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Cam tries to erase his past as Garrett reconnects with his and Alison seeks campaign support from a local football star, but one of her siblings complicate matters.


Juliet Rylance
as Alison Hawthorne-Price
Dylan Bruce
as Tom Price
Maureen Sebastian
as Naomi Flynn
Antony Starr
as Garrett Hawthorne
Enrico Colantoni
as Mayor Conley
Virginia Madsen
as Madeline Hawthorne
Justin Chatwin
as Cam Hawthorne
Lorna Wilson
as Phyllis
Megan Ketch
as Tessa Ross
Deirdre Lovejoy
as Detective Linda Cutter
Aidan Devine
as Gunther Holzmann
Elliot Knight
as Brady Ross
Stephanie Leonidas
as Sophie Hawthorne
Gabriel Bateman
as Jack Hawthorne
Ellora Patnaik
as Dr. Donna Stanhope
Spencer MacPherson
as 17-Year-Old Cam
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