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January 8, 2018
Congratulations, you've found the absolute worst James Bond movie.
January 7, 2018
May Day and Walken are great in this as villains, killer theme song from Duran Duran
½ December 27, 2017
If Bond looked over the hill in previous films in this one he ages on screen. A horrible movie from start to finish. Too busy in trying to compete with American action films of the 80s
The action looks cheap and the films star looks tired...

This is probably the most unwatchable Bond movie

Gadgets 2/5
Girls 4/5 Tanya Roberts
as Stacey Sutton is suitably gorgeous but next to an OAP she looks uncomfortable
Villain 2/5 One of the only times Christopher Walken is forgettable. Grace Jones tries but her story is floored
Bond Theme 4/5 the best thing about the movie and the only thing people should remember.
December 16, 2017
One of the worst Bond movies. Which is sad, since Walken made a great villain.
½ November 20, 2017
This is not one of Roger Moore's better Bond entries, but it does have a couple of decent moments. I found it got a bit too chaotic near the end and the story just kind of disappeared. I did like the music though.
November 6, 2017
If it didn't feel so long and jumbled together A View To A Kill might have actually seemed a little bit more enjoyable instead of boring. And for the most part it is just an all together unnecessary and dull film. With only two somewhat memorable things; an aging Roger Moore, and the theme song, which is "SURPRISINGLY" the only thing in film that seems to fit the trumped up title.
October 21, 2017
Absolutely absurd, and nearly insufferable, A View to a Kill is saved from total unwatchability by the pairing of Grace Jones and Christopher Walken. Roger Moore was too old by more than two decades to play this role, and it's a good thing he gave it up after this.
September 18, 2017
Campy, cheesy, and over-the-top, A View to a Kill is a disappointing last film for Roger Moore's Bond. Fortunately, it does feature great action and a memorable Christopher Walken performance.
July 30, 2017
I don't care what all these assholes say, view to a kill is THE BEST BOND MOVIE so far and the soundtrack adds to its greatness!
If you're an individual who doesn't follow the crowd and has great taste, you will LOVE this movie. A MUST WATCH!!!!!
July 18, 2017
By far Roger Moore's worse Bond movie. Worse than Moonraker. The only thing this movie has going for it is Christopher Walken. If he's on screen I'm enjoying it but whenever he's off screen this movie sucks.
½ July 17, 2017
Grace Jones is interesting in A View to a Kill, but Tanya Roberts is just horrible and painful to listen to. The plot is silly and campy per usual for this series in the eighties and it is just such a mediocre affair that isn't the worst Bond entry, but it is one of the weaker ones.
June 26, 2017
It is to bad that Roger Moore had to go off with this movie. He was too old and is to comical. I did like the song though.

June 4, 2017
Moore's final film for the most part alternates between boring and ludicrous, it has the worst excesses of that era, but whereas before it worked because they played it seriously, whilst still having a knowing sense of fun, here it feels like the filmmakers are laughing at the series rather than with it. There are some good moments and Moore still takes it seriously enough to keep it from being the very worst of the series, but he can't stop it from all seeming rather uninspired.
May 28, 2017
...not the greatest swan song (because I thought he would be bond for good as a kid), but in retrospect, not nearly as bad as people claim. Too old at 57 to be Bond? Wasn't Harrison Ford in is late sixties when he made The fourth Indiana Jones film (and it was good, too).
May 24, 2017
Why Rog? Why?...When your tenure as Bond could have happily ended after a decade of service floating in that boat at the end of Octopussy as you..er got your end away WITH Octopussy, rogering her into the subcontinental sunset to the orgasmic sax groan of 'All Time High' but no, you had to spoil it. You had to keep using the lube after the expiry date! And so we have A View To A Kill. Not the worst Bond ever- well, that is if you like the idea of a 58 year old man having more sex than Woodstock and being adept at cooking Quiche Lorraine. With the one-off exception of 'For Your Eyes Only', the Bond films have reached the end of their use-by date slipping into self-parody. If only Cubby Broccoli could have kept that delicate balance that made The Spy Who Loved Me such a focused movie. Instead, the next Bond had to be bigger, better and so on. This capitalistic mentally could only get ludicrous before it got better. Hence, A View To A Kill. It's a movie not without merit. Christopher Walken plays the boyish villain Max Zorin whose psychotic predisposition is the direct result of an evil Nazi geneticist. Patrick Macnee is Lord Tibbet, Bond's valet servant and singer Grace Jones plays the very limbre and unconventional Mayday.There are some impressive stunts and the Eiffel Tower, streets of San Francisco and Paris all make great locations. Infact, Bond swinging from the mooring rope of a giant blimp approaching the Golden Gate Bridge to the soaring John Barry score, is without doubt one of the finest endings in the Roger Moore era. As a film though it's possibly worse than Sean Connery's last Bond stint 'Never Say Never Again'. It is atleast helped in some way by the rousing John Barry score which is one of his best. Kudos to Duran Duran for the envigorating title song but the Walter PPK clearly had to be handed down and a fresh approach was needed for the Bond series to move forward.
April 25, 2017
This is the 14th part to the first James Bound series. It is better then all the ones made before it. I do not know why people do not like it. It is a great film. Living daylights which is the 15th James bound movie is better.
½ April 9, 2017
The fourteenth James Bond film and the third of five directed by John Glen (For Your Eyes Only/Octopussy/The Living Daylights/License To Kill). This is also Roger Moore's last appearance as 007, looking really old and tired.

The plot is really a bad rehash of Connery's "Goldfinger". Millionaire industrialist Max Zorin (Christopher Walken, the best thing about this movie), is trying to corner the microchip industry by destroying Silicon Valley with a bomb set on a critical spot on the San Andreas Fault line. James Bond is sent in to thwart his attempt.

This, in my opinion is the worst James Bond film of them all. Horrible story, and really bad Bond women in Tanya Roberts (yawn!) and Grace Jones (gag!). It is a slap in the face to Roger Moore's legacy as 007 that he ends his reign with this film, and sleeps with Grace Jones!
March 20, 2017
Roger Moore's final outing as 007 not only shows how aged he was at the time and the film's sluggish pace and absurd plot don't help the matter either.
½ January 28, 2017
Christopher Walken makes for a great villain but even he can't distract us from a tired and burnt out performance by our leading man. A rather disappointing swansong for the Roger Moore era of Bond films.
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