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May 10, 2018
Greatest flim I have ever seen
½ March 26, 2018
Fun and action-packed.
½ March 19, 2018
The only SYMPATHETIC characters are the villains for some reason. everyone on the HERO'S side, including and especially the hero, is a complete jerk from start to finish.
March 13, 2018
So much they could have done with this movie. So many narratives that were set up and just run into the ground.
February 9, 2018
Great all around movie and a very good depiction of the mythical feud between Troy and Sparta. The film delivers on its phenomenal battle scenes and captures the drama of betrayal and loyalty. Very well-casted and great scenery.
½ January 25, 2018
Well crafted epic, comparable to some of the large productions in the 60's like Ben-Hur. Bloom had not really matured as an actor at this point, but dies fine. Pit shines, as does Sean Bean...
January 25, 2018
I turned off "Troy" after about 45 minutes. I turned it off not because the film is bad. I turned it off because I have no interest in this part of human history. What I did watch is a film executed very professionally in all aspects (acting, photography, action, etc.). The only negative is the love story, done 1,001 times already...and counting. But if one is not interested in the topic of the film, it is difficult to be attentive to the film. "Troy" is, as the expression goes, "not my cup of tea." Maybe another look is necessary, but with my fast-forward in my hand.
January 16, 2018
Spectacular battle scenes and soul atmosphere in this historical epic.
Update: original rating was 3 stars. The director's cut improves the film drastically. This is the version that should be seen and not the pop-corn theatrical version that omits all the harsh and also beautiful scenes. Perhaps Wolfgang Petersen related the story too freely but nevertheless its very effective. One of the messages of the film, I guess, that Petersen wanted to send is that all warring sides are brutal and do atrocities, even ancient Greeks. It is a good epic about ancient events, at least that's all we have.
½ January 13, 2018
Very entertaining epic.
½ January 4, 2018
What's not to like? An epic film of the trojan war between King Prium and King Agamemnon, Brad Pitt was born to play Achilles, Diane Kruger can easily launch a thousand ships, Eric Bans, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Peter Otoole, Rose Byrne, Julian Glover, Trevor Eve, Adoni Maropis, this is a great cast. The CGI is excellent, the fighting choreography superb, the setting in Mexico and Malta was well chosen. James Horner composed the music, it was one of the most expensive movies made at the time. Peter OToole scene when he sneaks into Achilles tent to beg for the body of his son is one of the best scenes in this film and shows the incredible acting talent of O'Toole. It could have used a bit better script in places, the dialogue is a bit muddled and modern, but overall it is a still a very good film of the 'epic' variety.
November 11, 2017
I'm giving this a review now after so long because I've recently re-read the Illiad. This isn't entirely accurate to the source material, but does a good job of characterizing Achilles and his rival Hector along with the family members closest to them. One drawback is that it's not as passionately Greek as the Homer epic (and not in verse).

The sweeping action is as good as the individual battles, and single combat is exciting with every thrust and parry. Plus, we get to see examples of spear fighting, which is rare in the cinematic [ancient world / medieval] universe.

Now that it's been over 12 years, I think we're ready for the Odyssey. Just ask Penelope.
½ October 31, 2017
One of the greatest war stories ever told with Brad Pitt portraying Achilles. Excellent casting of the rest of the characters. The story telling of the movie I think could have been a little better, but the action and soundtrack make up for it.
October 27, 2017
Brad Pitt and Eric Bana are incredible in this film. It's a real sword and Sandals modern epic which would have looked good in any era. It may or may not reflect what really happened but it's still a great film.
October 21, 2017
There are no historically verifiable accounts of the Trojoan wars, hence any critique of accuracy is silly. This film has some phenomenal acting in places, stunningly beautiful fight choreography and dialogue in places, and amazing sets. The critical panning of it is hard to understand let alone defend. I'd say it's a must see for anyone that has the patience for epic stories, and I recommend the director's cut.
August 21, 2017
2017-08-21 watched for second time
August 19, 2017
A great movie, great setting, great actors, great plot in more grounded tone, many critics didn't love the movie but for me, it is really good film. Don't love it but I really like it a lot. For me, the only weak spot is Orlando Bloom's performance but it is still serviceable. Totally recommend this
July 22, 2017
Brad NOT Greek.
½ July 2, 2017
Familiar and predictable, but it does provide a very human look at the war that lasted ten years, breathing life into the glorious battles and the warriors who fought them.
½ June 26, 2017
A fun epic movie with some awesome battle sequences, but it lacks heart, character and emotion.
June 25, 2017
Shit was dope to me ????
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