Business as Usual


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Three men take the CEO of a mortgage company hostage after they lose all their money in a mortgage scheme. They threaten to kill the man and burn down the office building. Meanwhile, recruits are evaluated as possible replacements for Jules while she recovers from her injuries.


Enrico Colantoni
as Gregory Parker
Hugh Dillon
as Ed Lane
Amy Jo Johnson
as Jules Callaghan
David Paetkau
as Sam Braddock
Michael Cram
as Kevin Wordsworth
Sergio Di Zio
as Mike Scarlatti
Greg Spottiswood
as Lorne Wilkes
Hugh Thompson
as Brian Bauman
Peter MacNeill
as Stan Matthews
Duncan McLeod
as Stunt Stan
Aaron Abrams
as Joel Graves
Matt Bois
as Howie Cranwell
Mark Sparks
as Security Guard
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