Keep Your Enemies Closer
Arrow Season 2



Critic Ratings: 13
Critics Consensus

Arrow reaps the benefits of a creative detour with a Diggle led episode that displays the writing team's skill with character development.

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DC Comics favourite Amanda Waller is added to the mix, and she's got some bad news for Diggle regarding Lyla.


Cynthia Addai-Robinson
as Amanda Waller

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Critic Reviews for Keep Your Enemies Closer

The plotting could be a little tighter - Deadshot and Dig have an uneasy truce but it feels like we're missing opportunities to see the storytelling screws tighten even further.

Feb 7, 2019 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

'Keep Your Enemies Closer' only has me more excited for where this show is headed.

Feb 7, 2019 | Rating: 4.5/5 | Full Review…

I've always appreciated Diggle for being incredibly sensible; he certainly provided a conscience for Oliver at a time when Oliver very desperately needed one.

Feb 7, 2019 | Full Review…

It's rather impressive that 'Arrow' can deviate from its initial plotlines involving the League of Assassins and Sebastian Blood, keeping Oliver and Diggle's relationship in step with an episode so far removed from Starling City.

Aug 3, 2018 | Full Review…

I thought this was a good episode. We got some meaningful developments in the flashback/island story and Digg's long-stagnant story moved along a bit.

Feb 7, 2019 | Full Review…

["Keep Your Enemies Closer"] bears the distinction of being merely a good episode in a season chock-full of excellent ones.

Aug 2, 2018 | Rating: 7.4/10 | Full Review…

We're getting to the point in the series where bad guys from the past start re-appearing. Because unlike everyone else, The Hood did not kill them.

Aug 2, 2018 | Full Review…

There were couples doing what couples do best all over last night's Arrow episode. Because this is the CW, those couples were not deficient in the looks department.

Aug 2, 2018 | Full Review…

Since so much of this episode centered on developing John Diggle...and Isabele Rochev...with the least amount of Oliver-as-vigilante time as we've yet seen, it was fairly daring as far as Arrow episodes go.

Jul 31, 2018 | Rating: 4/5 | Full Review…

A departure episode like "Keep Your Enemies Closer" is worthwhile for character development since the main storyline has been so rewarding.

Jul 31, 2018 | Rating: B | Full Review…