Monk: Season 2 (2003 - 2004)

Season 2

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Air date: Jun 20, 2003

Season Two of Monk begins as television's favorite obsessive-compulsive detective (Tony Shalhoub) hires on as a substitute teacher at Ashton High School. This enables him to investigate the death of English teacher Beth Landow (Erica Yoder), who fell from the school's clock tower while most of the students were taking a Saturday-morning SAT exam. Principal Arlene Cassidy (Rosalind Chao) doesn't buy the official theory that Beth committed suicide--and neither does Monk, once he's perused certain bits of evidence overlooked by the police (including a suicide note filled with grammatical errors). In a further complication, the Most Likely Suspect has an airtight alibi: He was proctoring the SATs in full view of a roomful of students at the time Beth fell! With this episode, Kane Ritchotte returns to the role of Benjy Fleming, the son of Monk's loyal nurse-assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram).

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Air date: Jun 27, 2003

While vacationing in Mexico, Chip Rosetti, the son of a close friend of the mayor of San Francisco, dies in what appears to be a skydiving accident. Coroner Dr. Madero (Jorge Cervera Jr.) throws a spanner in the works by declaring that Chip wasn't killed by the fall: He was drowned! Despite his reluctance to travel in a country where "Don't Drink the Water" is a way of life, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) honors the mayor's request to investigate Chip's demise--and soon becomes a candidate for murder himself. Guest stars Tony Plana and David Norona are amusingly cast as a pair of local police officers who come off as precise Mexican equivalents of Monk's old friends Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher.

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Air date: Jul 11, 2003

CEO Lawrence Hammond (John Sanderford) and his trophy wife Erin (Darby Stanchfield) are murdered after being lured to a vacant lot. With only the CEO's bizarre last words as a clue, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) figures out that Erin, and not Lawrence, was the murderer's target. And there's more: Erin's death may be linked to baseball star Scott Gregorio (Christopher Wiehl), who is currently poised to break the single-season homerun record. Finding a kindred spirit in Gregorio, Monk races to reveal the killer so that the ballplayer will pull himself out of a potentially devastating slump. The detective hits upon the solution under the unlikeliest of circumstances--while he is (ineptly!) umpiring a Little League game.

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Air date: Jul 18, 2003

This week's murder victim is Serge Cluvarias (Marek Probosz), the much-despised ringmaster for the Dratch and Denby Circus. Monk is convinced that the killer is Serge's tempestuous ex-wife, celebrated high wire artiste Natasia Lovara (Lolita Davidovich). Trouble is, eyewitnesses to the murder insist that the masked killer had jumped down from a high rooftop to do the dirty deed, then performed a somersault before escaping--but Natasia had fractured her foot two weeks before Serge's death, and has the X-rays to prove it. By the time Monk has assembled the clues necessary to close in on the killer, another hapless circus performer suffers "Death By Elephant"!

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Air date: Jul 25, 2003

Glenne Headly makes her first appearance as Karen Stottlemeyer, the woman whom Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) disdainfully dismisses as "my hippie wife." While filming a documentary about Miles Holling (Patrick Cranshaw), the world's oldest man, Karen is thrown for a loss when Holling dies in bed. Though her husband is certain that Holling succumbed to natural causes (he was, after all, just one day shy of his 115th birthday!), Karen is convinced that the man was murdered--and she wants Monk (Tony Shalhoub) to prove it. In the course of his investigation, Monk uncovers a surprising link between Holling's death and a hit-and-run fatality that occurred five years earlier--the only unsolved case in Captain Stottlemeyer's career.

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Air date: Aug 1, 2003

Amy Sedaris returns as Gail Fleming, the ditzy actress sister of Monk's nurse-assistant Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram). In the middle of a stage performance, Gail's leading man Hal Duncan (Marc Vann) is stabbed to death by what was supposed to be a retractable prop knife. Sharona must now not only cope with the possibility that her sister is a murderer, but also with the unexpected visit of her overbearing mother Cheryl (Betty Buckley). In his efforts to clear Gail's name, Monk signs up for a troublesome "speed dating" service--and also confronts his mortal fear of crowds when pressed into service as an actor!

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Air date: Aug 8, 2003

The police are in high-alert mode as San Francisco is terrorized by a series of deadly mail bombings. Monk (Tony Shalhoub) thinks he has pinpointed the most likely suspect, a man named Brian Babbage (Matt Winston). But as so often happens in this series, Brian has the "perfect" alibi: He was in a terrible car accident several months ago--and has been in a coma ever since. And to make Monk's job all the more difficult, Brian's accident was witnessed by both Captain Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) and Lieutenant Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford)!

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Air date: Aug 15, 2003

Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is called in to investigate the supposedly accidental" death of of Elliot D'Souza (Mark Tymchyshyn), chief financial officer for the notorious girlie magazine "Sapphire". Elliot's secretary Miss Luden (Fay Masterson) is convinced that he was murdered by Sapphire's publisher Dexter Larsen (Gary Cole)--who, naturally, has the usual airtight alibi. Complicating matters so far as Monk is concerned is the fact that his nurse-assistant Sharona (Bitty Schram) once posed nude for "Sapphire" and is trying to keep this secret from her son. And then there's the curious omnipresence of Dexter's current house guest...Danny Bonaduce!

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Air date: Aug 22, 2003

Nine San Franciscans have been murdered in what seems to be a random homicide spree. Only after two more people have died does Monk (Tony Shalhoub) discover the unifying link of the eleven homicides: All of the victims had served on the same jury. Normally, the most likely suspect would be the defendant in the trial--except that said defendant had been found not guilty! Racing against time, Monk tries to figure out if the twelfth juror is the actual culprit...or the next intended victim.

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Air date: Jan 16, 2004

While trying to retrieve a stolen newspaper, paperboy Nestor Alverez (Enrique Almeida) is killed on Monk's doorstep. In his efforts to determine the motive behind the killing, Monk (Tony Shalhoub) manages to solve two unrelated murders--but still can't find out why anyone would want to bump off a nice kid like Nestor. It takes an additional murder, coupled with the keen analytical eye of Monk's nurse-assistant Sharona (Bitty Schram), to finally crack the case.

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Tony Shalhoub returns in Season 2 as the obsessive-compulsive private detective Adrian Monk, who assists the Homicide Division of the San Francisco Police Department while he attempts to track down his wife's killer. Over the course of the season, Monk becomes a substitute teacher, takes a trip to Mexico to solve a murder, spends a weekend at a playboy's party mansion and investigates the death of a paperboy on his doorstep. Guest stars include Amy Sedaris, Gary Cole, Andrew McCarthy, Jane Lynch, Sarah Silverman and John Turturro as Monk's brother in an Emmy-winning performance. Melora Hardin replaces Stellina Rusich as Trudy, Monk's deceased wife.

Cast & Crew

Tony Shalhoub
Adrian Monk
Ted Levine
Capt. Leland Stottlemeyer
Bitty Schram
Sharona Fleming
Jason Gray-Stanford
Lt. Randall Disher
Stanley Kamel
Dr. Charles Kroger
Glenne Headly
Karen Stottlemeyer
Kane Ritchotte
Benjy Fleming
Kane Richotte
Benjy Fleming
Chane't Johnson
First Teacher
Chad E. Donella
Ricky Babbage
Simon Templeman
Karl Sebastian
Jimmy Shubert
Frank Pulaski
Hector Luis Bustamante
Customs Agent Gomez
Gary Kraus
Entry Guard
Lance Krall
Floppy the Clown
Josh Stamberg
Agent Grooms
Candice Michelle
Sapphire Model
Joe Toplyn
Tony Bill
Hy Conrad
Stu Levine
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  • Dec 30, 2017
    Improving upon the previous season, though not yet quite at the show's high point, season 2 of Monk is a welcome and addicting installment to the series with an extremely watchable main cast and a writing team that provides a fresh blend of original mysteries.

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