The Glass Ballerina
Lost Season 3

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While Sayid's attempt to locate Jack places Sun and Jin directly in harms way, the conflicted doctor receives a tempting offer from his captors. Sun recalls the time when she lied to her father about breaking a glass ballerina. Though she knew that blaming it on the maid would have dire consequences for the struggling laborer, she did so anyway. Despite the fact that her father knows she is lying, he reluctantly accepts her story. Back on the sailboat, Sun, Jin, and Sayid await the arrival of Jack, Kate, Michael, Hurley, and Sawyer. Though Sayid proposes that they sail around the mountains to build another signal fire, Jin rejects the idea citing Sun's rapidly deteriorating health. Eventually, Jin and Sun allow Sayid to do whatever he deems necessary. After learning from Colleen that Sayid has a sailboat and may be moving in on them, Ben instructs Colleen to assemble a team to go intercept the vessel. As Colleen sends Pickett off on the mission, a furtive kiss between the two is unknowingly witnesses by Jack and Kate. When Pickett attempts to lay down the law, Kate's attempt to stall him results in Sawyer getting zapped. Out at sea, Sayid finds the dock where Michael and Walt were released and suggests building the new signal fire there. But Sayid's plan runs even deeper than that, because he soon admits to Sun that he intends to draw the Others out with the fire and kill all but two. When that is done, he will play the surviving pair off one another for information. Eventually, Jin figures out the plan and becomes furious with Sun for deceiving him about it. Back in Sun's past, Jar Lee showers her with gifts but ultimately fails to convince her to leave Jin. After Mr. Paik discovers Jae Lee and Sun together, he informs Jin that Jae Lee has been stealing from him and that he must be killed for the transgression. Despite Jin's protests, Mr. Paik insists that the job be done. Jin subsequently delivers a devastating beating to Jae Lee along with a warning to leave the country. While Jin thinks this will be enough to make Jae Lee disappear forever, someone else has a more permanent solution in mind. In a jungle clearing, Sawyer's escape plan goes suddenly awry, eventually prompting Pickett to zap him into unconsciousness. When Colleen surprises Sun on the boat, a struggle ensues that ends with Sun shooting Colleen in the gut. Their escape plan having failed miserable, Sawyer and Kate are thrown back into the cages as Ben listens to their entire discussion on the monitors. Upon repeating his offer to a broken Jack with visible proof that the Others have contact with the outside world, the doctor slowly finds himself buying into the proposal.


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