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January 29, 2017
Beautiful, moving and absorbing film
November 7, 2016
Le film a été très puissant. J'ai apprécié la distribution polyvalent. Mon grand-père a vécu en France, et il a dû s'échapper pendant la Deuxieme Guerre mondiale. Alors, ce film a été très important pour moi. J'ai pleuré quand François a été regarder les images de l'Holocaust. Bien que j'avais une connexion avec l'histoire dans le film, j'ai pensais le montage était incompatible. Francois's frére imaginaire n'est apparue qu'une petite quantité de temps. Je n'ai pensais pas qu'il était nécessaire. Les transitions ont été mouillé. Mais, j'adore l'interprètes. Le premier rôle féminin était élégant et talentueux. L'éclairage du le film fait ses semblent très. Cecile De France et Ludivine Sagnier ont fait un merveilleux travail. Elles ont apportées le complexité dans le film.
September 1, 2013
UN SECRET, then, is a stunning work that explains many aspects of the varying responses of Jews to that horrid period of history designed by Hitler. It is a deeply satisfying and profoundly moving film. Highly recommended.
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½ June 4, 2013
A scrawny boy grows up in the shadow of what he believes was an older, more talented son he never knew. This history is a closely guarded secret until he is a teenager and a sympathetic aunt spills the beans about what really happened with his Jewish family during the German occupation. There are infidelities, betrayals, and inexplicable fateful decisions, none of which are nearly as compelling as what you might imagine. This is based on a true story, and while the circumstances are tragic for those involved, it does not necessarily make for gripping cinema the way this story is told. For example, there is a smouldering flame of passion between two characters that you already know will get together because we have been shown the future, so getting there is ineffectually protracted. (When they finally do though - whoa, that's one steamy scene!) Cecile de France looks glorious in her 1940s coiffure, plus Ludivine Sagnier and Julie Depardieu fill out a first-rate female cast in this second-rate adaptation.
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½ May 21, 2013
Nothing extraordinary or a secret that most can't see coming, yet I liked it. Maybe because besides being based on real events, the execution too was good enough & that it's not just a Holocaust/war movie.
May 19, 2013
A deliberately paced story of a Jewish family in France affected by WWII. It's not a typical Holocaust story, and in fact it's hard to believe it's based on a real-life story.
September 9, 2012
Excellent movie, but knowing the outcome hampered my enjoyment of the movie, though only a little bit since it is a very different kind of movie. Definitively not commercial so it was better!
½ January 16, 2012
i love the many layers of unfolding of this movie, as gradually more gets revealed about amalric's difficult childhood and unfortunate heritage. the jumping back and forth between years was well-executed, particularly the use of b&w for the present, and the return to color after. a moving fact-based story.
½ January 16, 2012
Sagnier shone in this powerful tale. my heart goes to the victims and their families...
August 8, 2011
De l'émotion dans un film inégal.
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½ May 23, 2011
A rather slow moving, nice French film about the holocaust, and its effects on an entire family. The movie is rather tedious, even as it portrays deep passions, and grief, flickering just below the surface of its characters. However, the acting is wonderful, and all else is beautifully done....so I forgive them.
½ May 19, 2011
Powerful and fascinating story of a man's reflection on his childhood and the family secret that reveals the reason for the disappointing relationship with his father. Interesting structure has present day in black & white and past in color. It can still be a bit confusing as there is a flashback in the past, but the performances and filmmaking is excellent.
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April 6, 2011
Est-il juste parce qu'il est Francais?

Based on a true story, Un Secret sees post-war France through the eyes of pre-teen Francois, an only child of two ridiculously good-looking parents.

When he becomes curious about the inner workings of his parents' relationship, a close friend reveals secrets about the multi-layered and convulated love affair that began 15 or so years earlier, and the consequences (some fatal) that occurred because of it. The film captures the complexities of being a Jew in France from the 1930's to the present, where layers of a family's history are revealed by jumping back and forth in time. It's about a gripping mystery and an ever-timely reminder of the terrible power of repression and silence.

Beautifully acted and exquisitely photographed, director Claude Miller's superb drama is awash with the ripples created by unlived lives. He brings together beautiful actors, great sceneries and thought-provoking stories but misses the mark in the alignment of all the elements. Still, the performances of all the cast are compassionate and compelling.

The cinematography for the most is absolutely gorgeous. But it seems that Miller has cheapened the audience's experience, for rather than exploring the entire body of one or two stories, he merely nibbles at the ear of many. And again, what is with the bizarre epilogue?
April 1, 2011
For once the movie is better than the book; much much better.
January 12, 2011
Absorbing! I love the multiple stories/time periods -- learning more and more about the characters' pasts makes you judge them in such different ways at each point in the film. Oh, also, I will see anything with Cecile de France because she is so fineee. :)
November 17, 2010
I cried, I laughed, it becamepart of me............
November 14, 2010
Sad but gripping tale based on true events.
May 9, 2010
Wouldn't she be able to talk with the husband and clear the problem? Did she ever thought about her son? I didn't get it, but it was a great movie.
April 18, 2010
I found this to be needless misery. I'm sure it's well made, but I couldn't understand the mother's choice in the end, and I'd have to be paid to sit through the movie again to see if there was something enlightening about it all, rather than contemptible. A mother gives her children to the Nazis to get back at her cheating husband. I don't think it's exaggerating to call this vile and (I felt) unsubstantiated by the movie. The crime is a major one not to explain adequately or make believable, and while I may have missed something in my efforts to ignore English subtitles and understand the French, no one else could explain it either. I guess she didn't really understand what would happen to her children, or didn't believe it.
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