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March 26, 2018
Not easy to shoot a comedy movie with great sorrow buried in it. A Classic.
½ February 24, 2018
I found it a telling story that reminded me of "Midnight Cowboy", only the British version. Griffiths was powerful as a Thespian from money. I did not especially find it hilarious, but rather tragic.

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½ December 19, 2017
Utterly hilarious Brit comedy with some of the funniest lines coming out of the mouths of two witless drunk would-be actors who seem totally incapable of coping with life. I really lost it when, trying to survive a weekend in the country without a grocery store, they take to shooting fish with a rifle. Richard E. Grant is genius here! Ralph Brown is a scene-stealer as Danny the drug dealer who likes to wax philosophical.What is very ironic is that Grant, who is supposed to be non-stop drunk throughout the whole film, is incapable of digesting alcohol in real life--it makes him violently ill!!
November 25, 2017
Classic British comedy. So many scenes that still work today. The dialogue is infinitely quotable.
½ November 23, 2017
Never really got into the story before I put it on. It turned out to be highly entertaining and a pretty weird piece about failing, trying, giving up and not giving a damn.

Two actor buddies with no recent aspirations during a time with few to no jobs or auditions is living in a shabby shack in London. Wine, weed, dirty dishes and garbage all over. They stay up for days and crave for drinks when the bar open. Money is an issue, but they get around finding some dough as long as they continue to never pay their rent. They decide to make things better, so they steal a key and goes for a trip to a cabin somewhere away from everything. Equipped with wine, cigarettes and booze they make the best of it, chopping up furniture for wood to stay warm and going to neighbours for food.

This is a true trip. Downs, negativity and loads of humor. Dark comedy with undertones of addiction and failiure, still our two fellas try to stay positive and realistic in a way. Great acting, great casting and a very nice pace. It moves slowly but steady, never boring and crazy moments appear togheter with great dialogues and quotes. The man with an eel in his pants and the way they cook chicken are golden scenes.

The atmosphere is fantatic and the vibe is like "Trainspotting", just even more British, grim and shabby like Mike Leigh at his best. True British quality, really.

9 out of 10 eels.
August 22, 2017
When a couple of failing actors need a vacation from sitting on their couch doing drugs, they travel to the English countryside. But they soon find out once they get there that they're going to have to spend the majority of their vacationtime warding off the advances of a fat homosexual.
June 21, 2017
Withnail and I has some lovably eccentric characters at its forefront, but the movie lacks nonstop laughs. Some of its comedic scenes come off as more awkward than funny, but I appreciate its clever, sometimes thought-provoking one-liners.
June 17, 2017
Pretentious and overrated, I'm not sure what I was supposed to take away from "Withnail and I."
½ June 6, 2017
Considerada como una de las mejores comedias britÓnicas la vý con mucha expectativa, pero me pareci˛ una regular cinta con el týpico humor britÓnico destaca su banda sonora.
April 23, 2017
Good old fashioned British humor right here. One of my favorite comedy movies.
February 10, 2017
Ralph Brown short performance is brilliant
February 5, 2017
My all time favorite movie.
November 29, 2016
Oh what a piece of work is this movie - simply brilliant. Almost fatal self-obsession meets rural England with stunning results. Grant, McGann, and Griffiths are all gorgeous.
½ October 24, 2016
It's brilliantly written and ominously funny in a way that most films are not, but it's a hard thing to swallow. It's one of those films that just makes you feel terribly gross the whole time, which I'm sort of biased against.
½ October 23, 2016
Has aged ok, still some decent humour in amongst the irreverent plot. Short enough not get too tedious.
September 24, 2016
Top film. We've come on holiday by mistake!
July 31, 2016
While Grant does it best to be completely likeable through being completely unlikeable, the joke of them being pretentious youths in the sixties runs old quite quickly - and Richard Griffith's predatory homosexual routine is nothing short of offensive.
June 12, 2016
Hilarious, poignant, writing that just crackles and stellar performances from the entire cast. Easily the best British film of the latter part of the 20th Century!
April 10, 2016
Atmospheric. No better word to describe this masterpiece. Grab a few beers on a rainy day and put this movie on - you won't regret it.
March 20, 2016
One of the funniest comedies, ever! Just watch it. If you don't like it then you probably shouldn't be watching comedy. This film will hold you from the haunting King Curtis live performance or A Whiter shade of Pale through the opening credits, to Richard E Grant's poignant Hamlet soliloquy over David Dundas' haunting closing instrumental. "We went on holiday by accident"...from 1987 the last days of the 60's never looked so authentic.
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