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February 27, 2018

"X-Men: The Last Stand" saldría perdiendo si se lo compara con sus antecesoras, y es que aunque considere que no es tan mala como la pintan, si hubiese sido agradable que alguien con mas talento tanto en la dirección como el guion sacase mejor partido del material que tenían, que roza lo correcto (no siempre) pero nunca en lo memorable.
February 17, 2018
While it's not as good as the first two, X-Men 3 still manages to be an enjoyable experience.
½ February 4, 2018
The worst of the X Men films to me, The Last Stand suffers from an unfocused plot, and an over stuffing of characters that weren't needed. McKellin, Jackman, and Stewart give compelling performances once again, which keeps this lackluster film from being subpar, particular McKellin who gives arguably his best performance yet. A bad X-Men movie, but still a good film.
January 29, 2018
MUCH better than the last movie.
January 25, 2018
6/10 "X-Men: The Last Stand" is certainly not a good movie, but it is largely entertaining, and that's really all that matters. So if you're a fan of the franchise, I'd recommend it.
January 17, 2018
This movie is that one movie that has 0 Respect for the fans of the Source Material, They wanted Bryan Singer who wanted to direct the Awful Superman Returns, went with Matthew Vaughn who had something personal in his life to attend to, you think this Trash studio might be patient & have Faith in the Source Material but nope, what do they do? What could possibly go wrong? They get Brett Ratner, the Last person on Earth who should be anywhere near a comic book film, let alone an X-MEN film, but the rights to x-men were owned by a careless impatient studio like Fox, And let me just say I've never had my Intelligence Insulted So Bad before by a Superhero movie in my whole entire life, I mean wow, Brett the Trash Hack kills off cyclops, kill off Charles Xavier & you can really feel that kind, strong, patient, anilitycal presence missing through this film after he gets killed off & kill off Jean Grey & she even acknowledges how BAD this film is, she looks at Wolverine & says "Kill Me" & he does it, yes kill our intelligence & love for X-Men, this Bad film almost makes me ashamed to be an X-Men fan, it butchers the SOURCE MATERIAL & spits in our faces, why do movies like this exist? No Heart, No Passion, No Emotion, this film is like that Nasty Purple Medicine you had as a kid forced down your Throat, this film is the Purple Medicine being shoved down your Throat by Hack Brett Ratner & 21st Century Fox all to make money waist your Life, Time & Energy & Lead you astray. You want to put out a movie? Fine. You want to waste your audiences Time & Money, Insult their Intelligence & profit off them anyway, go back to Rush Hour you Hack. I love X-Men, read the comics as a kid, I got the first 2 films but this movie Absolutely Kills my Love & Passion for X-Men, it was Racist, a Black Guard is used as a Scapegoat in such humiliating fashion, keep in mind you, this film was directed by a Jewish man, it just really goes to show the poor taste in Brett Ratner. 1 dead black human guard, 4 Living White Mutants, while the minoriities wait outside the Truck Magneto just ambushed, it also was Sexist... toward Men, yes that's right there's Scene Of Rogue & Bobby Exchange in Dialogue & it goes something like this Bobby: It seems like you're avoiding me, I mean something wrong.
Rogue: What's wrong is that I can't touch my boyfriend without killing him, other than that, I'm wonderful
Bobby: That's not fair, have I ever put any pressure on you?
Rogue: You're a guy Bobby, your mind's only on one thing
This is to tell the audience, both Male & Female that all men care about is Sex & their just reckless jerks!
That's so not true, there are good men out there in the world. X-Men: The Last Stand is a film that's Anti-Mental Masculinity, Anti-Black Masculinity & Anti-Men overall. It's Jewish Propaganda, and speaking of that purple medicine, have you guys seen the poster to this movie, it's a Dark Cloud with the X-Men on it.... I'm not kidding, it looks like purple medicine, this
is a really sad & depressing movie. It lacks the charm of the first 2 movies & the Cartoon & especially the comic-books. Action was lame, too many characters killed off, it's a bloated mess for only 104 minutes, butchered the Dark Phoenix storyline, the whole cure thing wasn't compelling because it's predictable, you know the evil
Mutants are gonna get hit by it & Rogue who is
completely wasted in this film, still an insecure kid who actually takes the cure, this was more of a "Soap Opera" than Batman & Robin was! Even the X-Mansion in this looks & feels like the
mansion in Batman & Robin. Bryan Singer better directed the scenes in the X-Mansion, go back & watch the first film where wolverine meets Jean
Grey. Heck, even go watch Days Of Future Past with the X-Mansion scenes. I could literally go
Scene-By-Scene in this movie & pick apart a few Flaws in each scene, Yes that's how bad this movie was, that's simulation room opening was just stupid fan service, a trilogy & No Real
Sentinels, what a joke. If there was a film to
feature the Sentinels, this was it but they blew it. I'm sorry but I love Famke as Jean Grey but I felt No Sympathy for her Death in this movie, she
killed her X-Men & were supposed to believe there's humanity in her because she refuses to kill Logan & still likes him? It makes No Sense. Acting was ok, chemistry was good, cast was good, There's some good quotes, 2 best scenes in the whole movie was the Bridge scene & when Wolverine clawed all those evil Mutants in the woods, that's it the rest of the movie as absolute TRASH!!! Cinematography was bland, Magneto's hideout is in the woods, yes that's right he can bend metal but his hideout is in the woods? Another stupid thing about this movie that doesn't make any sense. This is on a RoboCop 3 level of BAD. I hated the Soap Opera vide I get from this movie! Oh & Angel was completely wasted, false advertising at best, pictures of him in him costume, he doesn't join in battle to fight with the X-Men, he comes in to save his dad in street clothes, no X-Men costume. Psylocke was a poorly handled character, no dialogue & she's an evil Mutant for whatever reason that this film's screenplay is too lazy to explain, Colossus has only 1-2 lines of dialogue, this is not the X-Men of your childhood, this is Hollywood propaganda, Gosh this Trash Movie really Pissed Me off! Save yourself the Negative Feelings & Emotions! DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY!!!! PLEASE SPARE YOUR SOUL THE MISERY! 1.8/10 Thumbs Down.
½ January 13, 2018
My favorite of the trilogy. Loved the action scenes. Kelsey Grammer as Beast was fantastic. He was great in the battle of Alcatraz. Good story. Intense, emotional moment in the standoff between Dark Phoenix and Professor X. Wish Juggernaut was more like Hulk in size. Liked Storm's growth as a leader in the school and team. Hugh Jackman was awesome as usual.
January 6, 2018
This movie gets a lot of hate, and I get why, but I applaud what this movie was trying to do. It took chances, and while they didn't all work, I still appreciate the effort. Might have been better if it had toned down the action and made a more focused, smaller scale, more intimate version of what it did.
½ December 21, 2017
Terrible conclusion to the trilogy. Lackluster action, cheesy dialogue and a film that feels out of place after X2.
One to skip.
December 17, 2017
For an X-Men movie, it's pretty bland, flatly executed and was put in the wrong hands!
½ December 16, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.5

El pecado de X-Men: The Last Stand fue asesinar a unos de los personajes más icónicos de la saga.
½ December 16, 2017
A true disappointment, X3 suffers from overstuffing the movie, and making questionable decisions with the cast and story. The cast itself works with what they're given, but their performances are overshadowed by the botched attempt of adapting the Dark Phoenix saga. Rather than making that the main plot, it instead converts into a side story. The main story itself, while compelling, betrays the moral of these movies, acceptance for these characters and their abilities, not a way to get rid of them. The new addition of Kelsey Grammer is a positive in the film, but is undone with the underdevelopment of Angle, a fan favorite in the comics. Overall, X3 crumbles under its own weight and potential.
½ December 13, 2017
This ruined the franchise. It was loud, overblown, and they killed off nearly every other character.
½ December 9, 2017
With plenty of action that tries to sustain, this overly determined threequel falls short of the inherent character development delivered by Singer's first two entries -- and might in general bring about the nagging impression that "Where there's a rattle, there's a Ratner."
November 23, 2017
The past two "X-Men" movies were great, but this one just has a lot of bore to it.
½ November 21, 2017
I did like this and it ties all three movies in from the beginning and dealing with the government and people being scared of mutants. Wishing there was a different storyline. But still a good movie.
½ November 19, 2017
There's not really much i want to say here, mainly because i cant be bothered and partly because i might start to get angry.

To start of i want to say, Brett Ratner you should be ashamed of yourself. I would also like to add that the actors in this film all did fantastic jobs as they are all very talented but why they didn't run a mile from this i do not no.

I spent my (boyfriends) hard earned money on going to see this film and i thought it was going to be amazing because how can you go wrong with X Men when there's so much to work with, the possibilities are endless yet this film managed to destroy my hopes and dreams of finishing up with something spectacular, instead you get a half assed job from someone who seems to no nothing about the X Men.

Now i no that changes have to be made to certain things to make it more suitable for the big screen or to tie in with the plot more, but there seems to be no plot or point to this film ***SPOILER WARNING*** First of all as many people have said, since when was juggernaut a mutant? Despite the fact that Xavier and juggernaut are step brothers they don't say a single word to each other or even make eye contact, hmmm, its as if they don't know each other. Juggernaut has always hated and wanted to destroy Xavier, so what happened here. Maybe juggernaut has seen the error of his ways and will be a good bro from know on, but its not very likely.

Second of all, you don't kill two of the MOST important characters, along with other extremely important characters losing there powers (though there is something to suggest that "The Cure" doesn't really work). I really am just so angry at this guy.

Thirdly, why even bother to put put Jean Grey/Phoenix in this film?? She spent the whole film standing around doing NOTHING. She's supposed to be this all powerful mutant goddess yet doesn't do anything. Why? They could have made this film amazing if they actually did something with Phoenix (and the other piles of characters that made random appearances). Throughout the whole film i kept saying to myself "Phoenix is gonna do something in a second and its gonna be amazing", but sadly that moment never came, not even any flames or the slightest connection with perhaps... a Phoenix, just nothingness, and then to kill her in the end. I'm so confused and slightly distraught.

I know i said i would make it short, but I'm just getting a bit carried away, but i'll try and finish up quickly.

Fourthly, where was night Crawler? Why was Angel in this film? He was in it for all of two minutes yet in the trailer they make it seem as though he is an important character to this film when in fact he does nothing as well. Why has rouge never been developed in to the awesome character she is? Instead she just whinges a bit more and takes "The Cure" which shouldn't happen. Still no Gambit which was upsetting as he is a favourite of mine, though i already knew about this before i wasted my money.

Lastly i want to say that Bryan Singer did a great job with the first two films. Brett Ratner has obviously decided that he wants to be remembered and take credit for the x men films so he destroyed the characters that Bryan Singer had built up and developed so well, and then tried to build other characters up instead, as well as trying to stick as many characters in as possible in 1 hour 40 minutes.

Well Brett Ratner, i certainly will remember you, but i can assure you it wont be for bringing what started out so well to a great end.The final arc in the X-Men franchise has finally landed. Let me start this review by saying that X2 was and is a hard act to follow. In my humble opinion, it might be the best comic book movie ever made. Even Bryan Singer would have had a hell of a time topping that bad boy. So does X-Men 3 live up to the hype? The short answer is, of course, no. There are some extremely fundamental problems with this film's script which should have been addressed long before one bit of celluloid started to roll.

The story opens with flashbacks of a young Jean being recruited to the school by a young Xavier and Magneto. This scene lulled me into a feeling that maybe this would be an awesome movie. The next scene, a young Warren Worthington trying in vain to slice off his wings, also works well. However, when his character amounts to little more than a glorified cameo, this scene becomes completely pointless. We're led to believe that this is a character we should care for, and then he gets tossed out almost immediately. After the set up we are thrust into the meat of the story. The X-Men are still reeling from Jean Grey's sacrifice in X2 and are training a new group of muties to fill out the leather uniforms. We get to see precious little of them working as a team, however. I thought the point of a team story was to show how they interact? Apparently, along with Halle Berry's upgraded role came the stipulation that she can only share the screen with one mutant at a time. Since most people are familiar with the plot line here's a super-short rundown. Magneto and X-Men clash and a small war breaks out. There's a mutant cure and a few members die. Boredom ensues. I've never felt so utterly detached from a movie. It could have to do with the overdone musical score, terrible dialog, or countless errors and goofs. It's a movie that utterly ruins a perfectly viable franchise. I felt pained after watching this.

WHAT WORKED- Multiple Man! This guy had like two minutes of total screen time, but he ruled both of them. He's a cocky, sarcastic mutant who is literally his own best friend. I learned more about him in two lines than I did from Storm in three movies. - Iceman/Pyro. I've always loved the way these two interact, from the first hint of rivalry in X-Men to the museum scene in X2. My only complaint was that there is no real resolution. Iceman head-butts Pyro, end of story. The entire fight was in the trailer. If there had just been a few more seconds of dialog, or perhaps a Pyro death scene, this would have been perfect. - Beast (sometimes.) Kelsey Grammar did a fine job. I dug his look and overall approach to Beast. The scene in which he meets Leech is very well done. -Fastball Special. Any comic geek will tell you that this is a classic comic book moment which is a joy to see in action.

WHAT DIDN'T WORK-Halle Berry. We get it, you're a star. Get over yourself and share the stage with someone else. Miss Berry may be an Oscar winner, but she also did Catwoman. In my opinion, two movies with storm was enough, kick her ass out and bring back... -Cyclops. Hey, here's an idea! Let's take the X-Men team leader and emotional anchor of the phoenix storyline and kill him off in ten minutes so storm can do more. Yeah, that worked real well. If his death had served a purpose I wouldn't have minded. But it seemed to me that they were killing him off just to punish James Marsden for doing Superman Returns. -Juggernaut, Bitch! Wow, talk about misused. juggernaut is a cool character and I love Vinnie Jones, but that is quite a miscast part. And he spends most of the movie looking mad and making stupid one-liners. And his big finish? Hitting his head on a wall! -Beast (Mostly.) The hook for Beast in the movie is that he's conflicted. When he first sees what Leech is capable of there is a beautiful moment where we can see his conflict. Then, like nothing has happened, he makes his choice and stands with the X-Men. That was wrapped up way too easily.

ERRORS/PLOT HOLES -In X2 the phoenix entity was fiery and red when Jean accessed it. In this one she just turns dead looking...how's that work? - The X-Men fly from New York to San Fransisco very quickly. This is, I guess, plausible because they have a super-sonic blackbird jet. However, Angel shows up in the thick of the fight as well. We can assume he wasn't on the jet because they didn't show him. Are we to believe that with his little feather wings he can fly the same speed as the blackbird? - Magneto is shown playing chess all by his lonesome in the park at the conclusion of the movie. This plot hole was so huge I didn't even pick up on it at first. Shouldn't he be, like, IN JAIL!? They spend half the movie looking for him, then when the entire U.S. army is only feet away from him, and he loses his power, he is somehow able to slip away? **Here's the grand-daddy plot hole of them all** -Jean has such a powerful mutation that she cannot control it. She claims the only way to stop her is to die, as she is constantly begging Logan for death. However, her power is a result of mutation and in the movie they have rendered a cure for that. You see where I'm going with this? Why don't you geniuses just cure her? That is the epitome of crappy writing. How a plot hole that big even made it into a second draft of the script is mind boggling.First of all I just have to say that growing up and to this day I have always been a huge fan of Marvel comics and their expanded universes, specifically Spider-Man and X-Men. I'm still wondering what to think about this movie about an hour after seeing it. I waited so long for X-Men to be made into a movie series, and after seeing "The Last Stand" I was very disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy some of the film, for example the danger room sequence at the beginning, that was exactly what I thought the X-Men fighting the Sentinels should look like. However, the story, or lack thereof for that matter, literally angered me. How do you kill Professor X, Jean Grey, and Cyclops in the X-Men movies?! These people weren't supposed to die, what connected me to them throughout my years as a fan was how strong these characters were and how they were able to overcome the problems their world put into their way. "The Cure" as they called was hardly developed, the characters introduced in this movie lacked an introduction, and although it was nice to see Angel, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, and Juggernaut, among others, they may as well not even been in the movie. It was as though the entire thing was one giant spectacle, and disappointed me to the levels of the final installment of Star Wars. X2 left me hungry for more, and the original X-Men film had its problems, but at least stayed true to the foundations on which the story was based. This movie left a very bad taste in my mouth; Magneto and Rogue lose their powers (Rogue before she is even given any chance to shine), three major characters die, and the main character of the trilogy thus far, Wolverine, received the spotlight role among all of the other equally interesting X-Men, yet he gets his own film afterward and many characters we fans wanted to see, if for only a few minutes, never even made it to the screen. Like I said before, there were a few things I liked about the film. In my opinion, Beast was done justice. Seeing Iceman and Colossus reach their full mutant forms was also pleasing. Beyond these few things I have mentioned, I was not very impressed and thoroughly disappointed. The moment I heard Brett Ratner was taking over the project I began to worry, and this film proved me right. As a film student myself, long-time film lover, and X-Men fanatic, my hope for good art and good movies to be created from stories that had been around for so long just waited to be brought to the big screen was poisoned by this film. I know a lot of people will say that some changes had to be made to bring the comic to film, and I agree, but not to the drastic extents that this film took. The Spider-Man films weren't entirely true to the comics, but the changes were minute and fit well into the already famous and beloved storyline. Sam Raimi nailed those films and I remain thankful for his adaptations bringing my, and many others', beloved Spider-Man to the big screen. And as far as the first two X-Men films went, I was happy for the most part. But I have never been so disappointed in anything in my life as I was in this movie. To me, the X-Men took a creative and interesting spin on a problem that actually faces humankind, and all of that was lost here. There was really no resolution, no payoff, and no story. The film could have gone in a much better direction had the X-Men been forced to face one of their own, the Pheonix (Jean Grey), and brought her back with having her face the same attacks by the humans (Sentinels)that the X-Men faced. There would have been much more room to bring characters many wanted to see thoroughly into the picture (ie. Angel, Gambit, Beast, Psylocke, Colossus, Kitty, etc.) instead of bringing in many insignificant parties just to complicate things and provide for non-stop action. We could have easily got to know all of these new characters and then some if the story had been much better devised and the movie not been so rushed. This was also evident with the film's length; did they really expect to pull all of that off in less than two hours and have it work? The action in the film was well produced, but it seemed as thought that's all there was, action. They had enough to work with from the original story lines (ie. the rise of the Pheonix and the mutant-human war), they shouldn't have brought "The Cure" in to complicate things. Through all of my disappointment I still hold hope for a better X-Men 4 with the final scenes from this movie, and hope that the numerous X-Men fans finally get the pay off we so well deserve for buying all of those comics and keeping Marvel in business for so long.

*I hope that this all reads clearly and clearly.
November 17, 2017
don't care had Phoenix gets a 6 but i can only choose 5
November 14, 2017
Too much stuff going on. Not enough time to explain everything and delve deeper into the many stories.
½ November 12, 2017
A good but weak conclusion. It could have been much better.
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