Everybody Hates Hugo


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Assigned the task of taking inventory of the food discovered in the hatch's pantry, a deeply troubled Hurley fears that everyone in the camp will soon despise him as he recalls the time he won the lottery and attempted to keep the news a secret from his best friend. In the past, Hurley's secretiveness backfired on him. Now, with orders of keeping the food supplies tightly hushed up, he fears that the same thing is about to happen all over again. Meanwhile, on another part of the island, Sawyer, Jin, and Michael and called to the surface by their captors, who subsequently reveal themselves to be survivors from the tail end of Oceanic flight 815. Their leader, Ana Lucia, and Sawyer clash immediately, and is gradually becomes apparent that The Others have inflicted great torment on this small but determined group. As Charlie pesters Locke for more information on the hatch, Claire discovers the message bottle from the raft and reveals her find to Sun - who immediately buries it so that the rest of the survivors won't lose hope. Back in the hatch, Sayid ponders the strange magnetic wall as Hurley prepares to blow up the food with the remaining dynamite.


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