeta has liked Katniss ever since. This helped create the bond between the two. Despite this moment, up until the games, the two did not have the best relationship. At the start of the game, the two were split up, but right after the announcement that was made to say that there could be two victors if they were from the same district, they found each other. Once they saw each other, there was a problem. A sword slashed Peeta on the thigh, and the pain made him very slow and weak, so without his bond with Katniss, the game and his life would have been over for him. Later on, Katniss would go and get healing cream, get back to Peeta, and heal him before the next day. After that day, there were only three players in total left in the game. The set out for the cornucopia; the starting point will all of the resources. On the way, they had to work together to fight off three vicious killing dogs. They managed to get to the cornucopia and fight the last man left, and they succeeded because they had such a great bond and worked well together.
In the movie, Katniss and Peetaï¿ 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2(TM)s relationship could relate to the real world by actual alliances between countries help each other out to win the wars. In the revolutionary war, Katniss and Peetaï¿ 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2(TM)s relationship is like the rebels and France. In Yorktown, the French closed the British in so they could not leave by boat. If they were not there, the British could have escaped and maybe could have even won the war. This is like Katniss and Peeta because they would not have won the game if they had not worked together. The relationship between France and America is still present today.
The movie is very intriguing, and it showed many relationships and how powerful they can be. The movie has some advanced topics, and eighth graders should watch it because the themes are hard to comprehend. I give the film a four out of five stars because the movie was hard to follow at times, but the overall topics were intriguing, and it was an enjoyment to watch.
November 12, 2018
Times In Districts
Movie Review of The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross
The movie The Hunger Games is a young adult film set in a dystopian universe directed by Gary Ross. The movie showed what it was like to live in a world that was driven by the government and not society. The main character in this book is a girl named Katniss Everdeen who goes to fight in the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger games are games where two people from each 12 districts (one boy and one girl) battle it out to death to see which district is the strongest. The movie goes on to show how to fight in the games. Does Katniss survive and make it out of the Hunger Games?
Originally there were 13 districts, but district 13 rebelled against the capitol and got destroyed. Katniss lives in District 12 which is the poorest most dangerous district. When Katniss and her family went to the drawing of which people were being picked for the games, Katniss's sister was chosen. Katniss didn't want her sister in the Hunger Games, so she volunteered instead of her. Her and a boy named Peeta Mellark were chosen, and they started training for the games.
Ross showed how Katniss and Peeta got ready for the games, and what their training for it was like. Also, he showed how Katniss and Peeta were going through the games and making it out alive each day. The movie also showed how Peeta and Katniss worked together after a while of not wanting to.
The Hunger Games was a long movie, but very entertaining, an full of excitement. The movie showed what a dystopian universe would look like and how it would function in society. Overall, the movie was made with lots of thoughts and details, and taught many lessons. So, did Katniss and Peeta survive the Hunger Games, you will have to watch the movie to find out?
November 4, 2018
A Real Killer
The Hunger Games: A movie adaptation of the book by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games, directed by Garry Ross, is a movie adaptation of the book, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins. The main character and protagonist Katniss Everdeen is thrown into a bloodbath between 24 teenagers where she is not only learning things the hard way, but she is maturing enough to preserve her life. While The Hunger Games shines a critical light on violence, it can also teach young adults that killing and violence can be fun, a growing problem in today's society.

The film is set in a postbellum world where the United States of America is now Panem, a country divided into 12 districts. Panem is controlled by a single president living within the nation's capital, safe from starvation and suffering, unlike the twelve districts. In district 12, Katniss's home, death by starvation was not uncommon, unlike death by old age which was saved for only the mayor and his wealthy family.

To control the districts from another uprising, Panem holds an annual Hunger Games, a competition where two tributes from each district to compete in a fight to the death where only one tribute wins, gaining honor for their district, everlasting riches, and a house in the Victors Village.

Katniss volunteers to participate in the games to save her 12-year-old sister from fighting. She shows many signs of disgust towards the government and the Hunger Games (i.e., in the opening of the movie where she and her friend Gale can be seen jeering at the government). This shows how wrong violence can be. The movie also shows the viewers the emotional trauma violence can cause people (i.e., when Katniss is inside the games she breaks down many times crying and wishing she were dead).

While Katniss openly detests killing and violence during the movie, some of the other tributes can be seen doing the opposite. The career tributes, tributes who have been trained their whole lives to win the games can be seen joking about killing and even argue about who should get the chance to kill another tribute.

In the 2-hour and 22-minute long movie, the director and actors are able to convey the cons of violence while accidentally conveying that violence can be fun at the same time. The Hunger Games is a fun and entertaining movie that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who likes action and romance movies, although it could be drastically improved to be an appropriate movie with a better message to adolescents.
November 3, 2018
The cinematography was very well done and creative, they chose good actors the ending was wrapped up in a neat little now that didn't leave me questioning things. I really like how each actor brought something unique the their characters that brought them from well rounded 2D characters to in depth 3D characters that you can relate to, making them feel human. Also, the miro emotions that make a scene worth rewatching is key, I was hooked. I had more attachments to the characters then I normally would had there not been those small pockets of quiet where you have to turn up the volume to understand what they are saying. It engaged me, made me think about what it would be like if that was us.
½ October 24, 2018
I'm not a fan of the book, but the movie captures it quite well. Makes it a bit more tolerable, actually.
October 20, 2018
The Hunger Games is the best YA movie to date, its powerful messages and exciting story line makes it a worth-while watch.
October 18, 2018
Strong performances and faith to the source material allow The Hunger Games to display the violence and social commentary the original book thrived off of.
½ October 17, 2018
The Hunger Games, a movie adaptation of the book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins and is an action-packed movie that follows Katniss Everdeen as they aim to kill all others in the way of them and freedom, even if it means one another. Katniss learns that saving friends and family comes at a cost. She is not only learning things the hard way, but she is maturing enough to possibly preserve her life. The Hunger Games is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the Divergent movies, the Maze Runner movies, and over-all action-packed but romantic movies.
In the opening, a fighting Katniss Everdeen is seen making jokes at the government's expense, which could earn her a death sentence, but on reaping day, it could earn her a one-way ticket to The Hunger Games. Katniss lives in Panem, a supposedly perfect and peaceful country, saved from total inhalation by the government. Although life is supposed to be perfect, Katniss and the people of district 12 live a life full of hunger, thirst, and coal dust. It is there that there is an annual reaping for the male and female tributes to take part in the hunger games, a gruesome battle to the death until only one remains. When Katniss's little sister is chosen she makes the split-second decision to volunteer to save her sister; a decision that will change her life forever.
Katniss and the other tribute, Peeta Mellark, from district 12 travel into the nation's capital, where the capital's citizens live like kings and queens. The pair are trained to kill for the entertainment of the nation.
As the two are let into the games, their friendship depletes, and Katniss is again left alone to fend for herself. It is around here where she realizes that she is just a "Pawn in the Capitals games." She detests that her future is based on whether or not she can get the wealthy sponsors of the Capital to like her and pay to keep her alive.
In the 2-hour and 22-minute long movie, the director and actors are able to convey such an important message to the viewers; that oppression of any kind is wrong and can be overcome by those who attempt and have hope.
Through all of the hard times that Katniss is forced to face, she matures and learns to cherish family around her because one day they're there and the next they could be gone, and in this way The Hunger Games is different from other books and movies set in a future world in which the worst has happened.
October 12, 2018
AMAZING! One of the best movies ever made. A must-see!
September 29, 2018
Best movie ever MUST WATCH!!!
September 19, 2018
Con inponencia Gary Ross vende este concepto filmico de adaptación de libros de adolescentes con una historia fresca y bastante enganchante, personajes sólidos y conceptos distintos, una ejecución bien construida es lo que logra este film ,la conexión entre personajes logra cautivar de manera acertada a un publico en general,Su propuesta sonora es bastante buena y en lo personal logra ser lo mas llamativo de este film.
½ August 30, 2018
Very good movie! With good actors
August 27, 2018
A dystopian drama that makes you think, but also appreciate the characters that inhabit it, The Hunger Games balances lavish, vivid set pieces with tense violence.
August 18, 2018
Never read the books, but this movie delivers on all counts, creating a believable dystopian world that somehow reinforces the power of the human spirit. Jennifer Lawrence in incredible, as are Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth, and Elizabeth Banks. Donald Sutherland plays the perfect foil, and Stanley Tucci as Caesar deserves a big shout out. This is one of those movies that when it appears on Sunday afternoon rerun networks I'd watch again and again.
½ August 11, 2018
This movie is rotated completely around teens killing each other. What a nice movie.
August 11, 2018
Not as good as the book, but worth a watch.
½ August 9, 2018
over all not a bad movie. great plot, good characters. everything you want in a movie .however there are a few thing i did not like about thing i did not like about the movie is there was a lot in the book that was left out. from quotes to an entire character, a lot was left out.another thing wrong with the movie is it does not have a lot violence for a movie about kids killing each other its somewhat tame. the last thing i did not like about the movie is the cgi/special effects were not the best.
½ July 7, 2018
A good and original movie, with a universe that feels unique and like lions gate put care into making this a flawless universe. With drama after a civil war and a country that is divided.
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