Amy Jo Johnson

Highest Rated: 88% Islander (2007)
Birthday: Oct 6, 1970
Birthplace: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
While sprightly actress Amy Jo Johnson is well known for her roles on shows like Felicity and Wildfire, hardcore fans remember the Cape Cod native as the Pink Ranger on the kids show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. That was back in 1993, but long before then, Johnson had an extremely successful career as a gymnast. Training from the time she was a small child, Johnson worked her way up to Class One and participated in more than one Olympic Games.Tragically, a severe injury ended Johnson's career as a gymnast when she was just 17, but with determination, she changed her focus and set her sights on acting. After studying at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, Johnson began auditioning, racking up jobs like the infamous Power Rangers gig and the TV movie Susie Q. The young actress continued to act in theater while increasingly rich onscreen parts came, including the role of Julie on the drama Felicity in 1998. Julie was originally written to be a dancer, but with Johnson's input, the character was changed to be a singer/songwriter, giving Johnson a chance to showcase her musical talent. She would use that talent again in the VH1 movie Sweetwater the next year, eventually pursuing music as an entire second career. She released an album called The Trans-American Treatment in 2001, and a second album, Imperfect, in 2005.Johnson stayed with Felicity for two and a half years before leaving the show to star in a variety of movies like Interstate 60 and Hard Ground. In 2004, she played Stacy Reynolds for the fourth season of the Lifetime cop drama The Division, and in 2005, she joined the cast of the popular TV drama Wildfire. Later, Johnson would find success on the series Flashpoint.


Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Coming Home for Christmas Actor 2013
66% Tiger Eyes Gwen $25.7K 2013
No Score Yet Home For Christmas Actor 2013
No Score Yet Veritas: Prince of Truth Marty Williams 2007
88% Islander Cheryl Cole 2007
No Score Yet Fatal Trust Actor 2006
67% In Memory of My Father Producer 2006
No Score Yet Magma: Volcanic Disaster Bree 2006
No Score Yet The Limb Salesman Actor 2006
No Score Yet Veritas Marty Williams 2006
No Score Yet Hard Ground Liz Kennedy 2003
No Score Yet Cold Hearts Alicia 2002
No Score Yet Interstate 60 Laura 2002
No Score Yet Infested Jesse 2002
No Score Yet The Pursuit of Happiness Tracy Jennings 2001
No Score Yet Sweetwater: A True Rock Story Nansi Nevins (pre-1990s scenes) 1999
No Score Yet Killing Mr. Griffin Susan McConnell 1998
79% Without Limits Actor 1998
No Score Yet Perfect Body Andie Burton 1997
15% Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Kimberly 1997
No Score Yet Susie Q Susie Q 1996
37% Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Kimberly, the Pink Ranger 1995


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