Queen of the South: Season 4 (2019)

Season 4
Queen of the South

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Air date: Jun 6, 2019

Teresa expands her business and proves herself to a smuggler who offers her a business opportunity.

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Air date: Jun 13, 2019

A local kingpin discovers Teresa's cocaine deal and puts a damper to her plans.

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Air date: Jun 20, 2019

A corrupt Judge wants in on Teresa's deal when he learns about her business.

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Air date: Jun 27, 2019

While Javier and Boaz deal with a personal problem, Teresa gets involved in a deadly turf war.

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Air date: Jul 4, 2019

El Gordo introduces Teresa to Russian drug queenpin Oksana in the hopes of forging a partnership.

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Air date: Jul 11, 2019

Dealing with the losses of a drug war, Teresa and Dumas finally strike a truce.

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Air date: Jul 18, 2019

On her day off, Teresa is hunted by a sicario from her previous life while on the road.

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Air date: Jul 25, 2019

Teresa gets threatened by an FBI informant.

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Air date: Aug 1, 2019

Teresa must choose between leaving New Orleans and compromising her morals.

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Air date: Aug 8, 2019

Teresa quells tensions between her business partners after discovering someone stole from her.

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Cast & Crew

David Andrews
Judge Cecil Lafayette
Alice Braga
Teresa Mendoza
Hemky Madera
Pote Galvez
Vera Cherny
Bernardo Badillo
Dane Rhodes
David T. Friendly
Executive Producer
Judd Rea
Benjamin Lobato
Executive Producer
Matthew Lieberman
Jorge Reyes
Dailyn Rodrigues
Executive Producer
Tom Garrigus
Co-Executive Producer
Natalie Chaidez
Executive Producer
Pancho Mansfield
Executive Producer
M.A. Fortin
Executive Producer
Joshua John Miller
Executive Producer
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Critic Reviews for Queen of the South Season 4

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It feels good to have the queen back wearing her crown, even if she continues to have to fight for it.

Jun 7, 2019 | Rating: 4.4/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Queen of the South: Season 4

  • Mar 16, 2021
    Ugh, season 1-2 were great! The show the last two seasons, especially 4 is so bad. But I stick around cause I can't leave bad relationships or something. Do the writers not realize they keep writing the same boring story line just with slightly different characters each time? Someone is always in Teresa's way of moving product. Got it. Sooooo boring! There's never a plot twist, excitement of any kind, surprise moment, NOTHING. As much as I was obsessed with Jame's beauty the writers seriously hold him back. He could be great! Yet, he is always just pursing his mouth looking off to the side. Even his much anticipated love scenes with Teresa were just blah! No excitement in this show anymore at all. Damn you QOTS writers. Pull yourselves together.
  • Feb 10, 2021
    All the season is very very good, just little upset of leaving " tony and javier" in the scene. But i can say this is a very very good series.. And waiting for the next "seasons" to come!! PLEASEEE!!! ❤️❤️
  • Nov 06, 2020
    best movie ever on drug cartels, a different one from Breaking bad. But more realistic and more dramatic and reasonable.
  • Oct 29, 2020
    Season 4 is boring and I missed the intelligence Teresa showed in Seasons 1-3. I was so excited for this season but felt let down. Bring Camilla back and go back to Texas, something.
  • Jul 11, 2020
    Hated season 4 compared to 1-3... too many new characters. They replaced the actor for tony. Too many uncompleted interesting stories with brand new uninteresting stories. They're trying too hard to incorporate relationships and live stories into this season. It's all boring and different now.
  • Jun 21, 2020
    Same review I left on season 1, as I thought I was leaving a review for all seasons. Season 1 was interesting, in that it revealed a bit of the more complex scenarios and personalities that the drug world is replete with. However, the following seasons were the most repetitive of any show I've ever watched on television. The entire story could have been easily summarized in a total of about 15-20 episodes. Instead, each season repeated the same story-line, changing the name of the characters and cities, same plot lines, this drug queen or king pin stealing the load from another, kidnapping and killing key members of their rival gangs in various fashion from hanging upside down to nailing them onto the wall with a large nail gun. The show is disturbing and a vehicle to display violence. The one redeeming theme is that Theresa Mendoza, the lead character, Queen of the South, claims to want to be more honest and just with people, but she inevitably fails in that philosophy as well, when she realizes she can't win by being "fair," when you are dealing with the type of characters that live in the drug world. The only thing she earns is the followership of some of her own gang, which, in the end, doesn't matter one bit. In the face of her leadership, thousands of people die consuming drugs and pursuing the money and power that comes "temporarily" with the sale of the drugs. I do not recommend this series.
  • Mar 30, 2020
    I love the cast and the writing. Alice Braga is doing a great job, I love it.
  • Mar 20, 2020
    Great series capture your emotions and takes you on an amazing ride. Great story simply AMAZING!
  • Dec 27, 2019
    Nowhere near as good as seasons 1-3. I'm binging on Amazon, and up to episode 4, and the show is not as smart, and ignores the business savy and hi-tech thinking that Teresa showed in Season 3. And it ignores the fact that she has taken over the Sinaloa and Jiminez Cartel resources It's just not as smart....
  • Nov 20, 2019
    OMG do I love this show. please dear god don't cancel it. It's outstanding.

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