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      007 - You Only Live Twice Reviews

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      Aug 25, 2023

      "You Only Live Twice" can't compete with other, arguably more quality 007 flicks (e.g. Goldfinger), but the action is entertaining and Sean Connery is, once again, incredible in the lead role of James Bond.

      Jul 12, 2023

      Too clunky and bloated to be taken seriously. The charm and wit are gone. It's fun and watchable at points, but might be Connery's weakest Bond entry.

      Jul 9, 2023

      Fun and exotic, this movie still has the charm of Thunderball and Goldfinger.

      Jul 3, 2023

      You Only Live Twice is better than Thunderball. One I thing I really like about this plot I love the volcano lair battle and the rooftop fight scene this movie is very good and enjoyable

      Apr 24, 2023

      The greatest 01 hour: and 56 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!!!! In memory of Sean Connery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mar 2, 2023

      80% rating ... Sean Connery continues to provide a quality James Bond for the franchise.

      Feb 23, 2023

      Benefitting from being different and having a grander scope, You Only Live Twice has some fun sequences and embraces a lot of core franchise elements even though the plot is slightly unifinished, the direction gets lost in the second act and it is rather emotionally distant.

      Feb 9, 2023

      It feels like there is a bit of racism in this movie and bond is creepy but all I could think was how good that volcano was I wish I had time machine and go back in time to just be there in that volcanošŸ˜© wow yeser 8/10

      Feb 6, 2023

      A classic of the James Bond Franchise. The acting is good in this though you can tell Connery isn't taking the role as serious as in previous films as he comes off as tired and lazy at points but still natural and suave. Donald Pleasance is a great villain in this being creepy and memorable but never comedic despite being in it only in the end. I think it has to do with the anticipation of finally seeing #1 after so many solid movies helps a lot and he didn't disappoint. I still like the original guy the best but he's still good. The supporting cast is good as well. The cinematography is well done overall with tons of creative sets, memorable action scenes and memorable locales. The only problem is some of the scenes are over the top and some effects haven't aged well (though others have aged amazingly) and have a comedic element to them. There is also your share of farfetched moments like Bond fighting the guy with the couch and someone happens to hit Blofeld with a ninja star just before he shoots bond and the girl with him running around in a swimsuit. The end battle is really good in the volcano and the helicopter fight is really cool despite showing its age in places. The music is well done also but not as flawless as previously entries. It feels like a mish mash of the previous entries and this one and kind of holds it back. The editing and pacing are good also. Never does it feel like this drags but it can come across as bloated even for an action film. This has trouble building suspense and just throws you into the action almost with no warning lots of times until the end fight. I think its because it has so many different sets and locations it can't possibly fit them all in without adding a extra 30 minutes. It does help also the fights are not that slap sticky and are just over the top but you can tell lots of effort went into this and it is creative at times more than trying to parody which it does at times. This shares many of the same problems that Thunderball has including a farfetched plot but it still manages to be solid because there is less slap stick, it isn't trying to just copy other entries like later ones do and the acting is good. If you liked Thunderball than give this a try. If you didn't than you can skip it otherwise. most people I feel who are fans of the franchise will enjoy this.

      Nov 13, 2022

      It is the classic Bond movie. the race to space. A third world war is imminent. a young lady named Kissy Suzuki. Bond battling with ninjas. Sean Connery is at ease in the part and hasn't grown weary of it yet. And at the centre of it all, in a lair hewn from a volcano, is the ultimate Blofeld. This is the material for parodies, and it's done very well here.

      Sep 19, 2022

      Best of Movies/TV Series Collection

      Verified Aug 31, 2022

      Classic Bond film with a great performance from Sean Connery

      Aug 19, 2022

      While still being able to make a good movie despite a wacky script. You Only Live Twice is a Bond movie that brings Thunderball's precious set pieces and a James Bond that we all know.

      Aug 7, 2022

      The greatest 01 hour: and 56 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Jul 23, 2022

      Sean Connery's most whimsical outing as English spy James Bond. Director Lewis Gilbert's espionage thriller You Only Live Twice (1967) is very entertaining with thrilling action and endearing romance. I cannot believe the director Alfie (1966) got to make a James Bond picture right afterwards, but his style fits Bond's spy world nicely. I liked the Sumo wrestling contact sequence, the spacecraft capture, tense safe cracking scene, secret underground train debriefing scene, magnet lifting a car into the ocean, Bond flying Q's gyrocopter Little Nellie, Bond hiding out in Japan, and final infiltration scene. You Only Live Twice is a delightful Bond movie all the same, very much in line with Sean Connery's other efforts as England's secret agent 007. If you can acknowledge and forgive the blatant racism of the 1960's, the world was very different. I mean, James Bond's entire thing is being sexist and sleeping with every woman he can, not to mention his snobbish English attitude towards all foreigners. I think they tried to include some Japanese customs to be inclusive, though many scenes still feel xenophobic or racist, unfortunately. I hope any Asian viewers can still enjoy You Only Live Twice as a fun Bond film despite the stereotypes of the era. Seeing Japan in 1967 is a real trip. I still find the Asian cast is remarkable and the 60's aesthetics are colorful and charming to look at still. Production designer Ken Adam's sets create neat Japanese studios and homes that are wonderful to see. You've got to see the missile base set, hidden Japanese train set, and Japanese gardens are magnificent. David Ffolkes' set decoration puts statues, tables, and an entire assortment of Asian culture furniture and antiques everywhere. Willy Wonka author Roald Dahl creates You Only Live Twice's screenplay based on James Bond novelist Ian Fleming's original books. It's a neat sci-fi story about a SPECTRE villain capturing a U.S. spacecraft to blame the Russians and create a war. Having James Bond go to Japan to investigate this mystery is pretty neat. Dahl's script plays on America and Russia's Cold War fears. The writing is certainly sexist as Bond gets pampered by Japanese girls in a bath and sleeps with every Asian girl he encounters. You Only Live Twice is definitely of its era. Sean Connery's James Bond is as charming a spy and a lecherous womanizer as ever. He's a cool hero and nails Bond's effortless humor and lies. All his subterfuge and casual jokes are as entertaining as Connery's previous outings as James Bond. Connery adds sheer charisma to his portrayal of Bond that feels effortless and gripping simultaneously. Japanese actress Akiko Wakabayashi's sultry lady spy Aki is a very playful and clever character as she continually outwits Bond. Her cute teasing of Bond is hilarious and sweet. Aki has the honor of being the first Asian Bond girl. Akiko is a charismatic and cool actress alongside Sean Connery's cheeky Bond. They make for a cool spy duo in Japan as Aki and Bond infiltrate businesses and do espionage throughout You Only Live Twice. Her flirting with Bond is cute and her wanting to marry Bond is a very quaint scene. Akiko is one of the smartest and cutest Bond girls ever to me. It's a shame Aki gets killed. Sean Connery's James Bond sure lets a lot of his Bond girls die horrible deaths. Akiko Wakabayashi is truly a gorgeous natural beauty as well as a talented actress. Japanese actress Mie Hama's Kissy Suzuki is an adorable Bond girl. She's really Bond's first on screen wife even though he gave a false name to the priest. Mie Hama is a truly lovely lady for Bond to bond with in You Only Live Twice as they infiltrate Blofeld's missile base in a volcano. She acts very sweet and shy with a wonderful performance here. Her introductory close-up shot is breathtaking. Mie lit by the Sunlight in the boat with Bond is a stunning shot. She looks so fit and pretty in her white bikini on the mountainous hills of Japan. Mie Hama is an often forgotten Bond girl, but a very nice one. It's cool that there was a second Asian Bond girl in You Only Live Twice with a deeper personality and gentle heart. Tetsurō Tamba's Tiger Tanaka is very charming and likable as Bond's spy contact in Japan. His smart and friendly performance is excellent. I like how proud he feels of his Japanese heritage and culture. Teru Shimada's shrewd businessman Mr. Osata is pretty intelligent and engaging for a Bond villain. The volcano base with Mr. Osata and Blofeld is a neat location for a secret facility. German actress Karin Dor looks lovely as the redhead Bond girl Helga Brandt. Her torture into a love making scene is really fun. She's so striking to look at, but seriously charming as Brandt as she tries to kill Bond several times. Her getting devoured by Blofeld's vicious piranha fish is actually shocking. Bond girls sometimes have short lifetimes. Karin Dor's Helga Brandt is the quintessential femme fatale. Donald Pleasence's Ernst Stavro Blofeld sounds menacing and casually pets his cute white cat with ease. He's a cool SPECTRE leader in You Only Live Twice. Bernard Lee's lack of tolerance for James Bond is so fun for his MI6 Chief M. Lois Maxwell's obvious flirting with Bond is still sweet for her cute portrayal of Miss Moneypenny. Desmond Llewelyn has an instantly pleasing presence as the smart MI6 gadget maker Q. His disapproval of Bond's antics is always funny. Charles Gray is intriguing as Bond's contact in Japan named Henderson. Chinese actress Tsai Chin is sexy as the brief Bond girl Ling, who immediately sells out James Bond in the trick opening. Editor Thelma Connell keeps things moving for a brisk 117 minutes. You Only Live Twice has fast cuts for the action and that lovely relaxed feeling for the dramatic scenes. She cuts to many cute cat reaction shots with Blofeld to Bond's smirks when flirting with women. You're allowed to have fun with Bond, practically acting like he's on vacation in Japan, as he pursues leads and carries out English espionage to uncover SPECTRE's secret nefarious plot. Connell's reaction cuts are very neat and expressive like her tense cutting during the suspense sequences. Cinematographer Freddie Young's shots of Japan's modern bustling city streets and lovely country city palaces are breathtaking. Young's wide shots of rooms perfectly frame Bond just in focus to look cool. His swirling sky shots of the helicopters are fascinating like his sweeping panning shots down long hallways. He shoots tasteful shots of all the Bond girls to cool shots of Bond himself in every scene. My jaw dropped when I saw the first close-up of Mie Hama's stunning Kissy Suzuki. You Only Live Twice looks incredible even by today's standards. Harry Pottle's art direction sees Russian rocket launches and Bond gazes around Japanese vistas with equal splendor. The space shots have moody shadows, while Bond lounging in Japan is all brightly lit and scenic. The wide shots of the mountain base to The Pentagon look cool like all of Ken Adams' interior sets. Later Bond films sorely lack Adams' colorful and creative set designs. Composer John Barry's score for You Only Live Twice is some of the most romantic sounding orchestration I've ever heard. Monty Norman's James Bond Theme is as thrilling and cool as ever. Nancy Sinatra's beautiful singing for "You Only Live Twice" is dreamy and soft with a wonderful romantic quality to her voice. The Japanese costumes are so colorful, ornate, and fashionable. I loved the 60's suits and dresses that are well fitted and have more variety than many other Bond features. Make-up artists Paul Rabiger and Basil Newall give Karin Dor colorful eyeshadow and blush, while the Japanese actresses Akiko Wakabayashi and Mie Hama have cute, clean, natural looks. I cannot believe that Rabiger and Newall gave Sean Connery a little black wig and a bit of covering around the eyes to do a very bland Yellowface. It just looks silly so that you can freely laugh at it instead of it feeling horribly offensive. In all, You Only Live Twice is an entertaining spy thriller and one of the more outrageous Bond films for more reasons than one.

      Jul 3, 2022

      The fifth movie starring Sean Connery is the first James Bond film to discard most of Ian Fleming's plot in favor of an entirely new story. In this installment, Bond is dispatched to Japan after American and Soviet crewed spacecraft disappear mysteriously in orbit, each nation blaming the other amidst the Cold War. This marks the first time Bond meets Ernst Stavro Blofeld face-to-face in the movies, who might be the most dangerous and recognizable of Bond villains ever. With impressive sets, such as the volcano base, and the groundbreaking visual effects, it is not as good as its predecessors but it is worth seeing for its exotic locations and action scenes involving ninjas.

      May 18, 2022

      Sean Connery's passage as 007 is pretty underrated. Not the actor, he's as acclaimed as he deserves, but the movies. "Dr No" is an excellent start, "Thunderball" and "You Only Live Twice" are unjustly unvalued, and for me, "From Russia with Love" is overrated. The only film that has the recognition it deserves is the exceptional "Goldfinger". Here in "You Only Live Twice", despite the sound editing being terrible during one action scene and the inexplicable addiction to put Mie Hama only using her underwear in the third act, we have a movie that is at the same level as "Thunderball". The underwater scenes improved a lot (even though the previous film was released only two years before), it's the culturally richest movie of Sean Connery's franchise, and Akiko Wakabayashi and Mie Hama are Bond girls who complete each other (like the trio from "Thunderball"). The plan is a little less interesting than the ones from the two previous films, but SPECTRE is an organization that always marks presence, and there's a revelation that made me like another movie of this franchise a little less.

      May 5, 2022

      Struggled to love this as much as I'd hoped. Even within the madness and strange times of the Bond Universe, this premise is a stretch! Also, the story didn't work well for meā€¦ the Agent-to-Ninja training is one exampleā€¦ the generally lazy, uninspired fight scenes, anotherā€¦ Bond's witticisms didn't land, either. I'm not a fan of cult classic remakes, but it's movies like this that could persuade me it would be a good idea to revamp the string of ā€˜early' Bond movies #Controversial

      Apr 23, 2022

      Like Thunderball this movie gets a little lost in the reeds of the story's unique setting, it isn't a big detractor though. The movie has some of the best action to date, especially with a very entertaining helicopter scene. The plot also crescendos nicely, by paying off the Specter buildup from several of the previous movies.

      Apr 15, 2022

      As far as early bonds go I enjoyed this...a good story and well paced...connery on good form

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