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July 18, 2017
Rorschach. Rorschach.
½ July 17, 2017
Terrible boring long as fudge super hero dc comics movie directed by to me the worst director of all time Zack Snyder. I really found this movie boring as fudge especially the plot and the characters,i didn't feel any connections with any of the characters and in my opinion this movie is too dark. Zack Snyder sucked back then and be sucks now, what a wasted opportunity.
July 17, 2017
I loved it so much, I would watch it every day.
July 16, 2017
My first impression of Watchmen came before the DC "Extended Universe" was underway. I had never read the graphic novel (still haven't). But I did like the comics genre, and director Zack Snyder had done something interesting with 300. So I gave Watchmen a shot and was ... unimpressed.
I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. I probably would have forgotten it. But now a Watchmen TV show is in the works, Zack Snyder is a (much criticized, often unfairly) driving force in the DCEU, and the Watchmen are back in the comics scene. It seemed like a good time for a second screening.
On the surface, there's a lot to appreciate here. It's lovingly crafted by filmmakers with a passion for the source material. It has massive attention to detail. It's visually inventive. If it were about characters we knew and loved, it might nothing short of epic.
And it is epic in scope, but not in impact. We're thrown into an alternate reality where superheroes are real and even helped win the Vietnam war. As the President who won that war, Richard Nixon is in his fifth term. Superheroes, however, are outlawed, except for Dr. Manhattan, who replaces "Mutual Assured Destruction" to keep the cold war from turning hot.
The movie is also epic in length, and begins to feel a little self-indulgent. We get flashbacks and backstories from the 40's to the 70's before we really even understand the alternate 80's we've been thrown into. Sometimes it takes a moment to discern whether a scene is flashing back or moving forward. Maybe it would help if you're familiar with the graphic novel, but the narrative structure is just not going to work for everyone.
Watchmen preceded Deadpool and Logan on the R-rated comic book front, and earns the R with violence, sex, nudity and language. But in Watchmen, the R-rated content isn't for laughs, and sometimes it's a bit uncomfortable.
In fact, it's hard to find sensibilities with which to get comfortable in this movie. These are all anti-heroes, without a single character in the film to latch onto as a virtuous hero just trying to do the right thing. Several of the heroes are straight up killers. One is an attempted rapist. The movie's primary love story is an adultery tinged triangle.
Despite dealing with Vietnam, Richard Nixon and the Cold War, the politics are similarly non-committal. No one's particularly wrong or right. The end justifies the means in a world where you must do terrible things to stave off even worse things. That world is part of what makes it difficult to connect with the film. Written just a year before Ronald Reagan's "tear down that wall" ultimatum, Watchmen was written in a world that knew all too well the existential threat of nuclear war with the Soviets. As such, Watchmen is adapting a story which cannot be told apart from the sensibilities of those who lived through the 60's, 70's and 80's. Perhaps the very themes that made Watchmen resonate so powerfully with readers in 1986, make it difficult to connect with today.
Many people, perhaps most, will find Watchmen inaccessible. But maybe it's unfair to criticize it for having an unconventional structure or pace. Zack Snyder wasn't trying to make a conventional movie. He was trying to adapt a specific piece of pop culture, one many had called "unfilmable," to the silver screen. The late Roger Ebert said that he rated a movie based on whether it succeeded in what it was trying to do. By that measure, Watchmen may be very successful (and Ebert did give it four stars).
Perhaps if Zack Snyder's other movies were rated in this spirit, his DCEU movies would fare better with the critics.
July 16, 2017
I feel like Im the only one who liked this movie
July 13, 2017
Surprisingly underrated. The comic book movie that couldn't be made/adapted was, in fact, done superbly by Zach Snyder and a strong cast. A great move whether you've read the graphic novel or not. Did they change some things to the detriment of the story, I think so, but it's still a very, very good movie. Better than 65% rating by far.
½ July 12, 2017
An action packed dark and gritty action thriller filled with blood and amazing characters Zach Snyder kills it again with his amazing cinematography (must WATCH!)
July 11, 2017
What did I watch. A superhero porno?
July 7, 2017
I've seen the film a few times now and, unlike most people, I never had any problem with its complex narrative structure, in fact, I actually liked this narrative structure and the political subtext, which was crucial in the source material.
July 4, 2017
In ten years it will be studied in film schools around the world. Mark my fucking words
June 27, 2017
Very long but dark and entertaining.
½ June 26, 2017
A aesthetically beautiful movie which tackles a profound albeit melancholy view of the "human condition", Watchmen is a movie that appeals to an audience willing to admit and explore humanity's grimmer side. Though seemingly complex, its message is quite clear: in order to unite mankind, it is necessary to give everyone something, usually a greater enemy, to fight against. And things are always going to get worse before they get better. Despite differences from the original comic, it pulls it off quite well. My only big complaints are ones I have with the comic, but that would probably spoil too much of the movie. It's also true that I'd rather recommend the Director's Cut (I'd say 4.5 star material, though I'm having difficulty ascertaining quite why), as the theatrical version feels inadequate, kinda like an MRE -- the meat's there, but little more. On the other hand, if all you've experienced is the comic, then heads up! The ending here WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Seriously, I'm of the opinion that this version makes a hell of a lot more sense, although the comic drops a huge bomb on the reader that is never, EVER revealed in any version of the movie... There's a reason the original material warranted a Hugo Award. Still, people craving pure action should bypass this film entirely: this is definitely not meant for you.
June 26, 2017
Criminally underrated.
June 22, 2017
Great movie. Story was cool, theme was cool, and loved the characters. Zack Snyders visuals were epic and awesome.
June 20, 2017
Warning, SPIOLERS!!! DONT READ IF HAVENT SEEN .Watchmen blew me away, it's very rare that a film actually live's up to your expectations, this lived up to and beyond my own, and i had some serious expectations for this, the film adaptation of the "unfilmable, citizen kane of graphic novels". Sure there is a far longer directors cut that includes the various subplots and even the "tales of the black freighter" pirate story, but really as your watching it nothing really feels like it's missing from the graphic novel, all the key moments are there, the violence and brutality has if anything been magnified from the comic, this really is hard stuff, most people will (despite the 18 cert) be expecting a fairly route superhero movie, they will definitely not be expecting attempted rape, child killing and a superhero who "cant get it up". Although this astonishing film is already on it's way to being a box office disappointment in the states i believe it will still change the superhero movie forever, the entire concept of a superhero is turned entirely on it's head, and even the very notion of right or wrong, or what it will really take to save this world from itself, is upended. I also suspect that this film will become cult legend through the many kids and teenage superhero movie fans who will seek it out (mostly on dvd) and be shocked and surprised by all the graphic sex and violence and morally grey decisions the goods guys have to make. As an adaptation this film is near perfect, as a fan i sat there amazed by how faithful it was to the themes and tone of the comic, and even how it improved upon whole passages and scenes, the opening fight, the birth of dr Manhattan, every scene with the fantastic jackie earle haley, perfect as inkblot masked vigilante Rorschach. Which leads to the casting overall, haley as i said IS rorshcach, every line deliverd to a t, every bit of his body language convey exactly how you imagined, and billy crudup is similarly spot on as the blue, glowing and mostly naked (big blue wang shockingly included) dr manhatten, the only character who actually possesses superpowers, his gental, subtle and spot on line delivery conveyed through an astoundingly perfect motion capture performance, he gives real complexity and tracable emotional undercurrents to this perfect being who may have forgotten what it means to be human. Supernatural's jeffry dean morgan paints the moraly depraved sociopath "the comedien" with real sympathy, he's a character you should compleatly hate but you somehow just can't, he hates himself enough, and has condemed himself all the way. Patrick wilson makes a far more likable dan drieberg/night owl 2, than the spineless illistrated incarnation, and mathew goode's adrian vite/ozymandis is changed and evolved into cinema form brilliantly, malin akerman does deliver some lines dogily as slik spectre 2, but otherwise shines in the role, especialy in scenes between herself and patrick wilson (great, easy chemistry and a fantastic sex scene) if there were some quibbles to be had, id say that some of the fight scenes were too "cool" and cartoonish (the prison fight and the showdown with ozymandis), detracting from the fact that these are meant to be real people in self made costumes, not perfect, sleek superheros. Also richard nixons prosthetic nose? but these are as i said minor complaints, and although the ending lacks the sheer bloody horror from the comics ending, i think this new ending was superior to the original one, and in many ways made more sense. This is a masterpiece which stands toe to toe with some of the greatest films ever made. Not everyone will like it, it'll provoke and frustrate the average film goer, and they may well give up on it before the end. So here it is, an adult superhero film that offers no easy answers and resolution, that's thought provoking and even shocking, a film that is a mirror to our world right now, it will split people down the middle, it is a classic in other words. I also think that in adapting the graphic novel to screen watchmen has evolved in to another beast entirely. Director zack snyder hasn't just opted to go for another gritty, real world set superhero film like the dark knight or unbreakable, that's already been done, something very different was needed for the watchmen movie itself, snyder has made a dark satire of superhero movies themselves, here we have a stylized, colorful comic book world (as opposed to the grey, grounded world of the dark knight) and here we have superheros who are like the ones we see in comic book movies, with their brightly colored, campy costumes and even slightly cartoonish, wire assisted over the top fight scenes towards the end (again, see the final showdown) they could have come out of x-men or a campy superhero show, but it challenges us by having the people behind these masks and under these spandex costumes be unstable, sociopathic, and prone to using their positions of authority to elicit excessively brutal violence, which they even get off on (check out dan and laurie after the ally fight) these are morally grey people who cant connect with the real world and have no identity outside of the safety of their costumes, who have to make terrible choices for the greater good, choices that may be very wrong, and they're meant to be our friendly neighborhood protectors, this takes place in a bright comic book world but it's filled with blood, death, violence and difficult discussions. It's amazing how relevant a film this is, and how it has come along at the perfect time, despite being based on a graphic novel that's more than 20 years old it plays on our current climate, the fear of terrorism and complete annihilation and at the same time rips apart our most popular escapism from these fears, the superhero movie. This is something that just doesn't happen any more, a big studio film that takes risks, that's bold and challenging, difficult and deeply complex. It will take years to fully dissect and analyse the themes and images of zack snyders masterful watchmen film. We may not see the likes of this again for some time. To all those who want more intelligent, thought provoking films in the mainstream, watch the watchmen, and cherish it. For an even more rich experience check out the directors cut, which is the definitive version of the movie, ironing out some of the flaws and kinks, letting the film breathe a bit more, and for real fans there's the ultimate cut, which is frankly bonkers, inserting the comic within the comic "The Tales Of The Black Freighter" back in as a segmented animated film that is interspersed throughout the film, bringing the run time up to over 3 and a half hours. Dose this work you ask? not entirely, it's gimmicky and very odd when the film suddenly lurches into a violent cartoon about pirates, it also interrupts the pace of the already very long film, but it is absolutely fascinating to behold, if one were to view the whole thing for the first time with this cut, the reaction will either be mind blowing or baffling, maybe both. It's really a thing for fans of the graphic novel who wanted EVERYTHING up there on screen, and as a Watchmen enthusiast it is a buzz to see them go as far as they do with both the TOTBF and putting the complete appearances of the two Bernie's in the film, if that means anything to you, non Watchmen fan. Though it can be unwieldy, episodic in nature, and feature heavily stylized action and violence that often goes so over the top as to undercut the impact of certain scenes, Zack Snyder has created a real visionary masterwork here, even four years later i cant believe he got away with the content, the graphic gore, the overt and explicit sexuality, the attempted rape, Dr Manhattens big swinging junk, Patrick Wilson thrusting into Malin Akerman, NC-17 style, the gunned down pregnant woman, that bleak, downbeat, morally ambiguous and in this post 9/11 wold, chillingly relevant ending, all the while completely, perversely deconstructing Hollywood's biggest money maker, the superhero movie, all on a massive blockbuster budget, by a major studio, i dont think we will see anything quite like this bold, unique and impossibly ambitious film again.
½ June 14, 2017
This movie needs to be viewed as a splendid and stylish movie that doesn't fail to be faithful to the source material. Bravo to Zack Snyder for making the impossible in a thoughtful ode to the graphic novel.
Tyler H.
Super Reviewer
June 12, 2017
Watchmen proves that Zack Snyder's gory and dark vision is continued on this film . The tone is quite advanced and complex to benefit the film but the somewhat confusing story gets in the way of the movie being a staple. Though this film is definitely a classic comic book movie that every comic book reader should watch.
June 12, 2017
It didn't keep me watching.
June 8, 2017
Excellent movie! Honestly couldn't have asked for a better adaptation of the graphic novel. But, this movie does have its flaws. Zach Snyder does go overboard on the slow-motion. He also uses a bit too much CGI. Other than that though, the movie is great. Definitely recommend to any fan of the graphic novel.
May 16, 2017
Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" actually is able to probe the depths of the source material admirably, making it the best possible adaptation of such a tremendous graphic novel.
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