Elliott's Pond


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Three children disappear while riding bikes on the same path as a similar unsolved disappearance 30 years ago. The BAU investigates to learn if the cases are linked.


Joe Mantegna
as David Rossi
Matthew Gray Gubler
as Dr. Spencer Reid
A.J. Cook
as Jennifer 'J.J.' Jareau
Kirsten Vangsness
as Penelope Garcia
Paget Brewster
as Emily Prentiss
Adam Rodriguez
as Luke Alvez
Aisha Tyler
as Dr. Tara Lewis
Damon Gupton
as Stephen Walker
Jim Turner
as Chief Jim Cooper
Bodhi Elfman
as Peter Lewis
Alimi Ballard
as Desmond Holt
Brett Rickaby
as Deeley Henson
Van Crosby
as Josh Harmon
Terrence Terrell
as Gabriel Lewis
Nick Gore
as P.K. Riggins
Stan Shaw
as Albert Lewis
Brandon Logan
as Bones Jarvis
Mary K. DeVault
as Alison Shines
Alan Heitz
as Bill Shines
Joshua Hoffman
as Young Deeley Henson
Joshua Hoffman
as Young Deeley Henson
Alex Rubin
as Young John Henry Henson
Shae Smolik
as Hannah Shines
Hannah Spiros
as Young Allie Henson
Jessica Watkin
as Young Tara
Spence Moore II
as Young Gabriel
Ahmad Dugas
as Jimmy Ridley
Rob Zabrecky
as John Henry Henson
Kevin Sifuentes
as Dan Riggins
Pilar Holland
as Colleen Riggins
Truly Magyar
as Allie Henson
Shawn Lockie
as Joy Harmon
Marcus Hanson
as Bill Jarvis
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