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½ December 4, 2016
A visually and melodically beautiful movie which tackles a profound albeit melancholy view of the "human condition", Watchmen is a movie that appeals to an audience willing to admit and explore humanity's grimmer side. Though seemingly complex, its message is quite clear: in order to unite mankind, it is necessary to give everyone something (perhaps a greater enemy) to fight against, and things are always going to get worse before they get better. Despite some slight differences from the original comic, it pulls it off quite well. My only real complaint is also one I have with the comic, but that would spoil the movie. Otherwise, if you aren't left with a deep sense of sanguine serenity despite the rather sobering and somber nature of things, you probably haven't really experienced this movie. There's a reason the original material warranted a Hugo Award. People craving pure action, on the other hand, should bypass this film entirely: this is definitely not meant for you.
½ November 30, 2016
The film is slow, and didn't hook my attention at all. The fact that we also have to include such disgusting amounts of sex in our movies these days makes it even more sad. I'll stick to the clean classics.
November 29, 2016
I Never Read The Graphic Novel But This Is Still Worth Seeing.
November 28, 2016
**** -This review is of the Director's Cut-
'Watchmen' is truly a beautiful thing to behold, with Zack Snyder really outdoing himself. It's easily his best movie to date, with a complex yet fluent narrative, great performances and an different (but awesome) soundtrack. Although its running time is far too long, the last 30 minutes are touch-and-go, and the movie has to deal with arguably too many plot points, Watchmen succeeds as both an adaptation of the graphic novel and as a movie in its own right. Definitely underrated.
½ November 12, 2016
Very cool ambient adult superhero flick. This is quite unusual for the genre. I had a good time. Costumes are voluntary dated, characters are outrageously dark, and the cinematography is amazing!
October 8, 2016
Almost spot-on to the graphic novel and very well made.
½ October 7, 2016
I've honestly never read the book and I regret not reading it(I'm gonna buy in a few weeks). But anyway,from my perspective I really liked it. I watched the theatrical version but I heard the directors cut is better so I'll upgrade in a few weeks too. The shots are gorgeous,I've brought up comparisons with the movie and pictures from the comic and it captures it almost perfectly. But the plot Is a bit stuffed(for me anyway) but I really liked this movie so seeing it multiple times doesn't bother me. I think this is one of those adaptations that can exist with or without the original source material,while it does have some changes here and there but I think it was necessary for the setting of the movie Zach was going for.
September 29, 2016
Al terminar de ver la pelìcula me dieron ganas de leer la novela gràfica , sospecho que es muy superior a la pelìcula. Watchmen es una adaptaciòn muy pretenciosa , aunque posee excelentes momentos como el inicio de la pelìcula muy cinematogràficos , una ambientaciòn lograda y una excelente banda sonora (excepto por Hallelujah).
½ September 28, 2016
Having different looks at morality with great action and great acting makes for an exceptionally fantastic and unique look at the superhero genre when most of the superhero movies we get are all the same
September 28, 2016
The 'unfilmable' graphic novel is not only filmed, it is improved with an ending that is more convincing, less outlandishly comic book in style and more satisfying for the characters. And what characters: we get an all-powerful Superman analogue who is losing touch with the world and three aspects of Batman; unrelenting grim avenger of the night, rich intelligent business man who plans for every eventuality and goofy themed gadget user. A cynical anti-hero and a mother and daughter legacy superhero, the first time this has been seen on film, round out this dysfunctional, yet entertaining, roster.
Although it can never fully convey the depth of the source material's world it comes darn close with an impressive attention to detail in constructing its alternate history. But it's not just surface appearances; it perfectly captures the feel of it and never shies away from the deeper aspects of its social commentary and deconstruction of the superhero. As a result we get a superhero film that explores humanity by showing the loss of it, both in the Watchmen and the cold war world.
September 26, 2016
I loved every minute of this movie. HIGHLY recommended. Definitely one of the best comic book movies of all time.
September 25, 2016
I love this movie was well done
September 23, 2016
Once again Zack Snyder proves that he's the worst director of all time.
September 22, 2016
Still the best Superhero film I've seen (the extended version) though a couple of Batman and X-Men movies come close. There's something sickeningly saccharine about most of the superhero movies around, even the good ones. Love the distortion of the genre in this one.
September 21, 2016
"Watchmen" is Zack Snyder's 2009 film, written by David Hayter and Alex Tse, it is based on the critically acclaimed 1986 graphic novel of the same name written by Alan Moore. The film is set in 1985 in an alternate universe where superheroes have existed since the 40s. Their presence changed the curse of history, and of the United States. Now, in 85, Nixon is the president of the States and nuclear war is at its peak, as the U.S and the USSR continually threaten each other, to the point of a possible nuclear war. Superheroes are now outlawed and most are either dead or retired. When the former superhero known as The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, a former member of the Watchmen) dies, the now retired Watchmen, all become targets of the mysterious assassin, all, as a possible plot to end the world happens.

I've personally never read the famous comic, but judging from all the heat, I can only imagine it's at least a bit good. The novel pretty much started this thing of making serious comics that attack serious issues and focus on character depth, and storytelling, instead of the usual thing, where the hero fights the bad guy and saves the day. But only from this film's plot, that's based on the novel, of course, it's noticeable how great this movie could've been, due to its amazing source material. I think that in the hands of better writers and director, this film could've been much, much better.

So what's so wrong with it, well, where to start. The writing, god, it is jut too bad, not saying it is HORRIBLE, but it's pretty bad, not going to specify certain lines from the movie, but if you watch and listen to the dialogues you'll notice, believe me. So much exposition dune through narration and constant, never-ending flashbacks, accompanied by poorly-developed characters (with expectations) are all part of the film's poor written script. The visuals and direction are as Zacsnyderish as you can think, with non-stop slow mo, that does work at times, but for most of it, simply unnecessary. Some useless scenes too, that go nowhere and that did not need to be in the film, and of course the dark-toned looks, pretty much what you'd expect from the "300" director.

Another thing is, I understand that Snyder tried to stay as faithful as he could to the comic (as said, I have not read the novel, tho I've heard that the film is a fine adaptation, in terms of staying true to the comic), but damn, did it have to be every single detail. Much like his recent disaster "Batman v. Superman", "Watchmen" suffers from Snyder's dedication to trying and do the best adaptation ever, instead of trying and improve the material, so it would fit better onto the big screen. I could list the problems. The runtime, 163 minutes, that is way too long, for such film, the amount of (as said before) unnecessary scenes that could've been cut out of the film to give more space for character development, or you now just to reduce the film's runtime. But I still have to recognize Snyder, in light of all these problems with adapting the comic onto the screen, I've got to give the man some credit, he did an adaptation that the hardcore fans probably loved, and still managed to sustain a solid picture for the usual movie-goers.

So what are the goods? Well even do I've seen my share of it, and he sometimes exaggerates with some aspects of it, Snyder's visuals are truly beautiful when used correctly, they truly are, but the best thing in the movie, for me, was Jackie Earle Haley's performance as Rorschach (A.K.A Walter Kovacs), the man is a spectacle. Differently from some of his fellow actors (badly miscast) in the movie, Haley is in his top game here, his best scenes being the ones without the mask, as the actor is able to express and act much more, then when inside Rorschach's face. As said before with this impeccable source material, the story and plot overall are great and pretty entertaining, and for me, that's what saved the film.

"Watchmen" has many, many problems, but it has its qualities, I'll say the movie should be a treat for the fans of the novel, as for the ones that aren't familiar with the material, it all may seem a bit weird or kinda long, I think it varies from person to person when it comes to "Watchmen". 3/5.
½ September 19, 2016
"Tonight, a comedian died in New York." - Rorschach

Bringing Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' masterful graphic novel to the screen was no small task, but this ambitious yet faithful adaptation realized my wildest reveries. This epic morality play about superheroes (and the humans within them) positions a juvenile genre into deeper waters. The nominal ensemble was cast with considerable risk for some truly rewarding performances. WATCHMEN stands alongside and recalls some of my favorite visions in modern cinema. It matches the multicolored and musically-charged New York City of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and the pulpy violence showcased in SIN CITY. The film even manages to make sense of the book's final chapter leaving me to wonder how else it could have improved with more variation.
½ September 12, 2016
Fantastic film was very faithful to the graphic novel wasn't dull and was definitely a movie that shouldn't be over shadowed
September 12, 2016
I know it's redundant but it's not as good as the book
½ September 10, 2016
Seriously very deep story line with warping story could have been made far better than expected
September 6, 2016
This movie has both style and grit. I like that. But style and grit do not a great movie make. Fortunately, Zack Snyder has such a strong source material to pull from. This movie may not meet the standards of the comic book, but it is a worthy monument.
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