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½ February 11, 2019
Times In Districts
Movie Review of The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross
The movie The Hunger Games is a young adult film set in a dystopian universe directed by Gary Ross. The movie showed what it was like to live in a world that was driven by the government and not society. The main character in this book is a girl named Katniss Everdeen who goes to fight in the annual Hunger Games. The Hunger games are games where two people from each 12 districts (one boy and one girl) battle it out to death to see which district is the strongest. The movie goes on to show how to fight in the games. Does Katniss survive and make it out of the Hunger Games?
Originally there were 13 districts, but district 13 rebelled against the capitol and got destroyed. Katniss lives in District 12 which is the poorest most dangerous district. When Katniss and her family went to the drawing of which people were being picked for the games, Katniss's sister was chosen. Katniss didn't want her sister in the Hunger Games, so she volunteered instead of her. Her and a boy named Peeta Mellark were chosen, and they started training for the games.
Ross showed how Katniss and Peeta got ready for the games, and what their training for it was like. Also, he showed how Katniss and Peeta were going through the games and making it out alive each day. The movie also showed how Peeta and Katniss worked together after a while of not wanting to.
The Hunger Games was a long movie, but very entertaining, an full of excitement. The movie showed what a dystopian universe would look like and how it would function in society. Overall, the movie was made with lots of thoughts and details, and taught many lessons. So, did Katniss and Peeta survive the Hunger Games, you will have to watch the movie to find out?
February 7, 2019
The Hunger Games was a very good movie. I personally think that it was definitely the best out of all of the other Hunger Game movies. It was very exciting and thrilling. Throughout the movie you almost feel like you are connected with the characters throughout the entire thing. Which I believe made the movie even more enjoyable. Overall it had a very enjoyable story line that kept you engaged throughout the whole movie.
In The Hunger Games the rich people in the Capitol almost control everything. They all get whatever they want when they want it. But as far as the poorer people go they are not as lucky. They are all divided into different districts. In each district, the rich people from the Capitol choose randomly a boy and a girl from each district to fight against the other people in the districts. Then whoever is the last person alive is the winner of the Hunger Games. But when Katniss and Peeta both got pulled for the Hunger Games, they changed the rules forever in the Hunger Games.
I believe that if you are a person that enjoys action type movies, this would definitely be a movie for you. It is the type of movie you could easily watch over and over again and not get bored of because it is so exciting. The Hunger Games was a movie made to entertain people and kind of show what the creator thought could possibly happen in the future. So in a way the Hunger Games is kind of a futuristic movie. Overall this is a very great movie that is definitely worth watching. I would absolutely recommend this movie to others.
February 1, 2019
the only word i can say about this film is that the great acting from the actors makes you to believing that this film is a true story
January 28, 2019
fav movie of all time!
January 27, 2019
Terrible shaky-cam, but the characters and sets are so great that you don't even notice anymore.
January 9, 2019
The first chapter of one of the best live adaptations of a novel series!
½ January 5, 2019
Great story, great visual, good acting
January 3, 2019
The Hunger Games: Fight Strong, Live Long
The Hunger Games by Gary Ross
Can you imagine living in a world where killing is the answer? The Hunger Games, directed by Gary Ross, is based on the dystopian novel written by Suzanne Collins. Throughout the movie, viewers live the life of protagonist st, Katniss Everdeen, as she fights many battles including saving her sister Prim, surviving in the arena, and ultimately, to overthrow the government. The movies casting, plot, and production promote a film that continues to satisfy viewers.
The Hunger Games is an exceptional film, consisting of intriguing characters, an excellent plot, and much more. This movie stays true to the book, which is quite rare to find in many of today's films. This film also has an intriguing plot which keeps the viewer engaged with the film. The Hunger Games has many battles, which is found to be enjoyable, as it is a thrill, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Also, the actors that are within the scenes are very well engaged with the book, and represent the movie in a new light that cannot be seen within the text. Another positive aspect of the film is the fact that it is a creative way of showing how third world countries are being mistreated within the economy. Overall, this movie has passed many expectations by the viewers.
Why this movie does not receive any critics within this review is because there was not much to critic on this movie. It was enjoyed thoroughly and was hard to stop watching. Although, this movie does have some violence, which is not to be advised by younger viewers.
Overall, this movie was given a five-star rating because it includes an exciting plot, engaging characters, and a fantastic production. This movie is recommended to people who enjoy action-packed dystopian film, mainly from the ages of thirteen and up. This movie has satisfied many and will continue to do so.
½ December 30, 2018
I love the books and was excited to watch this after hearing all the positive reviews but I was disappointed with what I saw.
There are definitely some touching and well done moments that can be appreciated, (mainly the deaths that took place during the games), and many of the characters are surprisingly well developed as well.
Unfortunately the dizzying shaky cam and mediocre costum designs make this film feel more like a poorly made fan film. It also took a good hour before I was actually drawn into the story and interested in what was happening.
Iā(TM)m slightly disappointed at what The Hunger Games is but as far as YA book to movie adaptations go, it could be far worse.
December 30, 2018
Ross delivers a tense vision Collins' arena but due to Lawrence's mostly flat performance and several missed opportunities to expound on the source material's deeper themes, The Hunger Games never quite hits its mark.
December 20, 2018
Katniss' complexity is a driving curiosity, and her subtle heroism inspiring, and all of this thanks to Lawrence's finesse
½ December 16, 2018
Good, but definitely in the same genre as Twilight. Although this has a much more appealing story. If you hated the teen love in Twilight, try the japanese cult movie "Battle Royale" instead.
½ December 16, 2018
It's a good movie with fine characters but feels somewhat underwhelming and did not quite live up to it's potential. It also feels like it's a little predictable.
December 14, 2018
There Is No I In Team
A movie review of The Hunger Games directed by Garry Ross
The Hunger Games is a great movie just like the book. The main character of this book is the protagonist Katniss Everdeen that forced herself to join a fight with about 23 other teenagers fighting to win a hard and very intense battle. Throughout this battle, Katniss learned to mature as a young lady. The Hunger Games was big on violence but showed what teamwork and effort could do for a person. In this movie, no one man could win a fight by himself.
At the beginning of the movie, Katniss showed that she had bravery and loyalty to her little sister. She showed that because when all the districts were at one place for the reaping. The reaping is where two tributes from each district, a male and female are chosen from the districts escorts to fight in the hunger games to try and win a particular part in the district. Katniss showed bravery when her sister Primrose name had got pulled out of the bottle of names. Katniss did not want her sister to leave and go to the games because she knew something would happen because she knew because it was not good for younger kids to attend this event. I feel as if Katniss being brave and going for her sister in the rising action in this movie because it caught everyone's attention because it was very unexpected.
After Katniss got to the Capitol, she put on her clothes and started training. Cinna was training her and getting her ready for the battle. He was telling her what and what not to do. The climax of this story is when they sent three humongous dogs at Peeta Katniss and Cato. They sent these three dogs because they were taking days and nights to kill each other and they were just ready for the games to end. They did not want Katniss to win, and that was another sign of bravery, and she then showed that she was extremely fearful by everything she did in this movie during the games. Katniss showed great examples of teamwork by helping Peeta out with his wounds and saving him when he was at the creek almost dead. The falling action in the movie was when Katniss gave some berries to Peeta after the announcement about only one person winning. She threatened suicide because she did not want to kill Peeta so she told Peeta to kill himself with her so there would be no winner. After she did this, she had to attempt to calm down the capitol because of making them make a decision that they did not want to.
Although this film was very violent I prefer teenagers 13 and older to watch this because of all the killing and the movie would help them with teamwork and maybe make them a better person. Although, this movie does have a couple of parts where a person has to pay attention, or he or she would zone out.
½ December 11, 2018
A very engaging story that is a victim of some awful directing with almost never ending shaky cam and terrible color grading.
½ December 8, 2018
Cat and mouse and little else. Love the haircuts. And that beard! Read the 'green' reviews. For once the splatted tomatoes got it right.

Teens will like it. It's got that trust element they look for in high school - who does one ally oneself with. And of course, the characters come face to machine with 'how can we overthrow the machine'?
December 6, 2018
Distant but not Far
Is this our future?
The movie The Hunger Games, how far is the sci-fi story from reality? The fiction story is set in post-apocalyptic North America, and the characters are grouped into separate districts by their wealth and status. There are 12 districts and the lower the number, the more safe and wealthy it is. The capital, the highest power created The Hunger Games. They created The Hunger Games to prevent the districts from rebelling against them. Every year, two young people, one boy, and one girl are selected from each of the 12 districts during the reaping. The story lines main character Katniss Everdeen takes us through an anxious journey thought he 75th annual hunger games. This film presents alternative perspectives on how to keep peace and the emotion of death. The social class system is often a divide in the human race; The Hunger Games is a strong representation of what could happen if the social class system is taken too far.
The Hunger Games movie comes from a series of books written with immense detail by Suzanne Collins. The books were later produced into the film due to the popularity of the books. The movie includes extensive detail like the original novel. Since this movie has so much detail, the viewer may find themselves lost if they miss parts of the film or drift off into space. Due to The storyline being packed with so much detail the movie can feel extremely realistic times. Though the realism is distracting, what is keeping everyday society from reaching this point in time with rebellion, class-divided districts, and the murder of young innocent people for entertainment, and punishment in a way; from happening today? Some may see The Hunger Games as a simple movie, but there's actual meaning behind it. Collins is trying to show what the world can come to if humanity falls under the pressure of the class system, and thinking that one is better than another due to their economic status or social status. But the thought of all man was created equal is what is keeping the pressure of the social class system from taking over as it did in The Hunger Games.
The Hunger Games truly shows The horror of the class system and how it could change humanity. Katniss brings the viewer through the journey of what it's like to be in the poorest district, and how being the lowest class is shoved in her face all the time. The movie is full of vivid detail that represents the human races class system and how its hard for one to escape. I would rate this book a four out of five because of its vivid detail.
December 6, 2018
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is an adventure film about a young woman named Katniss Everdeen who lives in a poor district in the country of Panem and is drafted into The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a bloody and devastating competition where children from varying ages are forced to fight to the death until only one remains. The movie shows Katniss's bravery when she takes the place of her sister and offers to be drafted instead of her. Katniss's journey is filled with love life and death. Although there are a few flaws within the film including unrelatable characters and morbid scenes, The Hunger Games is an inspiring and adventurous film that shows bravery and the will to survive.
The Hunger Games is about Katniss's experience joining the Hunger Games, having to fight and kill people, protecting her family and the struggles of staying alive. The film begins by showing the poverty that the people of District 12 live in and how it is forcibly ruled by the government. From each of the 12 districts, there are both a boy and a girl chosen to fight in the Hunger Games. After volunteering for her sister, Prim Everdeen, Katniss was then taken along with a boy named Peta into the capital and to begin to preparing to fight. Katniss met many people along the way that helped her better understand how to win the games and had a week to prepare for what she would encounter. Katniss and Peeta then were put into an arena where they struggle to survive.
There were many parts of the film that made it enjoyable to watch the dystopian adventure and allowed for the audience to have a better understanding of the main character's bravery and uniqueness. The film shows how Katniss does no fit the normal mold of a Panem citizen. The Film is well directed and captions what it means to live in poverty and the courage Katniss presented in order to get back to her family. Although there were many great characteristics of the protagonist, there were also a few setbacks that hindered the enjoyment of the film.
Gray Ross, the director of the film, did a great job at telling Katniss's story, but in parts of the movie, the audience may not have been able to relate to Katniss without background information. Katniss was introverted and sometimes became hard to understand. The watcher may not have understood what she was thinking and how her emotions were expressed. At the end of the film, there were romantic and morbid aspects to the film, and some parts may have been appropriate for young viewers. In other parts of the film, Katniss's character seemed lifeless and became hard to relate to. Although these are minor setbacks, they are worth mentioning.
The Hunger Games, though hard to relate at times, is still an action-packed and adventurous film about survival. Collins communicates an intensive journey of the protagonist through her film and draws the viewer into the plot. It ultimately shows how the protagonist displayed bravery and courage to protect her sister and family. This novel is recommended for a mature audience who has an interest in action, romance and bravery.
December 6, 2018
When the phrase "Battle Royale" is said to somebody, they usually think of a video game, or some might think of a sports tournament. Suzanne Collins brought this thought to a new perspective in a dystopian novel. It takes place in futuristic North America and has twelve districts.These districts each have a different role to play in the country, like mining for District 12, fishing for District 4, and grain for District 9. All of the districts surround the oppressive capital, who is extremely harsh on the districts and has a specific battle royale type event with participants from each district. This event is a reminder of a rebellion that happened a long time ago and that nobody can overcome the Capitol. Prim Everdeen gets drawn from the list of names to represent District 12, but her sister, Katniss Everdeen, volunteers to take her place. While the book and the film were both spectacular, the book had some scenes that were changed or cut from the film, making many attributes to the movie different.
While it is true that movies must cut out some scenes from the book to take out time, some of the changes in the movie could change the entire perspective of the novel. There are many differences from the book and the movie, one of the biggest ones being how Katniss gets the mockingjay badge from Madge in the book, but she finds it in a rummage sale in the movie. This is an important change because, in the movie, it does not explain why the mockingjay, a bird that is a comical result of the inventions of the Capitol, takes a subtle dig at rebellion among the districts. This covers up some of the character development in the movie, which is one of the most important parts of the plotline. Another scene that was cut completely from the movie was the part about the Avox and the flashback that Katniss had. This is an important change because the scene shows some of the sparks that lit Katniss' fire to win the games.
There are many different scenes that were cut or changed from the book into the movie that would have made the movie better. However, the movie added a few scenes to make it better. The movie added the scene where President Snow tells the head Gamemaker not to give the people too much hope. This is an important change because it brings out the "villain" in him, while in the book, only Katniss' point of view is shown. Another good change made to the movie is that in the book, Rue, a citizen from District 11 that befriends Katniss in the games, merely points out the tracker jacker nest above Katniss, almost as a warning. Katniss later thinks of the idea to drop the nest onto the competitors. However, in the film, Rue suggests the whole idea of dropping the nest. This is a good improvement because it establishes Rue much more quickly, especially with the limited amount of time that Rue has on the screen.
This film was well made, but it was minor to the book by cut and changed scenes. The movie seemed to be less well made than the book, but it was still a spectacular piece of work. The movie had less character development, plot line, and action, but it was an amazing film on the time side. I recommend this movie for teenagers that like some action but not blood.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
December 6, 2018
An Underdog Story
Movie Review of The Hunger Game written directed by Gary Ross
The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross is a pg-13 dystopian movie where there are 12 districts and every year a guy and a girl that are randomly picked to play in the games. In the games, the people from the different districts try to kill all of the other members in the games to come out alive. If they survive the games, they become famous and get money. The Hunger Games is an underdog story because it is about Katniss going against the gouvernment and all the odds.
The Hunger Games is an interesting action filled movie. The movie starts slowly with the character development with Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist in district 12. She lives in a small house with only her mom and her young sister, she leaves district 12 frequently to hunt for food,and her friend pushes her to leave and do something greater. District 12 is one of the poorest districts heavily controlled by the government, and district 1 is the richest and can control the government. In district one they are all trained to fight in the games, so there is already an underdog sensation for Katniss at the beginning of the movie. The movie is confusing when Katniss is with her family. The movie gives Katniss a mother effect when she is with her younger sister even though they already have a mother. In the movie, it has unrealistic details such as when Katniss gets the liquid from the tree using a machine or when it shows Katniss climbing the tree without using any ropes to help, but just the scene before it shows here bring week and hurting. The movie is inconsistent with Katniss's ability.
The Hunger Games has its negatives, but it also has its positives. The action and the character development is consistently well balanced. That helps the viewer not get tired of the action, and it makes the character development wanted so that the viewer can understand the question and so they do not miss any details. The fighting scenes are also well done. The fight scenes are heavily detailed and creative. The movie gives s feeling the Katniss is an underdog which makes it easy to enjoy and cheer for her. The story is unique, which is a risk but turned out to be beneficial in getting the viewer interested.
The Hunger Games is a great underdog story, where Katniss goes against all the odds. I would give this book a 3 out of 5 because the balance of action and character development and the, but it is lazy and unrealistic when it comes to the small details. This book is for all ages that like an action-filled underdog story, this book is not for nitpickers for a movie being realistic, and which could anger the viewer. The Hunger Games is a thrilling, action-packed movie, where people have to go into an arena where they are watched to kill each other.
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