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February 7, 2018
This is the most personal, deeply felt film from the gifted director of "Under the Sand" and "Swimming Pool." Ozon leaches his melodrama of all sentimentality, and moves us all the more.
November 3, 2006
It's a quiet and poignant look at a life as it slips away, seen through the eyes of a character who's not always likable but remains entirely real.
October 20, 2006
It does absolutely nothing that previous movies dealing with this subject haven't done.
September 7, 2006
A beautiful, frank and utterly absorbing examination of death.
September 7, 2006
It's affecting.
August 17, 2006
Sumptuously filmed but rather distant.
August 17, 2006
We watch Romain change as he struggles with his mortality and, as he does, we come to care about him.
July 28, 2006
Much of the film works to undercut any sense of real emotion.
July 21, 2006
It's about a gay man coming to terms with his mortality, and, in a plot twist that's as contrived as it is ironic, with the biblical injunction to procreate.
July 20, 2006
Time to Leave blows a fresh, skeptical wind through fairly corny melodramatic territory while keeping faith with the operatic emotions of the genre.
July 14, 2006
As in any Ozon film, there are indelible performances from strong women here.
July 14, 2006
Time to Leave just might be Ozon's best work yet. He tackles a sensitive, off-putting subject with a dignity that will put viewers at ease.
July 13, 2006
Time to Leave comes across with unexpected moments of illuminated stillness, and any movie that gives meaningful face time to the incomparable [Jeanne] Moreau can never be a total waste of time.
July 13, 2006
Directed by the prolific François Ozon, Time to Leave stars Melvil Poupaud as a fashion photographer facing the certainty that his life will soon be over.
Top Critic
July 12, 2006
Deeply touching and brutally frank.
July 12, 2006
Moreau's few ripe scenes are choice, and she spices up the joint with her gravelly voice of je ne regrette rien.
July 12, 2006
But this may be the first time that Ozon has played it too safe, leaving little to separate his film from the countless other portraits of dying scoundrels redeemed.
July 11, 2006
Time to Leave winds up a tiresome affirmation of man's biological duty to procreate; the position is simplistic verging on obnoxious, especially after 5x2's attack on the hetero family model.
July 10, 2006
As with all Ozon's work, Time to Leave resounds with grace notes.
May 16, 2006
Whilst avoiding many of the sentimental clichs that bedevil terminal illness movies, the briskly edited Time To Leave nevertheless lacks the emotional impact of Ozon's most memorable films.
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