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May 28, 2017
La mejor película animada que he visto.
May 26, 2017
Superb job, Pixar! Perfect way to make a trilogy! My favorite out of all three Toy Story films. That is, if I had to pick which one is my favorite. I love all three movies about the same.
May 21, 2017
My kids have loved the toy story franchise ever since 1995 when they made toy story part 1 and they say that the more they make the sequel the better the franchise gets!
May 1, 2017
Toy story 3 is a good movie Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are back in this movie, along with some new characters I thought this movie was funny and what made it funny was Ken and Barbie were hilarious so I laughed a lot when I saw this movie! I have no complaints about this movie! It's as good as the first one!
April 26, 2017
It was a decent film for me, although I have to say that I didn't like the animation style.
April 5, 2017
Any doubts people had about doing a Toy Story sequel so many years after the first two should have been thrown out the window upon seeing the movie. A great film for everyone, but especially for people like me who grew up with the originals begin to reach adulthood. Seeing the character of Andy having to give up his childhood past is both heart-wrenching yet gives a satisfying end to the story of our favorite play things. Unfortunately they are making a fourth movie. Why. Still this movie is a great film and brings back the characters in full force.
½ March 31, 2017
Toy Story proves that a third installment of a trilogy can be the best. It's Toy story, only bigger and some how better. This is more than just a story with toys, it has awesome action sequences, dialogue, characters old and new, and does everything flawlessly. Children and adults can definitely watch and relate to these toys, and watch it over and over again. (9.5/10)
½ March 30, 2017
It was ok. Not as good as the first two though...
½ March 26, 2017
Toy Story 3 is a brilliant, funny, engaging, emotional and tense sequel that is the only third film I know of that is as good as the other films. While I find it too dark in its atmosphere, its still one of the best endings to a series ever (sort of, thanks Toy Story 4). Highly recommend it.
March 25, 2017
WHAT I LIKED: A third sequel was always going to be hard to get right, but what makes 'Toy Story 3' work is that they mostly steer it in an entirely new direction. Yes whilst 2 upped the anti a little bit, this one delves darker and acts bolder than any of the others dared, and that means we genuinely get opportunities for further development of these allready well-rounded characters. Of course it's still Pixar, and it still feels so, but they shook the formula just enough in the delivery of humour, tension and emotion that it's a properly viable third installment as well as a great film in its own right.
WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Again some of the quiet charm of its predecessors is slightly lost
VERDICT: Another great Toy Story film that leaps forward in a bolder, more adventurous direction.
March 22, 2017
Great series so far, excited for the 4th.
½ March 20, 2017
Great animation, fun new characters, sentimental ending and interesting plotline, there really isn't much to say about Toy Story 3.
March 4, 2017
Toy Story 3 is a wonderful, emotional film that successfully completes one of the best trilogies ever. I know I'll watch Toy Story 4 when it comes out, but I still think it'd be much better if the franchise ended here..
February 24, 2017
Good movie to watch it over and over again and never get bored
February 23, 2017
This is how to make a hollicost movie
½ February 21, 2017
Highly emotional end to the trilogy. Because of this, we don't need a fourth one. At all.
February 21, 2017
hit me hard in the feels
February 11, 2017
Toy Story 3 is the all-time greatest animated film ever made by Pixar. Even better than its first two predecessors. It is a perfect reason why it created the Toy Story trilogy, and it almost made it as one of the greatest trilogies of all time. All thanks to its powerfully heartfelt story, a lot of nostalgia and emotional moments, excellent animation, unforgettable characters and an improved villain that fixed the small mistakes over its predecessors, Lots-o-Huggin Bear voiced by Ned Beatty. If anybody who watched the first two Toy Story films, they have no excuse not to watch this movie. This is a must-watch. 5 out of 5 stars.
January 29, 2017
I don't understand the love :(
½ January 25, 2017
This movie was fun to watch and brought me the laughs and smiles I always have. But the plot it self was a disaster. So many random things happen, it makes your head spin!
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