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February 25, 2018
Bateman's performance of Wally is so good that he makes it almost impossible to give this movie a bad rating. Watch it for Wally.
½ January 13, 2018
look at us..

The Switch

It takes way too much time to get to the point and works more than enough on its characters but then this is no mere ordinary rom-com; its worth a try.
½ January 1, 2018
(First and only full viewing - 5/1/2011)
December 30, 2017
Very dumb romantic comedy.
½ October 21, 2017
Blatantly obvious and awkward
October 3, 2017
last night i watched this movie on netflix. I dont mind an occasional romantic comedy to get some cheap laughs. I saw one with Jennifer Aniston from the 2000s, I figured why not, at least I can look at Jennifer Aniston's middle aged fine wine lookin ass for an hour 45. So this movie was horrendous. The lead across from Jennifer Anniston (who will be abbreviated as Ja) was some guy who look liked a loser version of Hugh Grant without the cool british accent. We will call him Hugh-ser, GET IT LIKE LOSER, for now. Hugh-ser was Ja's friend and Ja wanted to get pregnant. I guess being a single mom is cool. Ja wanted to pick a donor and then squirt it in her cooch with a turkey baster. Ja picked this handsome nice guy (no romo) but hughser didnt like it because he was secretly in love with Ja. At the insemination party (yes this happened) complete with litlte sperm decorations hughser got drunk and went to the bathroom. He found the guy's nut in a cup and he started playing with it and accidentally spilled it in the sink. In a drunk panic, hughser whips that hog out and leaves his own "donation" in a cup. Thankfully they didnt show the hughser chokin the lizard, I woulda thrown up. Ja turkey bastes his gravy into that cooter and moves away. 7 years later, SHE MOVESBACK! and the kid is with her. The kid is such a damn loser that Ja cant relate to it. Hughser is stil single (shockingly). Hughser loves the kid and they relate to each other because they are both friggin losers. The handsome nice guy comes in for the kill and tries to marry Ja. At the proposal, Hughster admits to loving Ja and being the father of the loser kid, and Ja says GTFO YOU LOSER. The loser kid misses the loser dad and Ja ends up going back to hughser and they get married.
September 15, 2017
Wait, this isn't one of those magical body switch comedies...
September 12, 2017
Super Funny exciting Movie.....5 Stars all the way!!!!
August 27, 2017
Kinda dumb but entertaining I guess
½ July 30, 2017
The movie starts off a bit slow but gets better as it goes on. I think the end was pretty predictable but it was still a good and interesting movie with some laughs. If your interested I suggest you watch it on Netflix before going to buy it on DVD!
June 23, 2017
Predictable, but sweet. I love the kid's character.
April 22, 2017
It's mindless in its narrative path but it's charming in a sense.
½ April 7, 2017
Nice light film about love and relationships
½ April 3, 2017
Entertaining but forgettable
January 12, 2017
Super funny switcheroo with a twist
January 3, 2017
A movie full of .laughs staring Jennifer A. The sarcasm of her best friend as he aids in the raising of her son is priceless. He is the first to learn that his night of druken masturbation led to the switching of her thought to be sperm doner whom she eventually starts a relationship with. The son has the same some quirky characteristics as the best friend (jason bateman) and the twos bond will cause you to shed tears. Along with the funny plot twists mentions make this movie a romantic classic.
December 5, 2016
Must have been great cuz I completely forgot watching this movie.
½ November 13, 2016
Offensive not funny. Reviewed by bunnies! Half a star!
½ November 7, 2016
There are elements here that are genuinely moving, something that is rarely seen in romantic comedies but the film is just that, a romantic comedy. The film wants to focus on the chemistry free, jury rigged romance tearing the focus away from the characters.
July 14, 2016
I have tried to watch this movie on multiple occasions and fall asleep every single time. At least is good for something...
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