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½ September 18, 2017
I've honestly never read the book and I regret not reading it(I'm gonna buy in a few weeks). But anyway,from my perspective I really liked it. I watched the theatrical version but I heard the directors cut is better so I'll upgrade in a few weeks too. The shots are gorgeous,I've brought up comparisons with the movie and pictures from the comic and it captures it almost perfectly. But the plot Is a bit stuffed(for me anyway) but I really liked this movie so seeing it multiple times doesn't bother me. I think this is one of those adaptations that can exist with or without the original source material,while it does have some changes here and there but I think it was necessary for the setting of the movie Zach was going for.
½ September 17, 2017
What an absolute let down :(
rewatched directors cut. much better
September 15, 2017
Saying that this film is the best comic book movie out there wouldn't quite be an accurate description as it is also the best movie out there. While BVS: Dawn Of Justice is my personal favourite in the comic book genre, this is without doubt the best.
½ September 13, 2017
Although fairly faithful to its source material, Watchmen's perfect imitation has also lost a significant chunk of its depth, subtlety and resonance during the translation to the big screen. Even with this, non-fans may struggle to appreciate the vivid visual design for the film's dense, complex plotting. A mixed success for both audiences.
September 10, 2017
Another underrated movie that I personally would place in my all time favorites. Watchmen is a great adaptation of the phenomenal graphic novel and does actually change some things for the better, while doing some others worse. This isn't your standard superhero movie, and it really makes you question your morality and look at things a bit differently. Without giving spoilers, the relationship between the characters is a lot more fleshed out in the movie, however some great details were taken out. Fortunately, the details added do make up for what was taken out, and it's a real shame this movie remains underrated. One flaw though is the standard lack of caring for things that happen (Oh we just murdered a bunch of fucks, cool beans, life is good). However this is made up by the great ending and relationship between the characters.
½ September 9, 2017
Ozymandias is the bad guy. He killed The Comedian. You can tell this movie sucks because Zack Snyder directed it and it has a mostly D-list cast. But, it's based on the best graphic novel of all time you protest? Well, Watchmen the graphic novel sucked too. The source material sucks and so does this movie. I will say that I enjoyed some of the imagery in this movie -- it looked good. I liked it more than the turd-pile called The Dark Knight.
September 7, 2017
Loved it. Original idea for a movie deserves credit.
September 3, 2017
Amazing adaptation. Better than majority of MCU.
½ August 30, 2017
Frequently bogged down with its ambition and brim with some painfully cheesy moments, but ultimately enjoyable. The thoughts and questions evoked regarding the human condition give you something to chew on alongside some reflections of how perfectly messy life can be. Plus, the concept of Dr. Manhattan is straight up nerd porn and the sight of heroes contracted by the U.S. military exploding her enemies is simply a delight!
August 29, 2017
A great Adaptation from one of the best comic books ever Zack Snyder was The best choice for Directing this movie he did nailed everything I did love about the graphic novel. Thank you Zack Snyder
August 28, 2017
Zack Snyder presents Moore's comic in a dark, stylish and brutal way, while also adding his own masterful flair of visual treats.
August 27, 2017
less would be moore..
August 20, 2017
(5.0 out of 6)
When we see that we are part of a group of superheroes drawn into the spotlight for our heroic deeds that we can't hide from. When we see that there is plenty to hide from when our pasts are not as squeeky clean as our image may be. When we see a time where we got our beginnings that we didn't need to hide behind fear and take a stand to what we believe in, justice. When we see the world is what it is globally captivating us to our tvs, and ears that we can't hide what our actions do and whom to blame. When we see clearly the world is what it is when we have the right to be hidden from the world and not fear of being watched to restore order, we just escalated it. When we see that being human we have immoral thoughts, actions, and deeper feelings that shouldn't be judged when being human is similar to those who are superhuman. When we see we can't hide who we are by wearing masks, so that we remain transparent to society we belong in to be judged equally as others. When we see no one is above the law, that no one can't hide from it to only choose to remain visible or hidden away from the public eye. When we see not everyone can hide when their existence is the problem and solution when they are seen as a weapon and peacekeeper but standing alongside 1 and not all that others refuse to hide in fear of one day falling to a super power that war is the answer. When we see that much is needed to gain peace when we only get to see the causes and effects of war serves to us on tv but not everything is revealled when decisions are made hidden in well kept doors away from public eyes and ears to know what goes on. When we see that we can hide what we want but can't hide how we get it. When we see that we all have greater deeper yearnings that we keep hidden whether it's our humanly urges, greater purpose to do right, fight for the weak & small, moral obligation, truth in the face of darkness and to feel wanted again we keep hidden but it surfaces in our actions and eye to do good. When we don't see how much human we truly are at times but we hide it when we are too superhuman, that we remain in another state of mind then the human kind to notice what we lost. When we see what others can't see that we explore deeper and further then others couldn't possibly do when we live in a world where it's hidden in plain sight to notice whether it is underneath us, above us or all around us we can't see. When we see that there is plenty to see but nobody wants to see us again, we disappear for good and remain hidden. When we don't see all what remains hidden in society that makes it unclean and dirty that we need to bring out in the surface and end it's days of being hidden. When we see that not all things in life is meant to be not hidden when it's personal. When we see that we are the true reasons as to why there is so much no peace that we choose to ignore and remain hidden for the fear of knowing is the worst part that eliminates what we always thought we were seeing in ourselves being a symbol for good. When we see or font see things we don't know because it's hidden from us or kept a secret from us for own good or for people's own good that we now know we must have. When we see that making some truths hidden is the answer we need in times to restore peace in times where there is no other resolution, but it comes st the costs of others including ourselves that we must remain hidden. When we see that we always hated hiding or remain dishonest and out casted that it stands for everything we fight for that we can't hide and live a lie like others can when the world means more to us then superficiality but the order in which it is founded on. When we see that once we see something now it's no longer what we see when it's now deformed and nobody can't see when it is hidden in the illusion we make it to be. When we see that we don't need to be seen to make a difference for peace when our words, eyes and story is enough to paint the picture of what others see to judge for themselves and not be scared to express what they feel from being hidden and challenge what we see and always fight for what we believe the truth will set us free to break free from illusion.
August 14, 2017
Watchmen, adapted by Zach Snyder, always seemed to be an FU to Alan Moore, who claimed (and hoped) that Hollywood would understand the comic book doesn't' translate well to modern cinema. Snyder tries hard to recreate the style and look of the world, while missing the ultimate point of Moore's pessimism and criticism of humanity. He also accentuated the most obvious aspects of the book (the shock value, the character study that seemed much deeper when it was subtle) and made the casting an absolute parody, worthy of Mad TV. I say this as a person who loved the comic, loved the idea of a movie finally being made, and as a Watchmen patriot who still feels obligated to support what is probably the only film version that will try to get it right - and (barely) succeed.
August 13, 2017
This film is a lot more than what it appears. Wow. A super hero movie from a fresh and bold perspective. Please make a sequel (and I typically try never to use exclamation points)!!!!
Bradley T. Johnson
Super Reviewer
August 8, 2017
A movie that is absolutely singular in its dreary vision of the inner lives of superheroes. Watchmen is intriguing in how character based it is. It rarely devolves into full on action film like many of its Marvel rivals. This means Watchmen is thoroughly atmospheric and grim, but never really exciting. It's highly stylized and undeniably interesting, but it is polarizing in its detached storytelling. By all means worth a watch, but hard to embrace. Rating: 63
July 31, 2017
This movie is unique and realistic. These points make its become distinctive among its genre. I love every factors of this movie.
July 30, 2017
Bravo, solemn and stirring, sublime, to name a few, that this movie was up to. Watchmen, beginning with death of Comedian, a grandiosity, as well as a bombshell which the movie drops from the very beginning, successfully leading us to the dark world disarrayed by all kinds of live stuff that mixed up with the dirty city which seems to fall together along with his body and his badge from the height. Through one eye of that smiling face, the film shows us a large quantity of history stories, including some important moments such as the surrender of Japs, the assassination of president Kennedy (by Comedian), all of these was accompanied by that famous song called 'for the times they are a-changing', you many feel that nothing was left behind. Indeed, this kind of head leader was never made before, and probably will be unique for a very long time.

As the investigation into the real murder who committed to the death of Comedian, Rorschach kept warning his old friends, or his comrade-in-arms for old times' sake, other guys seemed to be, however, not quite shocked. Actually, they had plenty of reasons to be, after all, this world has been lousy and hurly-burly for a long goddamn time, dwellers crawled over the surface of this city, those who used to be heroes fell from grace. To them, it was just an ordinary murder case. Switch to another line, Nuclear Crisis between two superpowers: America and Soviet grew as time went by. How to keep people's head above water and save this world from that unimaginable calamity, no one had a clear view except one watchman: Ozymandias, who later neutralized that crisis by imputing the explosion to Doctor Manhattan.
So we can see it: this movie had a simple story: heroes finally saved the entire human race by using some tricks, although brought some burdens to bear. This movie, however, is quite more complicated, it definitely confuses you if you did not read the comic before, but how involuted does this film will be? Let's just say: it is quite meaningless to make a pectination to the contents here.

Apparently, this film seems to be an heroes film, but it tramples them, blames them and cast them into hell. Among these guys, two who always stuck to their rules and followed their own principle: Comedian and Rorschach, died miserably, two were killed by other members, which is exceeding ironical. And, again, their death was caused by not changing their credendum. Other heroes, Owlman and Silk Spectre lived their own ordinary life as usual routine, some occasional good deeds to help people was just a kind of reminiscence they made in order to recall their activities in olden days. Doctor Manhattan, he could not even emancipate himself from old times. Ozymandias, the smartest guy in the planet, did not have a real ability to save the human while not victimizing some in this world. No one was perfect in this universe, but the real bad dudes never exits. Be that as it may, they never stop redeeming themselves, but they never really made that achievement. The world was saved, but who else can save these super heroes ? At least I figure time has no such power here.

Darker than The Dark Knight, Acomplicated as it can be, As much information as it can delivered us.

The director: Zack Snyder complete an impossible mission: filmizing a comic called Watchmen.
½ July 25, 2017
Long, dark, gritty, graphic, dystopian, complex, revealing, yet strangely satisfying.
July 20, 2017
I have to disagree with the consensus--although not familiar with graphic novel, I liked that this flick wasn't just the same old heroic mold super hero action flick--the special effects were marvelous, although the art design was very dark and noir-ish, as was the plot and characters, but the plot was seriously saying some very philosophical things about the world we live in and how human nature affects it, although this view of humanity was as dark as the rest of the film. It was still very intriguing and probably true, but in reality we have no super-beings to find a way forward for us.
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