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October 6, 2016
Right down to action fighting with some funny moments with Logan being sarcastic so some moments where humorous that made it good! And the fights where intense
½ September 27, 2016
The worst entry into the original X-Men trilogy. After the high bar set by X-Men and that bar exceeded by X2, do you really think Brett Ratner would beat what Singer did. The answer is a clear no.
September 24, 2016
A movie I had such high hopes for, the trailer though was better than the movie itself. My biggest issue was that they could have used Rogue and Colossus more, and let's not even mention the deaths in the movie.
September 18, 2016
Although its delivery may be underwhelming, the cast is still capable and the action is compelling.

V: 66%
September 17, 2016
Bryan Singer did not direct what could have been the best installment in the X-Men franchise. But that did not stop me from enjoying every single bit of what director Brett Ratner was able to do.
½ August 19, 2016
Despite some silly dialogue this is one of my favorite X-Men movies that I have seen yet. The general premise was more interesting to me than the previous two films. The action sequences were awesome, and I enjoyed the addition of some new characters. (First viewing - Summer 2006 in theaters)
August 17, 2016
Totally heartless when compared to the other entries in the X-Men series. Maybe 3/5 for an 11PM, can't-be-bothered-to-turn-the-tv-off movie, but it loses another 1/2 star for wasted potential.
½ August 15, 2016
Bret Ratner delivers a Bret Ratner film.. and everybody blames Bret Ratner. That's the internet for you. The real flaw of this movie is that the mentality the producers had for X-men was 'trilogy', not 'cinematic universe'. Amongst many other flaws in the script and concept of this movie.
August 14, 2016
"The Last Stand" punctuates some of the best and some of the worst traits of the X-Men films. The social commentary and the moral dilemmas (being afraid of anything different, being tempted to conform in order to belong and how someone can hijack your vulnerabilities or fears for his own interests) are at the forefront of the film's plot. This more intelligent side of the franchise is contrasted by the amount of corny or silly dialogues. In any case, the solid action is the film's safety net.
½ August 13, 2016
This film wasn't near as entertaining as the first two, but it's acceptable to close out the "X-Men Trilogy".

Hugh Jackman once again stars and is great but the character of Jean Grey was the main vocal point of the plot, and a lot of this film really didn't make much since but oh well, I still think I enjoyed it and while its not the greatest, it is worth seeing!
August 10, 2016
Along with 'X2: X-Men United', this instalment too suffers with developing the characters, on an even larger scale. In fact it focuses on action so much it sometimes loses its way with creating a story.
½ August 7, 2016
A watchable action film however it isn't a great story or a particularly great Xmen film
August 5, 2016
This movie is definitely not as bad as people have made it out to be, but it's not great by any means either. In hindsight, X-Men:DOFP's soft reboot technique makes this film somewhat enjoyable if you watch the movies in chronological order. Are there questionable decisions made by Director:Brett Ratner? Absolutely! But still a fun popcorn flick saved by the retro active reboot of Bryan Singer in the films that followed.
August 2, 2016
Though not bad, X-men: The Last Stand has many flaws and kind of lackluster due to Brett Ratner's direction. The effects are cool and the characters are pretty meh.....
July 29, 2016
Different to the first 2 but enjoyed it all the same, The action and special effects were top draw for its release year, A good end to the original trilogy.
July 27, 2016
What a difference a director makes. While the previous two films in this franchise used Bryan Singer, the choice to go with Brett Ratner in this final film of the trilogy was a mistake. There was a tone and style to the previous X-Men movies that was just never quite captured in this one. The comedy seemed unnatural, the plot wasn't taken quite seriously enough, and the new characters were never given enough time to really fully develop. Perhaps some of the weakness of this film can be blamed on the previous two films being strong, independent storylines, thus not giving much to tie into a conclusive chapter of a trilogy.

Despite X2 (2003) not holding to the traditional form of "the trilogy conundrum", the fact that X-Men III has to start with some very main characters missing is a plot point that requires viewers to have seen the previous film. The concept of a "mutant cure" definitely gives the film a good sense of finality (regardless of its pre- and post-credits scenes), except that much of the focus of the film is on Jean Grey's (Famke Janssen) unrivaled power bringing untold destruction to everywhere she visits. The distracted nature of the subplots and way too many new mutant introductions really waters down the whole film.

I also understand that the end of a trilogy should bring some finality, but I really didn't like how they essentially kill everyone off in one way or another. Of course, this is just below my dislike of the cop-outs to bring characters back after they had been killed or disabled. Now that Bryan Singer has directed two more X-Men films in this six-film saga, none of this even matters anyway; essentially giving Singer a way to show us all how he would have ended the trilogy were he given the chance.

Kind of a weak end to a good trilogy, I give X-Men: The Last Stand 3.0 stars out of 5.
½ July 21, 2016
A mediocre conclusion to a profitable comic-book trilogy. There doesn't seem to be much of a future for the franchise after the number Ratner did on most of the characters, but then again the X-Men universe is expansive and can route off a hundred-thousand different ways. Exactly how many mutants have super leaping/flying capabilities?!
July 21, 2016
I honestly don't know why this is loathed by so many people. Yeah, it's the weakest of the original trilogy, but it's still perfectly serviceable movie. Nothing special, but definitely not the travesty its made out to be.
½ July 18, 2016
I didn't hate this movie with the fiery passion that the other fanboys do, but when the bar is as high as the first two movies, the final chapter has to be just as good, if not better. Mr. Singer's absence was felt.
July 11, 2016
The third installment of X-Men involves a new drug that has been developed that cures mutation. Magneto fears it will be used as a weapon to ensure that no mutants exist any longer. There is also a side plot with Jean Grey becoming the Dark Phoenix. Overall, The Last Stand may have more action than the last two installments, but character's are not as well thought out and the conclusion to the trilogy is disappointing.
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