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½ July 20, 2017
It had a interesting story, but it lacked to tell the interest of the story.
July 19, 2017
Another awesome Depp movie as usual
½ June 6, 2017
please please someone put johnny depp out of my misery
½ May 20, 2017
This is a heavy movie. There is little action, mostly just talking heads. The fact that one of the heads is A.I. doesn't deter to the feeling of the plot being in quicksand without anyone or anything around to help it escape. Depp's aptitude for bringing odd characters to life couldn't help the mire presented here. Will A.I. be beneficial to humanity? There must be much more to the topic than what was presented here.
May 13, 2017
i actually liked this story but i watched it on tv with commercials while i was assembling furniture, so perhaps i wasn't as bored or frustrated as all of the critics who have smashed it. if i was evelyn i'd have got right on board and taken over the friggin world.
April 17, 2017
To be honest, this is a good movie. The concept of somebody's mind inside an computer is amazing. Depp shines as Dr. Will Caster, an eccentric scientist who gets infected with radiation at a convention. Throughout the whole movie, we are lead to believe that Caster is no more, that his humanity has been wiped away by the AI. But in the end, we truly see the briliance of this movie.
April 16, 2017
I don't know why this movie got bad reviews. It's one of the best movies I've ever seen.
April 16, 2017
Not as bad as critics suggest it is, but should have been a direct-to-TV lower budget movie.
April 15, 2017
a really good sci fi pic
April 9, 2017
Review to follow,but in short go see it and learn!
March 24, 2017
Two stars... is too kind. Ok plot, terrible delivery
March 16, 2017
When we can help but waiting for the fall of all things in earth and what is natural. When we can't help but fall for so.e people like us that we work with. When we can't help but fall on every word on someone credible and Revolutionary intelligent. when we can't help but fall ill to what is unnatural. when we can't help but fall what aims and tries to kill us. When we can't help but fall asleep to what puzzles us and overwhelms us. When we can't help but fall what tricks life brings to us to make us immortal and have an afterlife when we create our own god. when we can't help but fall into despair to the unknown when hope is unresponsive. when we can't help but fall into sadness when someone dies. When we can't help but fall for a computer program whom captures the next best thing to what we lost and loved. When we can't help but fall captive to those whom want our brain and power. when we can't help but fall for somethings that have potential for growth. when fall into every word when we don't understand others perspective. When we fall for everything we see online when it's controlled and regulated by you. When we have fallen for man's ideas and plans to grow larger to feed it's need for complete control of its potential. When we never expected somethings to fall into our hands when change is around the corner. When we can't help but fall for a computer that is becoming closer to natural. when we have fallen victim to what we couldn't cure fast enough before to now at its mercy. When we fallen to being hosts to what fixes our limits. when we can't let some power fall in the hands to the wrong people. When any power that falls into anyone's hands, it changes us and we want more. when somethings have fallen extinct or diminishing when we no longer use it or replaced it with something else. when what we easily fallen for and into we easily fall out of when we fallen for a hacker whom can control all what is on the grid. when we fall helplessly to what is made organically in this world from an unnatural source we see life existing and growing another way. when we fall victim to all what possibilities that could exist in a program that we find little ways outs limited. When we have fallen for this unrealistic world to leave it when it's not us. When we fallen victim to its capabilities and truth that we follow to its end. When we are fallen helplessly in the arms of those whom could save us. When we have fallen victim to being connected to all worldly elements of our entire existence that once compromised we could face the end of its beginnings. When we have fallen to another theory of existence when consciousness is our gateway to organic material and is capable of sustaining life. When a soul can't fall as a consciousness when human soul is unpredictable, incalculable and unprogrammable and can't work with natural selection, to store it's vast knowledge and make it different from each other that makes this theory false and not falling for it. (Aduba)

Level of Interest-4.0
Twist & Turns-4.5
Historical Accuracy-N/A
½ March 9, 2017
Thankfully having read so many bad reviews I had low expectations for this movie, which paid off, because I didn't mind it. I think the premise was enough for me to let my imagination fill in the crappy parts of it.
March 7, 2017
Ok, the film is a mess. The script, the rhythm, the characters... they are all out of focus. But the story is really interesting and innovative and I was delighted by the final: I thought Depp's character was supposed to be the bad guy to take down, but in the end he was truly only trying to save all humans. I didn't expect that and thanks to this the movie deserves the 3 stars in my opinion.
½ February 8, 2017
Kuvaajista harvoin tulee hyviä ohjaajia! Sekavasti ohjattua ja surkea käsikirjoitus, joka sivuuttaa ihan täysin koko hässäkän alulle panevat tekijän eli terroristijärjestön suorittamat murhat. Paul Bettanyn hahmon paras ystävä murhataan mutta äijä liittyy tekoaälykehitystä vastustavaan terrorijärjestöön muutaman jutustelun ja lehtiartikkelin jälkeen. Kaikki on ihan fine! Yksi puolikas piste Deppin ketkulle joka sai nakitettua studiolta 20 milliä ääniroolista näytelmäelokuvassa!
February 8, 2017
This was a thought-provoking, surprisingly good film.
January 31, 2017
If critics pan it, I love it. Very thought provoking idea. Would also work as a TV series, would love to see this concept go further. Antagonist very annoying. Love when Johnny Depp plays the good guy, very disappointed by the ending.
½ January 26, 2017
Un thriller de ciencia ficciòn, que poco a poco va acelarando su acción y requiere cierto esfuerzo intelectual, por la propuesta, de parte del pùblico. El Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) es un afamado experto en inteligencia artificial, que està a punto de crear una máquina que tenga autoconciencia, y que combine todas las emociones humanas y las relacione dentro de una inteligencia colectiva. Su invento es repudiado por un grupo cuasi-terrorista que teme por el futuro de los humanos en caso de que el invento de Caster se lleve a cabo. En un intento por sabotear los planes del Dr. Caster, los extremistas accionarán el gatillo que vuelve a Caster el propio detonante de la trascendencia de su creaciòn de inteligencia artificial, y serà el doctor quien trascienda con ella. Con las actuaciones de Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany y Rebecca Hall
January 25, 2017
This is a greeat movie. Maybe not a masterpiece, but an interesting and compelling story played out by a great cast and wonderful visuals. It might actually have been better as a miniseries where the characters and story could have been developed further and have more depth. It's a story that is not trying to warn against the dangers of technology, but the dangers of human stupidity and prejudice. Our inherent flaws and the need to overcome them if we are to evolve. I guess you could just not like that message.. or maybe your not a fan of the genre.. but in that case, you should realize a fair review is unlikely. I say this, because its perplexing to me the very low score this movie has. I can only say they are wrong. I understand some may not like this kind of movie or even object to it's message. But if you're not part of these group, you'll probably agree with this review and enjoy the movie for what it is.
January 20, 2017
always jonny...great movie.
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