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½ April 28, 2018
Adventurous explorers movie in space!
It ticks all the boxes to be a good entertaining movie, and you really get to go on the journey alongside Jim.
It's not too slow nor too fast for all ages to get into the story either, and visually there's enough eyecandy to feast upon.
The only real downside for me was B.E.N., who provides the wrong sort of comic relief compared to Morph, who is a different kind of funny and an interesting sci-fi alternative to a parrot, who you'll just want to adopt by the end of the movie!
April 21, 2018
Better than Treasure Island! A delightful, funny and exciting animated science fiction adventure. It flows quite smoothly and is really well executed. The animation is very good.
½ April 15, 2018
Non č esattamente il migliore classico d'animazione della Disney, ma riesce comunque ad emozionare raccontando un'avventura emozionante e innovativa. Alcuni personaggi sono piuttosto convenzionali, mentre altri sono veramente ben scritti e ben pensati: uno in particolare brilla su tutti gli altri, si tratta di uno dei migliori villain della famosa casa di produzione. Per il resto abbiamo la solita avventura, ricca di scene divertenti e un umorismo tipico e non troppo incisivo. Alcuni disegni non mi hanno convinto del tutto ma nel complesso le animazioni rispecchiano lo stile della Disney e riescono a farsi piacere.
April 2, 2018
Fantastic movie with great characters, backstory, and character development
michael e.
Super Reviewer
March 29, 2018
OH MAN! Where do I start? Treasure Island is one of my favorite novels for thing and Sci-fi is one of my favorite genre, and I love animation, combine all of those things and you get this film. Treasure Planet is a Disney film, no FILM in general that gets everything right. The characters, music, animation, its just all flawless. Joseph Gordon Levitt does a great job at making Jim Hawkins out to be a delinquent and plays it very well and makes him very likable and the relationship he shares with Silver is probably my favorite character relationship I've seen in a film just how well these two work off each other just makes for some great emotional scenes and some great rivalry at the same time. David Hyde Pierce plays Dr. Delbert Doppler and he does a very good job at playing this neurotic scientist out and the relationship he shares with the captain is a great loving relationship, which is the best thing this film gets right which is the relationships which it gets down amazingly well. The film also has a very subtle sense of humor in the robot B.E.N. played by Martin Short and the scenes involving this gelatinous alien blob named morph. Also the animation in this film is hands down Disney's best in my mind. The designs of the ships and the aliens are all original and very creative and the designs of the planets are all very interesting to look at. Also the film has very good build up to very emotional scenes and the ending is one of the biggest tear jerkers I've seen in an animated film. Also this film has one of my favorite side villains ever, Scroop.while not a main focus, he really is the biggest evil entity in this film being the only character to kill another main character off in the film and rather grisly as well. Treasure Planet is just a film that has everything that I can appreciate in a film and thats what makes it my favorite Disney film and one of my favorite films.
March 26, 2018
My absolute favorite disney movie
March 26, 2018
Rousingly cool and mind-blowingly realized, this unique version of space fantasy ties into the classic Stephenson story with gleeful abandon, even if it can be a bit over-indulgent with its alien characters and CG backgrounds.
½ March 20, 2018
The movie may be a little uneven but certainly not deserving of its status as one of Disney's biggest box office fiascos. Treasure Planet has one of the studio's most creatively realised worlds and arguably one of its most interesting antagonists.
½ March 20, 2018
Sure, B.E.N. isn't the best, but Long John is easily one of the best Disney villains (villains? He's sort of redeemed by the end)
½ March 11, 2018
Absolutely love this movie. It's a shame it didn't do well in the box office.
February 25, 2018
Even tho is flopped in the boss office, doesn't mean it was bad. Still one of the best childhood cartoons ever.
½ February 10, 2018
A high action packed film with creative animation and interesting characters.
January 31, 2018
Most underrated Disney movie of all time! SUCH a phenomenal movie!
½ January 29, 2018
Don't remember much about it since I first saw it, except solar sails. Which sounds ridiculous dubbed to Czech. But I watched a video praising it, so I'll trust that.
January 13, 2018
Revolutionary animation, clever updates to a classic pirate story, great voice acting and amazing emotional bonds between central characters. B.E.N.'s hyperactive behaviour is annoying and the weakest aspect of the movie, but is justifiable.
January 11, 2018
This is an incredibly underrated film and it saddens me to see how awfully Disney treated the film when it had far more potential. In my opinion it's better then nearly, if not, everything Disney has come out with since.
January 7, 2018
Perhaps the most underrated and best among the lesser known Disney films. Outstanding, with a great tie in song provided by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jim Hawkins as a character shines bright, and so does his voice acting. A truly original film, as far as one can do so for a 'Treasure Island' story.

See this film!
January 6, 2018
Breathtaking adventure for all ages.
½ December 20, 2017
This movie is a children adaptation of the book Treasure Island, which speaks of a treasure and the adventure of our protagonist. The story starts with the legend, of a galaxy renowned by his name, Captain Nathaniel Flint. He, appeared out of nowhere, assaulting ships, and disappeared without a trace. Hiding, in the depths of the universe lies Captain Flintīs Treasure, The Loot of a Thousand Worlds; Treasure Planet. Of Course, this is a legend in an old children storybook our little Jim Hawkins used to read as a kid.

12 years later, Jim rides a solar board in private grounds until stopped by the authorities, which show him as a worthless piece of trash. While on the Old Bembowīs roof, Jim meets and old salamander who crashes in front of him, Billy Bones. Before dying in Jimīs hands, Bones hand him a ball wrapped in cloths and a message: ĻBeware, the CyborgĻ right after saying these words, old Billy bones passes away leaving Jim and his mother, along with a family friend who happened to be there during the event, Dr. Doppler. After escaping the grasp of what appear to be a pirate raid, Jim unveils the ball entrusted to him and finds out itīs actually a metallic ball with strange carvings. While Doppler examines the sphere, he was impressed by its complexity and by how a bunch of morons are after it, given the fact that itīll take a lot of work to... but just as he was finishing his sentence, Jim was doodling with it and Ļopened it.Ļ They couldnīt believe their eyes, it was a map of the galaxy. Once you chose the departure point, it will lead you to a hidden place in the galaxy known as Treasure Planet... Guess it wasnīt just a legend after all.

After discovering this, Jim sees this as an opportunity to make amends of all his misdeeds, although, reluctant to the idea, Doppler convinces Jimīs mother to let him go, with him as his guidance. Once at the port they started looking for their boat. Dr. Doppler financed the expedition and hired some crew and a captain. After a while they found the SS Legacy, their boat. They met the captain, Amelia and her first officer, Mr. Arrow. After greeting Dr. Doppler was going to present Jim as the finder of the map, but Amelia stop him on his tracks and take them to a private room. There she explains they shouldn't be talking about a treasure in front of this ball of goons, making clear she doesn't trust the crew Dr. Doppler recruited. After putting the map in a safe in the captain chambers, Captain Amelia sends them to meet the cook, who is going to be in charge of Jim for the rest of the trip.

To their surprise, the cook was a cyborg named John Silver, and remembering Bonesī last words, Jim put his guard up. After being left alone by Mr. Arrow and Doppler, Jim notices some purps from his home planet and asks the cyborg if he ever went to Montresor; Jimīs home planet. Denying it, the cyborg claims that there are many cyborgs on that port. The launch was about to take place, so Silver dispatched Jim so he could see the launch. After the launch, Silver comes out of the kitchen and sees the captain and starts flattering her, like trying to win her trust for some reason. Captain Amelia addresses him and ask him if Jim isn't supposed to be working under his guidance, he then proceeds to assign a task to Jim, clean the decks. While doing this, he is confronted by other members of the crew and started a fight with a spider like dude called Mr. Scroop. Silver interferes and then Arrow arrives to put order and remember everyone that a fight will be punishable by confinement in a dungeon for the rest of the trip.

After the little transgression, Silver asks Jim if his father didn't show him how to pick his fights, to which he responds that he never had a father to show him. Then Silver proposes that heīll teach him everything he needs to know to be a grown man; a charade to keep him busy and mind his own business, but ends up making Silver to have a soft spot for him. The theme song of the movie ĻIīm still hereĻ By John Resznick plays while showcasing moments of Silver and Jimīs moments together. After the song, their bond is noticeable, more so in a black hole incident, where Silver almost falls form the ship and Jim holds his lifeline. Arrow is sent to the blackhole by Mr. Scroop. Due to this bond, many of Silver's crew are staggering regarding his leadership, to which he simply says that everything is a charade to keep the boy busy. Jim hears everything and starts running to tell the captain, but he finds himself with Silver blocking his path by chance. They have a skirmish which leads to them abandoning the ship, them being Captain Amelia, Dr. Doppler, and Jim. Just before leaving, Jim and Silver have another skirmish in which they battle for a friend in common, Morph, which had the map to the treasure. Morph is Silverīs little pet, he befriends Jim due to the bonding they were doing during their trip. Jim takes the map and leaves John in the ship with his thugs; they arrived at Treasure Planet. There, before landing, they are shot and crash more or less. Captain Amelia commands Jim to look for a hideout, this is where he meets B.E.N.

B.E.N. stands for Bio Electro Navigator. He appears as a needy robot who was abandoned, but he is in fact the missing piece to solve the puzzle of the treasureīs whereabouts. While trying to hide, they go to B.E.N.īs house which provide cover from the other pirates, although B.E.N. in his innocence, saw other fellows and thought of them as friends, giving away their position. Cornered they have no option but to engage in a truce, John tries to convince Jim about his true feelings for him, but Jim doesn't believe him. Also, Jim has nothing to offer, since the map he has, is in fact Morph, who transformed as the map, and hid the real one on the mother ship. Jim went to the mothership to look for the treasure map, along with B.E-N- and Morph.

What would happen next is what I would call the climax and the more interesting part of all the movie. Did they found the treasure? Or Did the pirates found it first? is there any battle? Well, all those questions keep coming to our mind while we watch the movie. The movie keep the spectator on suspense all the movie long so you wonīt get bored at any point. Its keep an interest on every single part. That's why I liked so much this movie. It also has a lot of special effects and creativity about how could look like our future, what is shows all the importance the producers gave to the movie to look the most futurist possible. The sounds and visuals makes you feel like you are actually in that future world, where we will live on another planet or in an out of space place. Even though is a fantasy story created for children, it also involves topics that easier to understand by an adult, such as family problems, dreams unaccomplished, trust and daily life problems, that's why I consider is the most wonderful movie for children and adults. Anyone with an open mind to new things it would like to see this movie created in the 2000īs with illusions of what our future could look like.
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